It’s a sad day but daily giveaways means that the show must go on! Day 24 of #30DaysOfSMBL is for a Cat Hampurr Box! As a cat person who is obsessed with any cat I come into contact with, I thought it’d be a cute little giveaway and something different from all the fashion and makeup. Apologies to any dog owners, I am totally biassed. My kitty cat, aka Gypsy, has already had the pleasure of one of these Cat Hampurr boxes and she absolutely loved it, you can see more HERE. The Cat Hampurr is a box of carefully selected, treated, presents and toys for your feline friend. Rest assured that everything is tried and tested before it goes into a box to make sure you’re getting high quality and great products. It’s the ultimate monthly treat for your cat or if you have a special occasion coming up, you… View Post

Day 23 and it’s time for some actual makeup, I did promise there would be some and it just so happens to be one of my favourite brands and my favourite products. I asked Makeup Revolution if I could give away the Iconic palettes, all 3 of them, along with the best eyeliner I have ever used, their felt liner. I absolutely would not put these palettes down for months and it’s only now that they need replacing that I don’t use them daily. The eyeliner is something that I cannot bare to be without though, it makes eyeliner shapes of any kind so easy and fun to create. I don’t have any problems with creating a thin flick, or a thicker and more defined look. Makeup Revolution have also thrown in the new Flawless Matte Palettes 1 and 2!   Giveaway Information All giveaways are UK only unless stated (there… View Post

How beautiful is this purple set of makeup brushes from Furless Cosmetics? It’s actually ridiculous how much I love these brushes. I still have my first  from like 2.5 years ago and they are going strong, used constantly and definitely some of my favourites. Day 22 is a tad late as it’s my not-so-little-brother’s birthday! Wooooo! He also appreciates how beautiful this set of brushes are. So, to break it down it’s a faux purple leather case which contains eight brushes for eyes, lips and face. The full list of brushes are, lip, small eyeshadow/concealer, angled liner, angled fluffy, foundation brush, powder and angled contour brush. Literally a full face! Their liner brush doubles up as an amazing brow brush. Obviously as the name implies these are cruelty free brushes and at $89.99 for a set, you already know they’re going to be great quality.     Giveaway Information All… View Post

It’s time for more boooooobs. Got to keep the boobs happy. Brastop is by far my favourite place to buy bras from, for a number of reasons. The first being that they stock everyone who I’d ever want to buy, including new brands that I didn’t even understand how amazing they are. The second is that they often have incredible offers and discounts which means 3 bras don’t cost me near on £100, because that makes me cry. A third reason being that their social media is pretty on point, I love scrolling through their Twitter feed! So, if you win this giveaway with Brastop, you get to pick a set of your choice from them! Good luck!   Giveaway Information All giveaways are UK only unless stated (there are exceptions.) The winners will all be announced on the 14th July. This giveaway prize will be shipped out/provided by the… View Post

Oh my, aren’t I fab at keeping up? Behind the scenes there is utter stress of brands letting me down at the last minute so I truly apologise for the delays. Every single giveaway is now set in stone and with only 10 days left, it’s about time! Day 20 is for a £50 voucher from Curvissa! Curvissa stock sizes 14-32 so another one for my plus size friends! They stock the likes of Curvy Kate, Panache and Anna Scholz so there’s plenty to choose from. I’m personally eyeing up their swimwear but then I think I’m going to be spending the entire Summer in my swimwear at this rate. What would you pick if you won? Giveaway Information All giveaways are UK only unless stated (there are exceptions.) The winners will all be announced on the 14th July. This giveaway prize will be shipped out/provided by the company. You… View Post