Saga recently researched what most people would do with money that they could gain through an equity release and the results were quite interesting. If you don’t know that an equity release is or how it works then the Saga website explains this all for you. It’s a way of unlocking some value, or equity that you have in your house for an exchange of tax free money, without having to move house. There are lots of benefits to this as it’s a lump sum that you can spend on other things, like the data shows, but it isn’t for everyone and Saga will do a full financial check to make sure you’re eligible. You also have to be over 55 usually and your property must be work over £77,000 but this changes between providers. So, if you were eligible and undertook an equity release, what would you spend it on?… View Post

My Top 50 Tips for Growing Your Blog and Social Media I’m a Freelance Social Media Manager and I actually got into my new career through building my own channels and blogging. Now I have several clients, consult businesses on their social media accounts and even train charities. I thought I would share everything I’ve picked up, know, and things I’ve found that really help to boost your views and social media channels. I will stress that all of these things take TIME, this isn’t a cheat sheet where it’ll work overnight, you’ve got to work at building your blog. I personally don’t do half of these because I’m busy with client work, but they can seriously build your readership, you just have to put the effort in! This is just a quick list as requested on Twitter, but I will be following up with a big series where I… View Post

  Online shopping will never be the same thanks to TailorTab. The endless struggle of ordering multiple sizes, or things arriving that don’t fit at all because of a different company’s sizing is going to be a pest of the past. TailorTab will become your new best friend. It’s an browser extension and app that has technology that maps all the different measurements, sizes and styles of clothing websites which allows you to shop smarter and more efficiently. When you first open up the extension or app, you simply add in some details on your size and what you usually are at different brands, as well as your height and off you go to shop! It works at all the major clothing sites and it’s so quick and easy to work. After a click of the button it tells you what the chance is of your usual size fitting in… View Post

I’ve tried a lot from Lee Stafford this year but the brand new Coco Loco Range is by far my favourite. As you can probably guess by the title, it’s coconut crazy and it smells incredible. I love Mousse in my hair to blow-dry in and add some texture before I start to curl but I HATE when the mousse is overpowering and makes my hair feel crap. We’ve all been there, right? I find the Coco Loco Mousse at £5.99 to be perfect, plus it’s rather comforting to smell coconut whilst blow drying instead of burning hair. Unfortunately I did find that the dry shampoo was a little too moisturising and didn’t try my hair out enough, but I did try it on severely greasy hair so it was a tough test. I did feel that it looked okay but it felt so wrong, so soft and slippery. Not… View Post

Believe me when I say I really struggled with this post. When you have so many just ‘meh’ products sitting about, it’s very uninspiring. Nothing in this post has blown my mind away with how great it is. Nothing has wowed, impressed or even made me want to use it more than what I had to, to gain an opinion on it. These aren’t necessarily BAD products or disappointing, they’re just mediocre, average, does what it says on the tin but they don’t excel at all. Obviously this isn’t going to be a lengthy post as I don’t have much to say about these products, hence the ‘meh’! Joan Collins Liquid Eyeliner, £20 £20 for an eyeliner that’s as good as a £3 one but this one frays after a couple uses? Need I say more? FAB Eyeliner with Lash Growth Treatment, £25 An eyeliner that doesn’t work on an angle… View Post