Thursday, 8 October 2015

My Favourite Straighteners with Ghd and Glamoriser Freestyler!

So, I attempted to film three Youtube videos in one day, the first being an everyday makeup look, as the two others required makeup and it just made sense to do. The two videos were meant to be two different sides of my hair being styled by two different brands and kind of straighteners, but that didn't pan out too well. Whilst reviewing the Ghds, I forgot about leaving my Glamoriser Freestyler on and they lost battery power after one curl. One. Therefore, to save my stress levels, I've combined the two posts into this one! Which will probably be far more interesting anyway....well, hopefully.

Ghd V Gold Classic Styler

I use Ghds on a daily basis, they're my go to hair straighteners and I adore them with every fibre of my being. They always last me years and therefore I have never blinked an eyelid when having to replace them every 3-4 years or so. They're absolutely fantastic, so being asked to try out the Ghd V Gold Classic Styler made me incredibly excited. I didn't want to be too over the top with my love for Ghd, as I think it's already quite clear, so I reviewed and tried them out for the first time in my video. The Gold V Stylers retail at £129 and have a 2 year service guarantee which ensures you that you're getting an incredible product and high level of assurance for your money. They're beyond my favourite brand to use at home and anywhere where I can find a plug, but what if there's no plugs around?


Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Hotel Tonight App, SOS Travel Kit and Debenhams Beauty Travel Must Haves!

I've been so excited about this post and I'm beyond glad to finally share it. I'm becoming a bit of a travel expert now, although I'm still as nervous as ever about being late or forgetting something, travelling is now becoming so regular that I'm slowly finding ways to combat my nerves and constant worrying. Firstly, when travelling you have to have a place to stay, and after a change of venue last month for an event, it left Alfie and I in a bit of a frustrating situation, but thankfully an app called Hotel Tonight saved our weekend. We ended up staying in a gorgeous boutique hotel, courtesy of Hotel Tonight so we could try out their new app and I cannot recommend it enough for convenience. 

Debenhams beauty travel essentials

We were instantly presented with a map of places to stay, and their prices which were already set up to a double room. It didn't take us long search the map and use the super easily navigable app to read reviews, see photos and learn more about the hotels we were looking at. Hotel Tonight has some absolutely incredible bargains, I think the Leicester House Hotel we picked was actually 50% off and it was indeed a real treat to stay somewhere so pretty and posh after a long day in London. We ended up heading to Lush for bath bombs to use in the bath, which was actually next to the bed! A lot of people found it weird on my Twitter when I posted but I think it's super relaxing, romantic and I love baths so I don't care where it is, as long as I'm in it. I even had another bath before we left as an extra treat. Hotel Tonight is beyond easy and convenient to use, I'll definitely be using it again.

Sunday, 4 October 2015

Halloween Ursula Makeup and Costume from Plus Size Lingerie Boutique

Ursula is by far the funnest makeup look I have ever done, I've recreated her three years in a row now and I love her more and more ever year. Do go back and see my first Ursula, and then my second Ursula, so you can compare too! In my opinion, the progression is quite something, I've gone from just painting my face, to covering my entire upper body in paint and using a costume, after this, I really don't know how I could improve her more, which is why I'm so excited to share the high res photos as I've already posted iPhone spoilers everywhere....

Halloween plus size Ursula makeup

I finally added the necklace and the costume is from the Plus Size Lingerie Boutique. I am so surprised to finally find good quality plus size Halloween outfits, and I'm finding it incredibly hard not to blow a fortune buying more! The costume only comes up to just above the knee, so I felt obliged to kneel down to make my photos look more like the real Ursula. The Women's The Little Mermaid Ursula Plus Size Costume is usually $99.99 but right now you can get it for $79.99, which is an absolute bargain considering the quality. The size 1x-2x is meant to fit anyone from a 16-20 and I was so surprised that it was an actual perfect fit on me, especially as I'm heading more towards a 22 now.

I cannot recommend Plus Size Lingerie Boutique enough, the selection of outfits on Halloween is really perfect and the delivery was super fast. You can find them on Amazon and Yelp. Now it's time to tell you all what I used for the actual makeup....
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