Love at first sight is the only way I can describe my connection with this coat. Well, that’s an understatement because I am going to go on and on about how flipping beautiful this coat really is. Elvi is one of the very few plus size fashion brands that I’ve not tried yet and I’m so excited to finally tick them off my list. Whilst looking through the website to pick something to review I actually gasped when I saw this beautiful Grey Lace Mac. I was so distracted that I didn’t scroll far enough down to see that it also game in a darker grey but I’m glad I didn’t as this one screams ‘Spring/Summer’ and it’s absolute perfection. I’ve had the title of ‘Queen of Lace’ for a while now and often black lace can be lost on my rail for months because there’s too many items and it becomes confusing.… View Post

The main reason I wanted to redecorate my room and create my brother’s into an office is because of my chronic back pain. I only touch on it on my blog and moan about it constantly on social media, but as it’s such a huge part of my life now, moving things around and creating relaxing spaces was crucial. The idea was to move my working desk away from my bed, beforehand it was literally 5cm away and it didn’t exactly put me in the working mode, especially when my body is crying out to lay down. However, laying down is only beneficial if you have a decent mattress and after trying out the Eve Mattress, I am seriously over the moon. I really wanted to wait until my room was completely finished, but it seems that with life and everyone being so busy that finishing touches are going to… View Post

I wear lashes basically every single time I wear makeup now, I find them quicker, convenient and it completes the look that I’m going for. I have different lashes for different looks, but I definitely have my favourites too. I always, not normally, ALWAYS order my lashes from They have an incredible selection, amazing prices, often they have deals or offers where they throw in a free pair and they always have a discount code laying around. I love a bargain but often companies don’t look after existing customers but really know how to. Recently I was sent their most popular pairs of lashes, which obviously included my favourites because I have great taste, and some Mink Lashes which I haven’t tried before. At they have a range of lashes for every budget, but I mostly buy the Red Cherry Lashes which range between £3.49 and £3.99.… View Post

At the beginning of this month I was honoured to be invited to film with Childline in the Youtube Space in London. Childline is an incredible charity and it is definitely a highlight of my career so far, the video isn’t out until next month, maybe even July but you can bet I will be sharing it everywhere! A trip to London meant the chance to actually stay over and do something fun, seen as my mum and I were craving a little fun, we thought it’d be a good idea to review a proper day out in London. My Mum lived in London for many years, I was actually born in Essex, but since I’ve only been back to London for work and normally only get a few hours free. The idea of a full day was beyond exciting so we had to pick something that would truly take… View Post

It’s time for my monthly post featuring the wonderful Karina Dresses, a dress company that stocks such beautiful dresses in sizes 2-22 (UK). I’m definitely the biggest size they stock. I’ve already reviewed the Trudy 3/4, Trudy and two Penelopes, and this time I’m wearing another Trudy – Cobalt with White Micro dots in the size XXL. An XXL should be a 22-24 but obviously converting from the US to the UK and we’ve got a 20-22, my perfect size. I absolutely love the fit and quality of Karina Dresses, they’re one of the few brands in my wardrobe that actually wear and wash well, plus with no ironing involved it means that they’re a favourite in the house too. Simplistic, effortless, and easy fashion. I so wish they’d expand and cater for bigger plus sizes as these really are such lovely and vibrant dresses that I’m sure would be loved by all. This… View Post