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Friday, 19 September 2014

The Bathory - Invent Your Perfect Bath Soak!

As soon as I saw this absolutely ingenious creation, I knew I had to get my hands on a tub. Being a self proclaimed professional bather, means that I have very high expectations with my bath products and they have to be exceptionally good to impress me. The Bathory allows you to create your own customised bath soak from the options of 'Bask', 'Soothe' or 'Detox'. Each is specially formulated and hand blended in the UK to provide you with your perfect bath. Bask is a bath packed with 3 oils of your choices, minerals and rich salts to provide a relaxing experience. Soothe is full of hydrating honey, buttermilk and oatmeal, perfect for dryer skin. Whereas, Detox is filled with rhassoul clay to draw out toxins and pure Epsom Salts. All the ingredients used in your customised soak are natural, pure and organic meaning you get the best possible bath. 

The Bathory - Invent Your Perfect Bath Soak!The Bathory - Invent Your Perfect Bath Soak!
For my Detox soak,  not only did it contain Epsom salts which are perfect on achy muscles and uplifting your mood, I also choose Bergamot. Which is known for its uplifting mood properties and fresh, fruity smell. As well as this, I thought it would be nice to contrast with the soothing and relaxing smell of Lavender, and the sultry, calming smell of Ylang Ylang.
Making the full list of ingredients....

Thursday, 18 September 2014

Best BB Creams Skincare!

Last month I was treated to a beautiful selection of skincare and makeup products from Best BB Creams, an online store that specialises in bringing us the latest Japanese and Korean products at affordable prices. Set up by shopaholic Britta, Best BB Creams only stock the highest rated products, making sure that you're never disappointed with a purchase. I was so excited to finally get the chance to try out Korean and Japanese skincare, as it's known to be incredible. Being skincare obsessed myself means that I do have high expectations for products, and it's not often that I am 100% happy with a product, however, I have been seriously surprised...

First of all, how adorable!? This kitten inspired compact contained a very pigmented, yet light in colour, pressed powder and a compact mirror as well as a sponge applicator. TonyMoly Clear Pact controls oil levels and gives a matte flawless finish without being drying or looking 'caked on'. It doesn't flash back at all and works really well at minimising the appearance of pores. There are also no parabens or nasty business inside. I think this may be my new favourite powder as it makes even the thickest (and not the best foundations) look amazing as well as feeling silky soft. I believe this one is the darker 02 shade but still it's light enough for my pale skin!

Definitely a powder for when you won't be near flash photography at all as it does flash back. However, it's probably one of the most beautiful finishing and feeling powders I have ever tried. My skin looks and feels amazing with the micro silica powder and the finish is beautifully brightening.

Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Moroccanoil Travel Set.

After hearing a lot about Moroccanoil and how beneficial it is on damaged hair, I decided to take this Moroccanoil Travel Set* to Plus North with me to test it out for the first time. For someone who is completely obsessed with her hair, this was a huge leap of faith in a product for me and I'm pleased to say that, I wasn't disappointed at all. Inside the set there was the Moisture Repair Shampoo and Conditioner Duo 70ml, which are perfect for chemically damaged hair and are completely colour safe. Music to my ears. They nourished my hair thoroughly whilst leaving it feeling silky soft and the frizz under control. Thanks to the argon oil and keratin oil, I didn't have to worry about my split ends looking really bad or noticeable. I used them twice over the space of 3 days and my colour didn't fade at all! I was really impressed with the shampoo and conditioner and they're definitely something I would buy full sizes of.

Moroccanoil Travel Set look fantastic

The set also contained a Moroccanoil Treatment, 100ml, I didn't take this to Plus North but I used it afterwards and it wasn't what I was expecting at all. Normally, oils on my hair sink in really fast and don't make a massive difference. This Moroccanoil Treatment deeply conditions for instant results that even the thickest and more damaged hair can see and feel. The oil itself feels really thick and conditioning and a little goes a long way on the hair. I used the entire 100ml, which with other treatments would lightly coat my hair, this time, it fully saturated it. I was amazed at the results, my hair looked glossier and shinier, as if I had just been in a salon for hours. The travel set even had an extra small Moroccanoil Treatment for day to day use on damp hair before styling.