Sunday, 3 May 2015

Simply Be Meadowhall

It's rather awkward when you're invited into store to try on dresses and pick one to take home with you, and you don't actually like any. Gosh, I don't sugar coat things do I? I've always found Simply Be amazing to shop at online as it has so much choice, and having the pop up store at Meadowhall makes me so happy. But with so much choice online, it does mean that the store can sometimes be hit and miss as they can only stock so much. More often than not, I do come away with my next favourite outfit, but this time, I was beyond underwhelmed.

I took along my friend, Shirelle, so that she could give me her opinions and make me try new things, including denim. We did try our hardest to find the perfect outfit for me, but it ended up in many 'mehs' rather than 'ohhhs'. The first dress I tried on was this Denim Babydoll Dress and although it was rather beautiful on the hanger, and in a style I love, the design was a little off in places and the sizing confused me. It was far too big and needed a belt, too high but then tight at the top, whilst gaping at the waist. On photos, thanks to my posing and belt, it looks quite nice but I couldn't wear it out, I would be adjusting myself too much.

Simply Be Meadowhall, shemightbeloved, plus size blogger, georgina grogan

Next we tried this spotted dress, but we just weren't feeling it, as it did nothing for my figure. Sure,  it doesn't look bad, we just were not blown away. We thought it worked much better as a top but we couldn't find the right skirt. AX Paris (AX Curve) normally don't do seperates so I was quite surprised to see a skirt, and with it being from such an amazing brand, I needed to try it. Unfortunately, the skirt was rather long, heavy, tight fitting and overall, underwhelming. The butterflies did make me laugh, as it's a common stereotype of plus size clothes to have butterflies, but these were a little more sophisticated than usual, thankfully anyway. I love AX Curve but I definitely think they've brought out a lot better designs than this.

Thursday, 30 April 2015

Curvissa Oli Draped Bandeau Maxi Dress

This month Curvissa challenged 5 bloggers, including myself, to style a maxi dress from their collection of many. It seems that most of us opted for this beautiful Curvissa Oli Draped Bandeau Maxi Dress and it's no wonder why. Seeing the dress on the website I immediately thought, 'I can make that work', but I meant it in the sense that I didn't know it would be a perfect design. Like most maxi dresses, boob space, length, clinginess and overall design can sometimes be a worry, but not for this dress!

Curvissa Oli Draped Bandeau Maxi Dress

For once on a maxi dress with allocated boob space, the space was actually large enough that I didn't have to have my nipples out for most of the day. There was even extra material to pull it up even more. I wore this with the Curvy Kate strapless and with is being a loose polyester fit, it did slip down and not cooperate with my bra as well as it could have, so the extra material on the bust really came in handy. It is a tad long as you can see, but I am 5'3 and I expect this from maxis, plus, I kind of like having to pull it up on stairs etc, I feel so ladylike. 

Wednesday, 29 April 2015

House of Fraser's Samya Plus Size Maxi Skirt

I haven't been on holiday abroad for over 10 years. Meaning back then, I was 10 and didn't have any sort of fashion sense, wore the tiniest bit of makeup or none and didn't really care how I looked, simply because, I was 10. Now, I really don't know how women of today cope. Even if I'm off to my boyfriend, Alfie’s, for a weekend I have around 7 outfit changes. That’s just the type of person I am, I constantly like to be prepared and planned for anything. Which is why when House of Fraser contacted me to do a review, I jumped at the chance of more holiday clothes. We're going to Rome for a week next month and I already have, well probably, around a month’s worth of clothes, so why not another skirt?

House of Fraser’s options for plus size budget clothes does not thrill me at all, there isn't much for under £30 that isn't on sale or of a weird design, but I did manage to find this beautiful Samya Plus Size Slim-Fit Maxi Skirt at £24 reduced from £30. I opted for a 20 as I wanted to see how true to fit the range was and the skirt, thankfully it was spot on. If anything, the elastic waist could do with being a tad tighter and the skirt as a whole, longer. Simply as, it’s more of a ankle skirt than a maxi and although I don't mind this, I’m 5’3, others may not be so fond. The underlay inside is quite a bit above my knees, which I don't mind as I’m covered by lace, but the side splits, short underlay and see-through lace do mean that you are a tad exposed. This skirt is not for sitting in without flashing a little.