Sunday, 28 June 2015

My Blogging Journey So Far and Being Nominated for Three Awards!

After a couple days of excruciating back pain courtesy of a car accident last year, today, I just wanted to take the pressure off and write about anything I wanted and have a little fun with it. This month I have had the incredible news that I have been nominated for the Plus Size Awards again, but unlike last year where I was nominated for 'Best Fashion Blog' and fortunately won it, this year I've been nominated for a mind blowing 3 awards! So, what better subject to write about than my blogging journey so far?

With all the excitement of Rome this month, I actually forgot it was my blogging anniversary and that I've now been writing for just over two years. The thought makes me incredibly happy, especially to say that when I first starting writing my blog, I was working in Lush and pretty much hated everything about my life. So, why did I start blogging?

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I decided to take a gap year before starting University as I honestly could not cope with the pressure of College and it actually made me a very depressed person, well, that amongst other things. I had just come out of a relationship, two weeks later my Nan passed away, then College was finally over and I decided that everyone I was surrounding myself with, were nothing put poisonous, selfish people. I was at an all time low, convinced that my life was cursed (seriously) and I didn't think there was a way out. I basically cleaned out my life, like you would a computer and it took a couple months after this clean out for me to reboot myself properly. At first I thought working two 5 hour shifts a week and having no friends was amazing as I had more time to do absolutely nothing, and when you're in College with a job, you appreciate doing nothing.


Friday, 26 June 2015

Scarlett & Jo Aqua Blue Jersey Fishtail Dress

I'm so shocked and grateful for all the amazing feedback from my event with Scarlett & Jo last weekend, it was an amazing day but the comments from people who came, fellow bloggers, Evans' staff and owner of Scarlett & Jo, Gifi, have been utterly out of this World. Hopefully I will be able to come to more stores in the UK as the Face of Scarlett & Jo for more shopping events, I have my eyes on the London store, but I wonder, where would you like to shop with me? 
Getting on with the new dresses, I decided to go for the most daring first, the  Aqua Blue Jersey Fishtail DressDaring as it's a little different to the rest of Scarlett & Jo's latest collection, as it's a brightly, oriental printed, body con dress. Normally not something I would go for as I've been called several times (sometimes not always in a positive way) a 'skater dress' girl, but everyone does have that one style they're most comfortable in and for me, it's a fit and flare. I'll always try new things though, especially for my favourite clothing company, totally not biassed....

Scarlett & Jo Aqua Blue Jersey Fishtail Dress

Ignore the necklace, at least until July when it's going to be on sale, but in case you can't wait for a full review it's from Lauryn Rose and I absolutely adore it. Almost as much as I love my Pandora ring and that's a big deal. Anyway, this dress, as you can clearly see is quite incredible. It's such a vibrant colour and the print is utterly stunning, even Alfie loves it for the print. As it's a size 20, it does cling to my tummy a little but I quite like the way it looks as I like my tummy. I definitely would not recommend sizing up thought as it's a pretty spot on fit and very stretchy, comfortable material. 
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