Friday, 22 May 2015

The Powerhouse Lip Voltage and DreamWeave Lash Construct

There's been a lot of makeup being reviewed behind the scenes these last couple weeks and a lot of brands that I have never tried before. Two of which come from the same place. I've tried a lot of lip plumpers over the years, not because I actually want bigger lips, as I'll just draw them on, but simply to see if they actually work. I was quite blown away with The Powerhouse Lip Voltage press release and couldn't wait to try it out. I'm a big baby, so I won't pretend it doesn't burn my lips, but for most, it's just the normal sensation of a lip plumper. 

The Powerhouse Lip Voltage

The Powerhouse Lip Voltage contains three lip plumping ingredients, two of a French formulation and one Spanish. It's the first of its kind in the world, so they claim, but they also claim there's no pain so I can't really vouch for that either. It's rather hydrating and nourishing on the lips which makes it perfect before lipstick. I have a smaller lip top lip than I do bottom, so I only use it there rather than continuing to make my lips look uneven. At £25 it provides crazy results, in the sense that, your lip literally doubles. Thankfully, evenly and it doesn't take long either. I'd definitely recommend this to anyone wanting to boost their lips without surgery, even if you just want to use it on special occasions when going out. 


Thursday, 21 May 2015

Giveaway! Calvin Kleins from Discounted Sunglasses

Discounted Sunglasses recently sent me a beautiful pair of Calvin Klein 4143 Sunglasses at £47 reduced from £95 and they've also gave me a £50 voucher to give away! I've always loved huge sunglasses that cover the majority of my face, an odd comment to say from someone as vain as me, but in Summer time often I won't wear as much makeup, but big glasses make me feel as if I'm fully done up. Well, that's how I used to be anyway, now I will stroll out of bed bare faced and run off if I'm late, but that doesn't mean I'm not still attracted to a huge pair. 

Calvin Kleins from Discounted Sunglasses

Honestly, these do look better on Alfie unless I get rid of my fringe, which I can imagine in Rome, I will be doing quite often! Discounted Sunglasses have basically reduced this pair to half price which is a crazy bargain for a designer pair of glasses. As much as I love going bare faced with sunglasses, on this occasion a strong brow and lip were definitely in order.
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