Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Scarlett & Jo Navy Embellished Velvet Dress

Despite being a complete diva, it's not everyday that I am completely infatuated with a dress enough to consider doing an outfit change mid event. However, with much restraint, I resisted this beautiful Scarlett & Jo Navy Embellished Velvet Dress*, as I knew our time will come and soon I would be able to wear it for an event. After first seeing a tiny little snippet on the press release for the new collection, I just knew that it was the dress for me. As the days rolled on, and through intensive Twitter research, I found out that the dress would be a maxi style. A huge tick in my book. Not only that, but the dress would also be slit to just above my knee, making a different but beautiful change to my usual attire.

During an impromptu shopping trip with the wonderful Lucy, we headed into Evans to see what the latest offerings were and I was ecstatic to see that the dress was finally available. So much so, that I don't actually remember looking at anything else. I ran over to the dress (Evans only have the black version in store), grabbed a size 22 and ran to the changing room. I don't think I've ever been so excited to get my kit off and try a dress on. I was soon in the most elegant dress I have ever tried on.

Scarlett & Jo Navy Embellished Velvet Dress, plus size blogger

It wasn't until trying on this dress that I realised how much I actually love my shape. My hips looked curvier than ever, my waist looked smaller than ever, and my tummy was cleverly disguised. I looked at myself in the mirror for a little longer whilst adjusting before walking out like a gleaming cheshire cat. The dress is beautiful and I felt absolutely amazing in it. Lucy kindly took some photos for me, but the lighting just wasn't capturing how curvy I actually looked, so, I took to the trusted mirror selfie.

The Fragrance Shop Discovery Box

I'm pretty sure I'm paranoid about smelling badly in public. It's something that I am always concerned about and therefore I definitely over compensate for by wearing far too much perfume. Often, carrying full size bottles around isn't ideal at all, and with my shoulder still not being back to normal, I've really had to downsize my handbag, which for a very extravagant woman, you can imagine how painful it has been. Thankfully, The Fragrance Shop's Discovery Box* landed on my doorstep at just the right moment. I always love perfume samples, but it's rarely I come across them. The Fragrance Shop have several ways to get their Discovery Club boxes, you can either pay £5 on a rolling subscription for 4 boxes a year and you can cancel at any time. £10 upfront for a 6 months subscription will get you two boxes, and finally £20 upfront covers you for a 12 month subscription for 4 boxes. So you don't actually end up saving a penny by spending more to start with,  not the cleverest marketing I've ever seen...

These boxes are perfect if you like discovering new smells, or you just want some emergency bottles of perfume to keep at the bottom of your bag. In this month's box there was quite a mix of smells and I must confess before I start, I wasn't really taken by any of them. The Discovery box contains around 5 both female and male samples and it even has vouchers inside which can save you up to £10.

The Fragrance Shop Discovery Box

The Autumn/Winter box contained 5 samples in total, including....

Loewe Aura

Described as a fresh and floral smell with different notes and layers, including Lemon and Mandarin for citrus and fresher notes. Jasmine and Mangolia give the perfume it's floral layer and finally Sandalwood and Musk add a deeper and a slight masculine kick. I think it's an older and sophisticated perfume but still very girly. It's probably my favourite of the bunch to be honest.

Jimmy Choo MAN

A very deep woody smell with a modern twist. Its top notes are soft with lavender and mandarin, with honeydew to soften them further. The perfume then has more citrus notes with pineapple leaf and more masculine fresh scents such as ambery woods and patchouli. 

Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Celeb Look Lace Waterfall Cardigan

I truly am a Plus Size Cliché when it comes to waterfall as I really do love and wear it an awful lot. I even wore a butterfly belt the other day, and now I'm considering burning it and deleting this sentence as it's potentially damaging evidence. But, I confess, I do love Waterfall as it gives my large hourglass frame a lovely shape and is fantastic for finishing off outfits in a flattering way. Of course, I'd say that waterfall is 'slimming' but I'm still a 20/22 with a waterfall jacket or without one. Lace waterfall jackets are my all time favourite so when I was contacted by Celeb Look, who have an array of colourful lace jackets, I couldn't resist.

I love these thin, pure lace cardigans mainly in the Summer time as they look amazing with strapless maxi dresses. However, seen as it's now Winter I decided to wear them both differently, one with a more Wintery outfit and the other more Summer suited. Naturally, a black lace cardigan was a must as it goes with just about everything. I decided to match this with a sneak peak of my new Kelly Brooke dress from Simply Be, for a subtle yet sophisticated cover up (sizing details coming soon).

Kelly brooke dress, celeblook cardigan, plus size blogger

With my pale skin and bright red hair, it means I have to stay away from the warmer colours such as red clothing. A real shame for someone who is as obsessed as I am, however, cooler colours like blue and purple are my new allies and they definitely make me stand out. I decided to take the bright blue Celeb Look cardigan and wear it with a Newlook Skater (size 20) dress to create a very bold and Summery outfit. It's not something that I would usually wear, and certainly not with my bare legs, however I love how it looked in the end. I even gained  new appreciation for my calves. The 20/22 is definitely true to size and therefore I could have got away with sizing down for a more structured and fitted design.