Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Creating the Best Curls for the Party Season!

How to get the Best Curls for the Party Season

Hello Beauties of She Might Be Loved!

I'm Andrew James and I blog over at beautyandtheboy.com. I thought it would be a great idea to do a post on how to get the best curls. With the party season coming up you will want to look your best, and I think doing curls is a fantastic look as it's so versatile. You can either curl your hair as normal and leave it down or you could do a half up half down style and accessories. Or even go the full way with a cool little hair up look.... when you think about it the possibilities are endless!

How to get the Best Curls for the Party Season!

The Curve's Triangle Cut Out Pencil Dress

A figure hugging dress that shows off your curves AND boobs? Naturally I am beyond happy about this. The Curve's new 5 piece range truly is the luxury side of Plus Size Fashion. Their new Triangle Cut Out Pencil Dress at £90 is the LBD that will literally outlive most of your wardrobe. An incredibly high quality dress, with a very wearable style of short sleeves, a triangle cutout on the bust and tight figure hugging body, is the little black dress that can be styled and worn in hundreds of different ways to suit everyone. 

The Curve's Triangle Cut Out Pencil Dress, georgina grogan, plus size blogger

For myself, my usual 22 in The Curve was unfortunately not going to work as it was too tight around my hips, but fortunately, The Curve now go up to a size 26, to compensate for the clothes coming up a little tight. This meant that I did have to size up to my first size 24 and found the fit perfect around my hips, but extremely baggy on my waist and arms. The curse of my large hourglass frame is a smaller waist and arms than my overall size, this constantly leads to problems with overly spacious arms and unshapely waists. Normally I would hide the problem with a cardigan, however, due to the thickness of the material, this wouldn't be easily hidden and would probably give me a very strange shape.

Monday, 15 December 2014

What Do Dads Really Want For Christmas?

Let's face it, nobody really knows what Men actually want, and half of the time, neither do they. That's why I decided to take my Dad to shopping Heaven (or hell if you visit occasionally), Meadowhall, so he could give me the low-down on what Dads actually want for Christmas.

My Dad, Ged, is pretty much the stereotypical Dad. He's into Football and actually coaches a local kid's football team. He likes beer, make that lots of beer, rubbish TV programs (such as how tyres are made), gadgets that he doesn't really know how to work, driving his Princess (that's obviously me) around, and of course, spoiling his family with lots of hugs and kisses. He's totally not grumpy, a tad temperamental or obsessed with eating crisps. So, as a stereotypical Dad, I thought he was the perfect test subject to base my research on, which leads us to, what do Dads really want for Christmas?

As a little disclaimer, I haven't in any way shape or form been compensated for recommending anything in this post. This is just the type of genuine gift guide that I would like to see and read, so we went out (for hours I will add) and made it. Obviously, although similar, not all Dads are the same, and things that Ged likes, other Dads might not. But, without further ado, my Dad.....

A Ridiculous Amount of Socks and Pants

My Dad's Birthday falls right in the middle of the year, which means we buy him 6 months worth of socks and pants, and then he gets more at Christmas. This may seem like a pretty boring gift, but if you decide to skip out on them one year, you're left with a very grumpy Dad with cold feet. Debenhams have huge selection of every ridiculous pattern you could imagine and here's some of my Dad's favourites, including silky leopard print, Oh la la!