Tuesday, 1 September 2015

My Plus Size Fashion Autumn Wishlist

Recently I received a surprise parcel from George at Asda, well, I say surprise but technically I did know it was coming, I just didn't know what would be inside of it! It turns out that this time, George didn't read my mind and bring out styles that I absolutely go crazy for, as the two tops and sweater/jumper, isn't something I would wear by choice, however, the colour scheme, textures and glamorous gems really got me thinking about what I actually want in my Autumn wardrobe. Not really in a realistic way, as I would have to be attending several very fancy functions to wear everything I want, but, a girl can dream and I certainly have been. I mean.....

My Plus Size Fashion Autumn Wishlist

George always brings out amazing collections whatever the season and I end up having quite a lot of staples with them, with these tops being a teaser for the new collection, I can safely say it's something to be excited about. I love George for many reasons, but mainly because their clothes actually cater for plus sizes and they're super affordable. George don't often have discount codes, but when they do I'm straight there with an order! So, without further delay, take a look at how vibrant and glitzy they are....

Wearing Curvety at the Think Money's Summer BBQ!

This was by no doubt one of the best events I have ever attended in my life, let alone the two plus years of blogging. Think Money's last event involved inviting a selection of local bloggers, to meet up, network, and just have some fun together! During the last event, we were told that we could pick 5 people who we've not met before (or once) and have our own event with them, which turned out to be a huge gathering at Hotel Football's open rooftop enclosure for a BBQ and cupcake making class! I was surprised myself at the first event being utter perfection, everything was taken care of such as introducing everyone, plenty of food, an activity to do, and even things to take home in a goodie bag. This time was no exception.

Curvety Kiyonna, shemightbeloved, plus size blogger

After receiving around a thousand tweets from Caitlin and Jemma regarding what they're wearing, I already knew that I'd be wearing my new Kiyonna Sugar and Spice Dress in Onyx dress from Curvety. It was a pretty straight forward choice, as someone who loves to overdress, why not a £111 dress for a BBQ? This dress is utter perfection and an incredibly true to size dress. I wore a size 20 and I love how it hugs your curves, shows off your boobs and offers that little bit of cover up whilst not baking you in material at the same time. It's quite a heavy dress which meant I was protected from the wind and my handy Chaffree ensured I was comfortable all day long.
I'm also wearing a new necklace from Lauryn Rose, an Irish jewellery company that I am absolutely lusting over. My new favourite from them is definitely this beautiful Rose Gold Pendant with tear-drop shaped black square stone at €49.00 which is around £36! 


Thursday, 27 August 2015

Luxury Favourites, with Ahava Facemasks, Lanolips, and Partylite Candles

You know when you need one of 'those' nights? The kind of nights where you head to the bathroom, light every candle you own, stick on a facemask and don't come out for a couple hours. The kind of nights where you use the most luxurious moisturiser and soak yourself in it, head to toe before popping on some pyjamas, climbing into bed and having the best sleep ever. Well, this little selection of 3 brands are amazing for just that. 

Following the launch of the official Ahava Ebay store, I was asked if I'd like to try anything out from them, and after taking a peek at the store the facemasks really stood out to me. I'm forever in facemasks, and working from home means that I have them during the day, as well as nighttime too! The Purifying Mud Mask at £21 is definitely my favourite by far, I really am partial to a mud mask and this is heavenly. Mud cleanses, purifies and as it does dry when you leave it on for a while, I find it helps with my oily skin, whilst at the same time jojoba oil and vitamin E help to soften my skin. You're only meant to leave this one of for 3 minutes and use around 1-2 times a week, I probably leave it on for an hour and use it once a week, but I like to overindulge.

The Hydration Cream Mask at £22 was definitely a little different for me, often with oily skin and using products for oily skin, I can actually dry my skin out and it flakes. It's weird and makes no sense, I know. But on days like this, I have been using this incredible creamy facemask to hydrate my skin and nourish it. With shea butter you feel instantly pampered the second it's on your skin and it really does leave you with an incredibly healthy glow when washed away. Again this is a mask to be used for 3-5 minutes, once or twice a week. If you do have drier skin though, I would leave this on for much longer as it's utterly heavenly. 

Finally, the Extreme Radiance Lifting Mask at £33 which at 20, I'm not really going to see many results from. It's a firming mask to help tighten up wrinkles and fine lines, which I do not have. Apparently it can also help tighten pores up and you just have to use it for 10 minutes at a time. Not only does it contain tightening ingredients but it also has oils to give the skin a youthful glow. All Ahava products are natural, SLS/SLES free, more suited for sensitive skin, not tested on animals and paraben free. I've absolutely loved all the masks I've tried from this brand so far and they're definitely one to look out for!
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