Monday, 30 March 2015

Your Tea TeaFace Exfoliator - Skincare with a Difference!

I was a little skeptical over using actual tea in my skincare, but I feel that it is my duty (well, that's how I persuade myself) to try these weird things and tell you all if you should too, or run for the hills instead. Your Tea - TeaFace at £17.95 is definitely a different experience. It has been designed and formulated to gently revitalise, exfoliate, moisturise, heal scars and even help uneven skin tones to leave you with a healthier looking complexion that glows.

Your Tea TeaFace Exfoliator, shemightbeloved, georgina grogan

The TinyTea granules are mixed with essential oils from all over the Globe, which each play their part and help enhance the product as a whole. It's pretty easy to use as you simply need to cleanse your skin to ensure it is makeup and oil free before taking a teaspoon full and lathering it onto your face gently in circular motions. After you've exfoliated, you can leave TeaFace to sink in for any time up to an hour before washing off and moisturising. It's even gentle enough for sensitive skin, so you needn't worry about any harshness.

Thursday, 26 March 2015

My Precious Pandora Ring from Joshua James Jewellery

I first saw this ring in store and admired how strikingly beautiful it was, but I didn't realise just how much I needed it in my life, until I was given the chance to own it. The Pandora Silver, Black Spinel & Cubic Zirconia Ring at £99 has literally become that one piece of jewellery that I actually want to wear, and even panic when I can't find it. I always say I'm not a big jewellery person, but this ring has really changed my mind and now, I can't go anywhere without it. I've started having my nails done as a monthly pick me up treat, and having this wonderfully imposing and glorious ring on makes me feel a little like a Disney Villain, in the best of ways, of course! I mean more like the glamorous and sassy Disney Villains you see on Once Upon a Time.....

The gorgeous Pandora ring came from Joshua James Jewellery, where they stock everything from Pandora, and Armani to Michael Kors! I never thought I'd be the type to become obsessed with Pandora, and I'm definitely not going down the charm bracelet route anytime soon, but I certainly have my eyes on more rings.... I did want to wait to get the perfect photos to really show off the ring, and thankfully whilst in Liverpool last weekend, we got them! 

Pandora ring from Joshua James Jewellery, Scarlett & Jo, Face of Scarlett & Jo, Georgina Grogan, shemightbeloved
Pandora ring from Joshua James Jewellery, Scarlett & Jo, Face of Scarlett & Jo, Georgina Grogan, shemightbeloved

The Scarlett And Jo Black Prom Dress (£65 but now £45.50 as there's 30% off), landed on my door last week and at first, I really didn't think it suited me at all. At the time I tried it on braless and with my hair and makeup undone, so of course, I didn't look or feel like my regular self. Knowing I just needed the right equipment, I set to planning my outfits for Liverpool and just decided to go with it and pack it regardless and I'm really glad I did. The Prom Dress actually has a very thin belt, but not the usual plastic ones, this is basically a ribbon. Even though I've sized down to a 20 in Scarlett & Jo, in some places there's still a little extra material. So, I used the ribbon to 'trap' the extra material and create a defined waist, before adding a belt to cover it up and define it more.

Wednesday, 25 March 2015

My Weekend Guide to Liverpool with Travelodge!

After visiting Liverpool for pretty much every single year since birth for family, I thought it was finally time to head there and actually explore the centre, rather than my families' houses. Alfie and I love our weekends away and were very excited when we were treated to a weekend away at the Travelodge Liverpool Central on Exchange Street. We had so many recommendations on where to visit and what to do, that I thought it would be fun to turn this into a 'Weekend Guide' as well as a 'what we got up to' kind of post. We absolutely loved Liverpool, the Travelodge and all the places we visited, so I'm rather excited to share this with you all!

Travelodge Liverpool review, Georgina Grogan, shemightbeloved

I cannot recommend the Travelodge enough for a perfectly affordable and comfortable place to stay. We were originally meant to be staying at the Travelodge closer to the docks, however, due to a little mix up we ended up walking 10 minutes away and paying £10 for a much needed early check in. Our Double Room was rather compact, but had everything you would need for sure. The entire building only has showers (we were told) and it did mean I had withdrawal symptoms from my bath. However, the shower was SO beautiful and had incredibly high pressure, which isn't something you often find in Hotels. Our room was complete with a desk and mini wardrobe, as well as tea, coffee, plenty of plugs and very fancy lights above the bed, in case we didn't want the main light on. We, of course, tried out the all you can eat breakfast and even had a pizza or two on one of our less sober nights. The food was, as I remember from previous Travelodge stays, absolutely delicious and good value for money.

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