Tuesday, 4 August 2015

My First Vlog in a Karina Trudy Dress!

Technically, this post is a good couple weeks ahead of schedule, well, the schedule that has now turned upside down, but when spontaneity strikes, you can't ignore it! Alfie headed off last weekend to one of his DJ events, and currently we're house sitting whilst his parents are away, which meant that I was completely alone. I say alone, but I had 5 dogs, 2 birds, and an array of wildlife in the river for company. Alfie's always saying how I should vlog my days or vlog events, but to me, it didn't seem appealing. However, seen as he was totally not expecting it, I spent an entire day, filming, editing and then a couple days on his terrible wifi trying to upload. 

Karina Trudy Dress, plus size fashion, georgina grogan

Tonight I got the little notification that it had finally uploaded and until the feedback, I had no intention of even adding it to my blog. However, seen as I'm wearing a new Karina Trudy Dress (the black and white gingham), I thought I'd hit two birds with one stone, and maybe even get some more feedback on vlogging! I started off my day by just wanting a super comfortable but pretty dress to wear around the house, as I haven't been feeling the best with my back. 

Monday, 3 August 2015

BBW Couture Betsy Bop Vintage Party Dress

I cannot believe I haven't worn this dress out of the house yet, just how beautiful is it!? I clearly need to be invited out more as this dress is a WOW dress. The pop of colour is beyond Summery and I loved this dress the second I put it on, so much so, that I've saved the best to last! I remember for years I would want to blend in, and as I've grown up I've realised that just isn't going to happen for me. Well, dying my hair bright red and applying drag queen makeup to nip to the shops helps to get noticed too, but more so, I love expressing myself through clothes. Pretty dresses are my true calling.

BBW Couture Betsy Bop Vintage Party Dress, plus size fashion

This BBW Couture Betsy Bop 1950s Vintage Party Dress is a knock out and it even now goes up to a 28, previously only to a 26. Starting at a size 16 means that it really is quite a wide range of sizes and hopefully it will cater for all plus ladies. I really am spoilt by being the face of BBW Couture's Vintage Range, as it's my job to take photographs of these pretty dresses and tell you all how they fit. Like the others in this similar style (click here to search 'BBW Couture' on my blog), it is a tight fit to get it up onto your boobs. I do repeat myself a lot with these dresses, as I don't want someone to read one post where I don't mention to say something, and then blame me.

Saturday, 1 August 2015

Surviving Summer with Optrex and a Giveaway!

It's hard to enjoy Summer when every time you step out of the house you're constantly crying, sneezing, finding it difficult to breathe, or all three. Alfie and I have so much in common, including hayfever and I can't say I like that. It's a bit weird to be writing about how much I've enjoyed washing my eyes out, but I seriously have. I've been away quite a lot recently, and I've took my eyedrops along every single time, they've even taken up a semi-permanent residence at Alfie's house whilst we house sit.

I don't usually get excited about something like this, but I seriously cannot stop reaching for them, they're honestly a daily essential and now I cannot imagine my day without using them. I've had a bundle from Optrex to try out and I'm giving the same products away to one lucky reader too! You'll have to be in the UK and follow a couple rules to enter, so good luck! 

Surviving Summer with Optrex and a Giveaway!

The Optrex Rehydrating Eye Drops have by far been my favourites. They instantly make my eyes feel soothed, awake and hydrated. As I use the computer so much, or my phone, or even the laptop like right now, my eyes do feel really tired and dry which means these drops help lubricate my eyes by replenishing my tears in just 1-2 drops! My second favourites definitely have to be the Optrex Eyedew Dazzling, as they really make your eyes pop. I remember using these a few years ago and I just loved how sparkly they made me look, and they really make eye makeup look so much better. It's all because of a intelligent blue ingredient which helps to make your eyes look whiter and sparkle the night away. 
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