Thursday, 29 January 2015

Cat Hampurr - The Subscription Box for Cats!

Gypsy is the sort of cat who's a little timid but loves nothing more than cuddles and being fed, constantly. We think Gypsy is around 10 now (we rescued her from the worst neighbours ever so we're unsure) but as you can see, she is still rather small for her age and fortunately for my camera, she's a very photogenic and pretty looking cat. Gypsy does get a little scared with parcels as she doesn't like bags, packaging or anything that moves too fast and makes a noise, which is why I'm so surprised at how much she loves the Cat Hampurr.

The Cat Hampurr is a monthly subscription box for your fury meowing friends where every month you will receive a box of 4-6 specially selected items that are bound to make your cats love you even more. It can be anything from toys, healthy cat food, indulgent treats, even cat nip! Basically, it's like a beauty box to bloggers and women, you get to try the latest things on the market for a small fee a month. It was amazing to see how much Gypsy wanted to be actually inside the box and wanted to sniff just about every centimetre of it!

Cat Hampurr - The Subscription Box for you Cat!

Gypsy does like her toys, but it takes a her a little while to come around to it, at first she just wanted to smell the fish... but soon she wanted to eat it.

Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Skincare Must Haves with Yves Rocher & Giveaway!

Yves Rocher are shooting up on my favourite brands list lately as I've been loving every single product I've tried so far. So much so that I jumped at the chance to give away the latest little bundle I've been trying out. The Ultra nourishing hand cream (£7), Anti-Fatigue Iced Gel (now £2.50 reduced from £5), Fizzy Bath Cube (£1.50) and lastly, Silky Cream (£7) are now all up for grabs in my latest giveaway!

Skincare Must Haves with Yves Rocher

These products have probably been my favourites by far as I love nothing more than coating my hands in the beautifully nourishing cream whilst I sit and type, or lathering on a coating of the Silky Cream before bed on my arms. I've even noticed a slight reduction in the redness in my arms, and most products have just been laughed away. The Ice Gel is something I'd recommend to anyone who gets achy legs, which is normally me after wearing heels. I can't hack them. Having the Ice Gel sat on my shelf has reassured me that no matter what situation I get in, I'll be soothed and back to normal in no time.

Saturday, 24 January 2015

Wella SP Colour Save Hair Gift Set - Amazing for Red Hair!

With having red hair it means I am extremely cautious yet curious with anything that claims to be 'colour protecting'. Which is why I literally cannot say no to trying out colour protecting products as I'm still trying to find that one miracle formulation, which doesn't wash half of my colour out. The Wella SP Colour Save Set arrived on my doorstep just before Christmas so I've had quite a while to test it out properly and I have to say, I'm pretty impressed. 

The Wella SP Colour Gift set is the perfect set for chemically treated and potentially dull hair as it had 3 ranges and a hairspray, meaning you can give your hair the full treatment, and then lock in your stylish and healthy new locks. My favourites from the set are definitely the Colour Save Shampoo and Conditioner as they do actually do as claimed. I found that my colour held on a lot better and they're definitely on par with colour protecting products I have tried in the past in terms of colour, softness and making my hair healthy.

Wella SP Colour Save Hair Gift Set, georgina grogan, shemightbeloved

The set also contains the Repair and Shine range with a Shampoo and Mask which both made my hair look and feel absolutely amazing. I applied the mask half and half to each side of my hair and washed it off with the same type of Shampoo. I definitely found the repair side to look a little fuller and healthier, whereas the shine side was glossy and flawless. I took blog photos for my post on Das Rock Haus that day and I am so happy with how my hair looked.
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