Sunday, 31 August 2014

Makeup Revolution NEW Pro Tools!

Makeup Revolution seem to slowly be taking over my makeup bag and my life as I have been constantly wearing their beautiful eyeshadow palettes to make the most incredible looks. From Halloween to subtle nude eyes, it's been a little hard on my brushes with all the constant blending and bright pigments. Thankfully, Makeup Revolution have a solution for giving your brushes a little TLC during cleaning them. Introducing the new Makeup Revolution Pro Hygiene Antibacterial Brush Shampoo* at just £5! An absolutely crazy price for such an amazing product that has been working better than anything I have ever washed my brushes off, and believe me, I've tried just about everything now. From solid soaps to oils, I've found a lot of things that work but every time I have really had to work to get my brushes clean. Makeup Revolution have took out the lengthy waiting time of cleaning brushes and made it more thorough and quicker than ever. With just a drop of this shampoo and water you can transform even the dirtiest washes into sterile, beautiful, refreshed looking makeup brushes. If you struggle with keeping your brushes sanitary, then this is definitely something that you need to look in to.

Makeup Revolution NEW Pro Tools!

A little goes a long way with Makeup Revolutions makeup brush cleanser and I can thoroughly recommend it being safe on wide range of brushes from more affordable brands, to high end. The brush cleaner has a slight fruity smell which makes the brushes smell amazing. It's the perfect way to clean your makeup brushes without damaging them. Makeup Revolution do recommend that for the best possible results, use it with their Antibacterial Brush Cleaner Spray. Now this product is something that every MUA needs to try. It's perfect for when you need to swap brushes quickly or don't have time for a deep cleanse. This fruity smelling spray cuts through and breaks down any products left on the makeup brushes and with a couple swipes on clean tissue, it's completely clear! Sometimes, depending on how much used it can leave the brushes feeling a little wet, but it's nothing that just towel drying or popping some translucent powder through the brush can't fix.

Thursday, 28 August 2014

Fruition Hair Demo Night - Sheffield

At the beginning of August, Fruition Hair Sheffield held their biggest event yet at Revolution De Cuba and it was definitely a night to remember and a night that made it into the papers! At first I was just helping with advertising and small plans for the event, as well as arranging for my colleagues at Lush Meadowhall to attend, but soon it turned into me working the event as well! This meant that I got the chance to brand myself properly as a Makeup Artist with my own table and advertising display of my work and business cards. This was an event for local Sheffield businesses to showcase what they have to offer, so there were a lot of different businesses there including the hosts themselves, Fruition Hair Sheffield who were demonstrating Beauty Works Hair Extension on celebrity guest, Lateysha Grace from The Valleys. Anna Roberts Clothing, who was showcasing her beautiful handmade designs with the help of her models. There was also a pretty handy changing room there so people could try things on discretely. Boudoir Shop were also there demonstrating HD Brows (which my friend Ruby had done at the last event), as well as The Relaxation Den who brought 2 full of massage tables and were pampering everyone all night. I was incredibly disappointed that I didn't get the chance to go over. Lush Meadowhall brought lots of their products for people to look at and finally, myself!

Throughout the night I was offering makeovers to people so that they could see my work, this lead to me having a queue that didn't stop all night long! It wasn't the best with my new achy back (thank you, whiplash) however, I soldiered through as I didn't want to disappoint anyone. Below are a couple before and afters (I didn't get chance to take photos of everyone that I made up). I will also be doing a full post on my makeup kit soon as I'm really happy with how I've built it in such a short space of time from the Blog Yorkshire event.

Sunday, 24 August 2014

Getting Ready for Halloween with Makeup Revolution Salvation Palette!

It seems like Makeup Revolution are bringing out a new product each and every day lately and they are getting better and better. I was recently sent the new Makeup Revolution Salvation Colour Chaos Palette* which already being called a dupe for Urban Decay's Electric Palette. However, despite it's many similarities there are also quite a few differences. For example the Makeup Revolution Palette is A LOT cheaper and yet it has more colour variety. The colour choices are mainly shimmers with a couple mattes thrown in for good measure. It covers most eyes from subtle day looks to even Halloween brights. So far I've used it just about nearly every day and I've even created a Halloween Look with it as well as some more daytime wearable looks too.

 Makeup Revolution Salvation Palette, halloween makeup, blonde wig, georgina grogan makeup artist

 The pigments are absolutely incredible. Often I've found that with dark shimmers they lose their pigment to the shimmer, however the dark purple, dark green and dark blue in this palette are more pigmented than I have ever seen. I recently created this 'scary' Halloween look, which comes across as a little Lady Gaga to me. I a lot of the scared to help create the dimension of the colours. The bright pinks, purples and blues all blended together wonderfully to give the effect that I wanted.
(If you want to know anything else that I used then you can check out my Instagram).