Friday, 21 November 2014

Essential Trousers with Fashion World

Let's not pretend that I know a thing about wearing trousers. I live in leggings, occasionally I'll treat myself to tights, and in the Summer I become maxi dress obsessed, so trousers are just not something  that I own. It's not that they wouldn't suit me, or that there isn't enough on the market in my size, it's just my personal style. However, I've teamed up with Fashion World to create this infographic on what my essential trousers of this season would be, and how I would personally recommend to style them. When I used to wear jeans, I lived in my black, skinny, high waisted jeans that pulled me my stomach in, made me look curvy and I could style with most things. High waisted jeans are definitely something that I would recommend for a curvier women who doesn't want to hide her curves.

Essential Trousers with Fashion WorldThey're essential because you should take pride in your curves and these will definitely help to do so, whilst at the same time making you feel comfortable and secure. They're fantastic if you're a little worried over your tummy area, as they'll help add that little extra support. They're a fashionable way to look and feel great all day long and for any occasion.

Thursday, 20 November 2014

FURLESS Black Beauty Makeup Brush Giveaway

Furless Cosmetics have been one of my favourite brush companies since I first tried them out way back on my January favourites post! I was so impressed that I got them involved in my First Blogging Birthday Giveaway, and the Sheffield BBloggers event that I organised, as they're always a pleasure to work with. So much so, that I've actually got an amazing giveaway for you all, with a set of brushes where my favourite ever brush comes from. The Powder brush is something that I do not leave home without, I think I actually have separation anxiety. It's the only brush that I have continually used for nearly a year now and it still looks brand new. The brush comes from the Black Beauty set, that retails for $79.99 which is around £50, making them incredible quality for their cost, especially as they last so long and remain as if you bought them that very day. 

FURLESS Black Beauty Makeup Brush GiveawayFURLESS Black Beauty Makeup Brush Giveaway
In the Black Beauty Furless Brush Set you will find:

  • Large multi-purpose powder brush
One of my personal favourite brushes as it is perfection for setting under your eyes. The slight dome of the brush makes application smooth and actually enjoyable. As I said before, and I'll try not to rave TOO much, it's the only brush I have gone back to, which is a pretty big deal.

  • Angled contour brush
Everyone knows by now that I am very fond of faking my features, and by doing so, I need tools that I can trust to create a fairly natural looking contour. The angle of the brush means that you can distribute the product exactly where you want it and blend it in the same direction also. Which means it's fantastic for contouring in cheek bones and jaw lines.

IGIGI Angelica Plus Size Gown from Curvety

I didn't think I would be able to make it to the Plus Size Awards, for more reason than I will air publicly, but thanks to absolutely incredible sponsors, that is now a very close reality. The Plus Size Awards take place this weekend in London and Curvety, an online retailer, supplying the plus size world with gorgeous evening dresses, kindly agreed to style my Mum for the night. Mum was over the moon by Curvety's generosity and it just so happened to be the day when the new IGIGI Angelica Plus Size Gown came online and we both knew that that was THE dress. It was so sparkly and utterly mesmerising on the website that I couldn't wait to see it in person. 

Soon enough a beautifully packaged box arrived containing the beyond glamorous dress. Not a second was wasted before my Mum tried it on and she looked incredible. My Mum are I are both roughly the same dress size, a 20/22, so we often share clothes but look completely different. It's very rare that someone actually notices us recycling outfits to each other. In this case, I didn't want to reveal what my Mum is going to look like at the Plus Size awards in this gorgeous Angelica dress, so I thought I would review it myself. 

IGIGI Angelica Plus Size Gown, curvety, georgina grogan, plus size blogger

If you saw my past fashion review, you'll know that I am loving my dresses lately and seriously cannot get enough of them. The Angelica Dress is a size 22 and it fits beautifully on my Mum, but for my slightly smaller waist, I definitely could have got away with sizing down. It has a crossover draped bodice with sequins all over. They're obviously at the highest quality and it doesn't feel itchy or uncomfortable at all, which I was pleasantly surprised at. Despite the quality, it's also thankfully quite lightweight. It has a draped waist that really helps to conceal any areas of your stomach that you may feel uncomfortable with, whilst at the same time, enhancing your curves. 

The 3/4 sleeves are a perfect length so that no cardigan, shrug or shawl is needed, personally it's favourite length for sleeves as it makes me feel so comfortable whilst being stylish. It's a floor length dress that on our 5'3 and 5'1 and 3/4 (Mum has to have her quarters) drapes to the floor perfectly, but looks even better with heels or on someone a little taller. The model on the website is 5'9 and she looks incredible. We didn't realised until after both of us trying it on several times, which is always the case, that the dress is actually a lot easier to get into than we thought, as it does indeed have a side zipper. Who would have thought? I absolutely love this dress, but it definitely suits my Mum more and I cannot wait to post the pictures from the event!