Introducing a new brand to me….. Mandy’s Heaven! It’s always exciting to try out a new plus size brand, especially when it’s still a small range and growing. If I’m perfectly honest, not a lot stood out to me from the range, nothing is really my usual style or the style that I’d buy myself, So, I set out to try something that I usually wouldn’t. A higher neck! Now I know that doesn’t sound very adventurous but I ALWAYS have some cleavage because it’s my style and it’s how I like to look and dress. Anything higher does indeed make me feel frumpy and it’s not a feeling I like. However, I actually do like how I look on this. Mainly because my arms are out, so I’m not too covered up, the print and style is very beautiful even though the 20/22 has a tad too much fabric… View Post

I was actually really excited to go to the Benefit Cosmetics brow event as there’s just SO many new products and shades that I couldn’t wait to play but my body said no. Chronic pain and blogging is incredibly difficult when there’s so many events I want to go to but just physically can’t in the end. That’s why I’m so grateful to brands who still invite you to play with the products that you would have got from going to the event. I love the understanding that sometimes things come up, or bodies stop working in my case, ha! Not long after the event the beautifully boxed new products arrived and they definitely wowed. This is how you present new products! Technically there’s 12 new products, 9 new actual makeup products and 3 tools. I was sent four products and I’d love to say that they’re all amazing, but I’m not… View Post

“But You Don’t Look Sick!” – Understanding Invisible Illness Living with an invisible illness sucks. Not only do you feel in highly distressing agony every single day; you’re also trying to convince others of that when they look at you and fail to recognise the chronic pain that plays havoc with your daily life. It’s a dilemma that forms the basis of this infographic from chronic pain charity Burning Nights. Some of the statistics it shows are downright shocking – for example, it takes an average of six years from the first onset of pain symptoms for chronic pain to be formally diagnosed. Also, only 6% of invisible illness sufferers are diagnosed by the first doctor they consult about their symptoms. Even the huge majority of medical professionals can’t identify invisible illnesses, but those illnesses certainly exist, and they can totally destroy a person’s quality of life. Of course, it can be difficult to detect such illnesses in… View Post

Paul Mitchell and specifically the team at Salon Success really know how to look after bloggers and make us feel special. Every couple of months a select group of bloggers including myself, received a selection of products from Paul Mitchell and other brands such as Marula Oil, Awapuhi, and more. I believe they’re all owned by Paul Mitchell and then looked after by Salon Success. The products are sometimes the latest ones out, and other times they’re the staples from the brand or just ones that would suit the specific blogger better. For example I often receive Color Mask with having bright red hair so when I turned up to the event and everyone was talking about how good a range was on our tables, it happened to be the one I probably shouldn’t go near as it’s not good on dyed hair at all. I like when brands take… View Post

This is a guest post by Maleka Dattu. Creator & Director of  MERUMAYA®. You’re 13.  Waking up in the morning, you’re horrified to find new acne on your face.  What will people at school say?  Will they laugh?  Is it too early to start wearing foundation? You’re 20.  Walking past a local newsagent, you cringe at the sight of Kim Kardashian’s contoured face splashed across yet another magazine cover.  When did she replace Paris Hilton as the new “it girl”, anyway?  And how are you supposed to get a dome-shaped derrière like that? You’re 30.  Your co-worker keeps recommending this new miracle diet – this one really works, she says.  Should you actually take it up soon, you wonder?  Before you grow older and supposedly lose any chance of being “hot”? If the picture I just painted for you perfectly illustrates how you’ve felt growing up, join the club.  But… View Post