Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Dark Angel Halloween Look with Ann Summers!

This is my second and final Halloween look/video in collaboration with Ann Summers! I can't say this look was the easiest to decide on, as I went from being a Spider Queen, to a Weeping Angel before finally arriving at this Dark/Fallen Angel Halloween Look. With it being such a glamorous outfit, the thought of covering myself in grey paint and drawing on numerous wrinkles didn't appeal to me. However, a smokey purple lip and black lips definitely did. The outfit I'm wearing is the Ann Summers Fallen Angel* dress in a 22. It is incredibly short, and I'd say it's very true to size as I normally wouldn't go for something skin tight in a 20, simply because it wouldn't fit. This dress is also a halter neck and a tie up corset styled which would accommodate for a slightly bigger bust than my 40FF or much smaller. My favourite wig company, Annabelle's Wigs, also kindly provided this beautiful Charlotte wig that completed the look perfectly. Be sure to head over to my Youtube Channel and watch the video!

Dark Angel Halloween Look with Ann Summers, georgina grogan, shemightbeloved


1) Remember to prep properly. Here, I have used LUSH'S VANISHING CREAM and YOUNIQUE'S GLORIOUS PRIMER.

2) Usually I would stick in any contacts I was going to use now, however I forgot and did this much later. I love my MESMEREYEZ GREY CONTACTS.

3) Apply your base. I mixed together Illamasqua Rich Base and Revlon Colour Stay to create a very heavy and flawless base. I only add a thin layer to start whilst I do my eye makeup and then I add more later. I'm also using a Nanshy Foundation Brush.

4) Using the COLOUR SPORT SMOKEY EYES AND PERFECT BROWS KIT I filled in my eyebrows really lightly before going back in heavier later.

Monday, 20 October 2014

Waterstones Blogger Murder Mystery: The Descendants.

I'm the type of girl that will look away from the uncut adverts for Horror Films late at night on TV, but when I heard about a Blogger Murder Mystery, I just had to get involved! This year Waterstones are back with a murder mystery that YOU have to solve. Myself and 4 other bloggers Becky, Daisy, Sian and Beth have been invited to a mysterious librarian's house as we are the Descendants of Prolific Horror Writers but something just isn't quite right. The storyline will unfold across our blogs and YOU have to find out who the culprit of the murders is to be in with the chance of winning £50 in Waterstones Vouchers! You can check out the @mysteryclues Twitter account to find out the latest evidence and to tweet your suggestions too! We'll be using the hashtag #bloggermystery so make sure you keep up to date. 

So, you're probably wondering, how does the story start?

Waterstones Blogger Murder Mystery: The Beginning.
(Source: http://www.getchytunes.tomlyford.com/haunted-mansion.html)

Dear Diary,

Remember me? I'm sorry I haven't written to you in a while. As you can probably imagine from our last chat, I needed to take some time out, time out from my thoughts and well, time out from everything. I've been spending pretty much all of my time with Piku lately, more so now it's just us two in this little, old house. I've become one of those people, you know, who let their dogs sleep in their bed. I know, I know, I did say I would never do it… Her little floppy ears are just so comforting in the cold, long, winter nights though, plus, she doesn't snore, which is truly a God sent for my restless nights. I guess I can justify it that way?

#SheffieldBBloggers Event!

If I could relive this event again, I definitely would. I seem to be that stage in life where I just want to do anything and say yes to everything, so I jumped at the chance when Heather, Ashleigh and I were randomly offered a venue on Twitter, after sharing our desire to run our own event. We all had our ideas on how we wanted the event to go. For me, I wanted a small event where everyone would have time to talk and get to know each other, in a venue that genuinely wanted to be involved for all the right reasons, and brands that I know and love there. With Heather and Ashleigh being at College and working all the time, it meant that I did have to take on a lot of the work, but as I'm currently off sick for my shoulder, I loved the challenge and it gave me something to look forward to. Thankfully, Heather, Ashleigh, the brands involved and bloggers all seemed to love the event too!

#SheffieldBBloggers Event, Sheffield Blogger event, Georgina Grogan, shemightbeloved
#SheffieldBBloggers Event, Sheffield Blogger event, Georgina Grogan, shemightbeloved

Sheffield BBloggers Event (#SheffieldBBloggers) ended up being held at a beautiful South India Restaurant, Maveli, located right in the city centre. One of the Owners is a family friend and was more than happy to get involved, provide us with such a cosy venue and even set out an amazing taste experience where plates and plates of mouth watering food were laid out for us to try. It was amazing to see all the bloggers gather round and applaud the very talented chef who had cooked our delicious spread before diving in with their forks ready. The food not only looked gorgeous but Maveli definitely has to be the best Indian food I have ever tried!