International Giveaway! Win a Corset of Your Choice from The Violet Vixen!

Nearly 3 years into starting a blog and I am finally doing an International giveaway! I’ve promised one for a very long time now so I do hope you agree, it’s quite a fun giveaway…. The Violet Vixen cater for straight sizes, as well as plus, but judging by their sizes and the fact that I have a corset in a size 38 I don’t think they go into the bigger size of plus, and stop just a little big bigger than myself at a size 40. Not great for my plus friends though but more often than not, we’ll… View Post

Karina Penelope Dress and Jones Bootmaker

You know when you don’t realise how much you love a dress until you see it on and realise you look amazing? This is what happened with the Karina Penelope Dress at $108. I love Karina dresses I’ve reviewed two now the Megan and Trudy as I’m actually a brand ambassador, I don’t think I’ve told you all that before? But yeah, I like the brand so much and they thankfully like my style too so every month (unless the post loses a dress again and it’s a little later) I’ll be featuring one of their beautiful dresses! Perfect for my readers in… View Post

The New Makeup Releases You Should Hit and The Ones You Should Miss, FT Joan Collins

I never shy away from writing a negative review, but sometimes products are just so terrible (or I just really dislike them), that they don’t warrant more than a sentence or two. So, I’m doing a roundup of all the new makeup releases you should hit and the ones you should miss from lots of different brands. I know it’s similar to my last post but that’s simply because it was initially one post, but people would have died from boredom half way through so take this as part 2! Hits  Neve Cosmetics Kabuki Brushes Neve cosmetics found me last… View Post

The Makeup Releases You Should Try From Freedom Makeup

The Makeup releases you should try from Freedom Makeup. I know my makeup and most importantly, I love my makeup. However, I am not one for believing the hype or believe in recommendations unless their face looks like a demi-god and they can actually apply it. There’s been a lot of makeup through my door lately and although it’s frustrating that PRs completely ignore that I have pale skin and don’t suit bright pink lip glosses, there is thankfully still a lot to talk about. Let’s start on a positive with Freedom Makeup, although I wasn’t too thrilled of the… View Post

Friction Free Shaving – The World’s First Women’s Razor Membership Service Launches!

Friction Free Shaving (FFS) is the first ever company that delivers razors directly to your door, through the post on a monthly basis. Not only does this provide a cost-effective solution to razors, as we have all spent far TOO much on a razor before. It’s also a incredible convenient alternative to high street brands, and having to rush out at last minute when you need a fresh blade. During research for this brand they found out some rather shockingly results, personally I thought I was just mega lazy! It turns out that women change their razor blade less often than men,… View Post