Saturday, 25 April 2015

The Fragrance Shop's Spring Discovery Box

The Fragrance Shop Discovery Box Spring Edition is a quarterly available box of different fragrances for you to experience and it's just £5! That means for a full year to try out different perfume samples and have convenient little bottles to keep in your bag all year round, you'd be paying just £20. Previously the boxes have been quite little and chunky, whereas this time, they're sleek and easily fitted through a letterbox. I absolutely adore the new convenient look as it saves on a lot of wasted packaging and looks so much more appealing. Along with the box it also comes with a £5 off voucher for all of the perfumes and a £10 off voucher for the most expensive perfume in the samples, which is pretty generous and not to mention handy!

The Fragrance Shop's Spring Discovery Box

Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Dynasty London - Viviana Black & Purple Plus Size Evening Dress

With so much hate towards the Plus Size World lately, it only makes me want to write about beautiful dresses and clothes even more. Mainly so these hateful people can see the amazing choices that we, as fat women, actually have and do wear. There's going to be a lot more fashion on my blog this year (as if you haven't guessed that by now!), as simply, I like to share outfits that make me look and feel good in hope that you might them, or something similar to look and feel this way too!

Today, I am sharing Dynasty London's plus size range, also known as Dynasty Curve, which is absolutely the go to place for stunning, high end evening dresses that are amazing quality. I recently received the absolutely stunning Viviana Black & Purple Plus Size Evening Dress at £419.99 and as you can clearly see, it's quite beautiful. I immediately felt a little like a Disney Villain as it's rather long on my 5'3 frame and gives me that kind of evil flare at the bottom.

Dynasty London - Viviana Black & Purple Plus Size Evening Dress, georgina grogan, plus size blogger, shemightbeloved

The dress itself is incredibly high quality, as you can imagine with the £400 price tag. For this reason, it's also really heavy, well, ridiculously heavy which actually does mean that the arms on this dress do fall down, mainly due to the weight of the embellishments and skirt.  I say 'mainly' as there is a slight sizing problem with this dress. After going from a small 22 to a solid 20, I found that the 22 in this dress actually fell off me, completely. 

Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Ray-bans Cat Eyes from Sunglasses Shop

After what seemed like an eternal wait, it has finally been sunny enough to try out my new beautiful pair of Ray-Ban sunglasses from the Sunglasses Shop and my new summer gear from Newlook! I never feel prepared for Summer, the truth is, I just adore Autumn and Winter far too much to start wearing sunglasses or applying the sunblock. I would usually rather ignore the sun and wait for the leaves to fall again. This year, I've been the opposite, splashing about in rivers and sunbathing at the first sign of heat, has completely changed my outlook on the upcoming hotter months. So much so, that I'm even heading abroad! 

I will obviously be taking along my new favourite cat eye sunglasses at £113. The distinct retro designed frame allows them to really set your face and give a quirky look. I love the shape of these glasses are they are too much of a cat eye design that they make my fatter face look even rounder, instead, the straight top and pointed edge helps define my cheeks a little more, and depending on what face I pull, I can still show off my eyebrows!

Ray-bans Cat Eyes from Sunglasses Shop, newlook inspire, georgina grogan, shemightbeloved
(Wearing my new Scarlett & Jo maxi.)

I've reviewed Sunglasses Shop in the past and they remain one of the best places to buy your eye protection from as they have such a wide range of brand at affordable prices. In fact, these specific Ray-Ban glasses are meant to retail at £130 but they have a price match guarantee! That's quite a little saving and as a true bargain hunter, who won't order anything without a discount code, I appreciate this guarantee. Sunglasses Shop some of the biggest names in eyewear, including Ray-Bans (obviously), Michael Kors, Dior and so many more. 
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