Thursday, 23 October 2014

Halloween Makeup: Nature Witch

This look came about from just playing around with makeup late one night and therefore I did attempt to take the best photos of it. I wasn't originally going to post this look as I can't say I'm 100% happy with it, but after asking Instagram, it seems that I'm wrong! This Nature Witch Halloween Look was inspired by my Witch I did last year, and like my Ursula look, I wanted to perfect and improve it. This time I decided to carry on the design of the veins/tree roots onto the side of my face and neck to sculpt my features a little more. 

Nature Witch Halloween Look.

Products used:
MAC Studio Fix
Collection Concealer
Collection Powder
Makeup Revolution Iconic Palette 2 to contour

Makeup Revolution Colour Chaos for the colour under my eyes

Lush's Confident Lipstick blended in
Lola Black Pencil
Red Cherry Lashes (very long and thin)
Illamasqua's pencil in Honour (dark purple/brown)
Max factor False Lash Effect Mascara

My London To Do List.

Despite actually being born in Essex, I have never returned to the South since moving when I was just 2 years old. This has meant that after years and year of listening to my parent's stories about London and all that it has to offer, I've always wanted to go. Last month, I was incredibly lucky to find out that I have been nominated as 'Best Fashion Blog' in the Plus Size Awards and thanks to absolutely incredibly sponsors (Sophisticated Curves and The Curve) I am able to attend the awards ceremony in London! You can only imagine my excitement that finally I would be ticking off something on my unwritten 'bucket list'. Now that I finally have the chance to go to London, I have to make the most of it otherwise I'd never forgive myself. Seen as  I actually turn 20 the weekend after, my parent's have absolutely spoilt me by booking for my Mum and I to go see Phantom of the Opera! Ever since I haven't stopped singing the songs, or reciting the film. London is a massive city though, and of course, I have plenty more things on my unwritten bucket list.

Plus Size Awards

The thing I want to do is to visit an exhibition. I don't know what it is about London that makes me think of exhibitions, maybe it's because they're always in the films? Whatever it is, it means that if I get the chance, I'll definitely be heading off to one. After looking around, I've found The Horst Style Exhibition and the Wedding Dress 1775-2014 Exhibition that look incredible. Both of which have the most incredible online shops where you can purchase souvenirs from the exhibition. However, they're not the typical pen and pencil that you get in the Sheffield Museums. You can buy The Wedding Dress: 300 years of Bridal Fashions which looks absolutely incredible and something that every woman would probably want.  After all, it is a weekend surrounding fashion! Obviously, other than the Theatre, Awards Ceremony and an Exhibition, it'll be only right to visit all the famous streets and shops. Just like any good beauty blogger, I will, of course, be heading into the department stores. I did think there was a Sephora, but apparently not?

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Dark Angel Halloween Look with Ann Summers!

This is my second and final Halloween look/video in collaboration with Ann Summers! I can't say this look was the easiest to decide on, as I went from being a Spider Queen, to a Weeping Angel before finally arriving at this Dark/Fallen Angel Halloween Look. With it being such a glamorous outfit, the thought of covering myself in grey paint and drawing on numerous wrinkles didn't appeal to me. However, a smokey purple lip and black lips definitely did. The outfit I'm wearing is the Ann Summers Fallen Angel* dress in a 22. It is incredibly short, and I'd say it's very true to size as I normally wouldn't go for something skin tight in a 20, simply because it wouldn't fit. This dress is also a halter neck and a tie up corset styled which would accommodate for a slightly bigger bust than my 40FF or much smaller. My favourite wig company, Annabelle's Wigs, also kindly provided this beautiful Charlotte wig that completed the look perfectly. Be sure to head over to my Youtube Channel and watch the video!

Dark Angel Halloween Look with Ann Summers, georgina grogan, shemightbeloved


1) Remember to prep properly. Here, I have used LUSH'S VANISHING CREAM and YOUNIQUE'S GLORIOUS PRIMER.

2) Usually I would stick in any contacts I was going to use now, however I forgot and did this much later. I love my MESMEREYEZ GREY CONTACTS.

3) Apply your base. I mixed together Illamasqua Rich Base and Revlon Colour Stay to create a very heavy and flawless base. I only add a thin layer to start whilst I do my eye makeup and then I add more later. I'm also using a Nanshy Foundation Brush.

4) Using the COLOUR SPORT SMOKEY EYES AND PERFECT BROWS KIT I filled in my eyebrows really lightly before going back in heavier later.