Friday, 19 December 2014

Fashion World Party Survival Guide

Recently, Fashion World, an online plus size retailer, came up with a fun info graphic on their website, a Party Survival Guide and sent out a little survival pack in snazzy boxes to see what bloggers thought. My very sparkly gold box contained hair grips, Vaseline, clothing tape, hair spray and body tape, making the perfect party essentials, for the average person. 

However, I am extremely high maintenance, and I know others will be too. Which is why I thought I would post what I consider to be my perfect survival kit and what it entails. I'm a very 'just in case' type of person, which means over packing and being overly prepared is my speciality, but, if you're having a hair, face, or clothing disaster, I'm the right girl to be nice too. 

Fashion World Party Survival Guide

Thursday, 18 December 2014

December Blogger Meetups

Normally I try and get to at least one event a month, otherwise I end up missing my friends I've made through blogging too much. This month, I was very fortunate to be able to attend a Christmas Catchup Meal in Leeds and the Plus Size Blogger event in Meadowhall. Due to terrible planning, I ended up having the same dress on for both events, so I will very clearly split them to avoid confusion. The lovely AX Curve dress is coming up on a post of its own soon though....

Christmas Meal at Cabana Leeds

This was basically just a chance for us to get together and catch up, we also did a lovely secret santa that worked out very well, and I took a bunch of clothes for them all. The best parts of clear outs are definitely that very organised feeling afterwards. The meal was arranged by the beautiful Faith and Cabana were generous enough to give us our first round free and a free desert each!

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I have mainly just pictures from this event as it was spent laughing and me ranting after a miserable week. Faith, Lucy, Yuna, Carrie, Ellie and Jenna were all lovely and did an amazing job at cheering me up though. Pretty easy to do when you're surrounded by people you have so much in common with, it also helped that our meal involved a little dancing performance from Stormtroopers!

Beautylab Peptide Tanning Lotion

You only have to take one look at me to realise that I am not a natural tanner. I enjoy being borderline transparent but being so white means that I do consider myself to be a good person for tanning recommendations. I know it sounds crazy, but let's think about it...if a fake tan turns me bright orange in one go, it's unlikely it's going to be the perfect tan for most people. As always, someone will no doubt like that baked orange and muddy skin kind of look, but when I use a fake tan, I expect to look like a slightly bronzed Goddess. The last fake tan and only other fake tan I have reviewed was perfect on ridiculously pale skin, so I was keen to try another brand. BeautyLab's Peptide Tanning Lotion arrived through the post last month and to be honest, I've been putting off using it.

 Beautylab Peptide Tanning Lotion

Despite working from home now, between meetings and numerous events lately, I haven't had a safe amount of time to potentially ruin my appearance. Things like this on novices like myself need careful planning and consideration. As I still don't have a safe window, I decided to just try it out on my thigh. Before we get onto the results, I was very optimistic as the Beautylab Peptide Tanning Lotion works by stimulating the effects of Sun on your skin. Meaning your tan should come along naturally and gradually. It even has a pre-tan accelerator inside, meaning that if you were to put it on before going in the sun, it'll help your colour even more.