Sunday, 24 August 2014

Getting Ready for Halloween with Makeup Revolution Salvation Palette!

It seems like Makeup Revolution are bringing out a new product each and every day lately and they are getting better and better. I was recently sent the new Makeup Revolution Salvation Colour Chaos Palette* which already being called a dupe for Urban Decay's Electric Palette. However, despite it's many similarities there are also quite a few differences. For example the Makeup Revolution Palette is A LOT cheaper and yet it has more colour variety. The colour choices are mainly shimmers with a couple mattes thrown in for good measure. It covers most eyes from subtle day looks to even Halloween brights. So far I've used it just about nearly every day and I've even created a Halloween Look with it as well as some more daytime wearable looks too.

 Makeup Revolution Salvation Palette, halloween makeup, blonde wig, georgina grogan makeup artist

 The pigments are absolutely incredible. Often I've found that with dark shimmers they lose their pigment to the shimmer, however the dark purple, dark green and dark blue in this palette are more pigmented than I have ever seen. I recently created this 'scary' Halloween look, which comes across as a little Lady Gaga to me. I a lot of the scared to help create the dimension of the colours. The bright pinks, purples and blues all blended together wonderfully to give the effect that I wanted.
(If you want to know anything else that I used then you can check out my Instagram).

Saturday, 23 August 2014

Lush's Complete Suncare Range Review!

After working at Lush for nearly 2 years now, words cannot describe how excited I was to finally have a Sun care Range. Lush's new Sun care range really is spectacular and no doubt everyone has seen/read at least one product being reviewed now as they seem to be everywhere. I thought I would make it nice and easy to find out about their complete new range and help you decide on which product is best for you.
Despite a lot of SPFs on the market being tested on animals, Lush of course stuck to their Cruelty Free name by testing the products on human volunteers in a non-animal testing lab run by a vegetarian Scientist. They are tested by sectioning the skin and exposing a UV light for set amount of times to see the skin's reaction. Lush recommends that with each product you use 2mg for every cm of skin. This basically means to cover two fingers in product for each section of the body, for example 2 fingers worth of product for your arms.

To get the most protection from Lush's Sun care range all products must be reapplied every 2 hours. This is because  after 2 hours the sun protections loses it's effectiveness of reflecting the sun's rays from your skin.

For anyone wondering on the products being 'all natural', Lush are openly using 3 synthetic sun protectors (whereas a lot of companies use all 12!), however they're all deemed as safe and perfected fine to use in small quantities. 

Friday, 22 August 2014

Simply Be's 'Hipster Holiday Hotspots'

The Summer seems to be leaving us a little earlier than most people would want in England, but that doesn't mean that Summer clothes aren't needed everywhere else. Simply Be have come up with an amazing interactive graphic called Simply Be's Hipster Holiday Hotspots where you can browse through a list of amazing places to travel to. They've included everything from wild holidays away, to more relaxing trips to the city, they've thought of everything from the destination and what outfit would be perfect for there. It's great for people who struggle to choose a destination or anyone who's spontaneous and choose where to go at last minute. It's also perfect for people who may struggle to put a full outfit together like myself, I get as far as the clothes and then struggle on the accessories but now that's all taken care of! With so much inspiration for every climate and city, Simply Be have made holiday shopping and choosing a destination a stress of the past. Here are a couple of my favourite outfits and definitely a couple destinations that I would love to spend some time in, of course, there's a slightly more warmer outfit for the UK....

The interactive graphics also have a big map where you can go through the cities one by one and find out about places to eat, drink and even things to do! Not only is it incredibly helpful, it's also pretty interesting to read about too.