Zombie Halloween Look with Kryolan Zombie Kit!

Introducing Zombie GG!
So, it’s pretty obvious by now that ‘pretty Halloween looks’ are definitely my thing. I like when I can look completely different but still hot, but that’s also the reason why I really wanted to try out proper special effects. Before I’ve dabbled with cheap products, however, I’ve always been intrigued by Kryolan and nearly bought myself something at IMATs, but I didn’t know where to start. After picking out the Zombie Kit from their website, for a bargain price of £39.50 I will add, I couldn’t wait to play and luckily, it arrived pretty much the next day.Zombie Halloween Look with Kryolan Zombie Kit!

I’ve always heard such amazing things from Kryolan, I mean obviously, everyone has. So, getting the opportunity to try out the products myself has really converted me to be a massive fan. Everything is just so utterly amazing and mind blowing. The kit contains….
Fresh Scratch 15 ml
Cine-Wax 10 g
1 Spatula
Make-up Bag
F/X Blood 50 ml
Liquid Latex 30 ml
Tooth Enamel
Translucent Powder 20 g
Spirit Gum 12 ml
Cream Color Circle
Powder Puff
1 Make-up SpongeHalf of which I obviously had no idea what they are, let alone how to use them. Kryolan actually have prepared a step by step guide for this which is online and on paper in the kit too. I followed the instructions around 70% as I wanted to make it my own, and add a lot more cuts and gore, simply because I was finally learning how to do it properly. This was my first attempt at the Zombie look, and well, Alfie’s even posted it on his Instagram before I posted this, so I guess it’s definitely impressed someone.

It was shockingly easy to create the wounds, and I definitely understand the need to apply spirit gum to the area before the wax as it makes it stick so much better. I learnt this from where I went outside of my partially dried spirit gum, onto dry skin and the wax didn’t hold as well there. Lucky it did just look like my skin was falling off though. The Fresh Scratch and F/X Blood are absolutely incredible, I’ve used fake blood before but nothing of this quality. I can’t say I’ll go back to the cheap version after this. The tooth enamel is something I avoided as it looked too scary for me and my teeth are easily stained, but I’ll definitely try it out on someone soon!

Zombie Halloween Look with Kryolan Zombie Kit!
Zombie Halloween Look with Kryolan Zombie Kit!
Zombie Halloween Look with Kryolan Zombie Kit!
I would absolutely love to try out more things from Kryolan, and I really don’t think Halloween is going to stop in the Grogan house, I’m really considering doing more makeup looks throughout the year as I’m having so much fun creating them all.What do you all think?

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  1. 26th October 2015 / 8:02 pm

    I love your looks so much one because they’re incredible and you’re clearly immensely talented but you genuinely look sooo unrecognisable in each one. I’d never have thought you here and you as Snow White were the same person if I didn’t know they were you!

  2. 29th October 2015 / 11:45 pm

    Another doozy of a look! You really do transform yourself in every one of these looks. xx