Yves Rocher Mascara Review.

Everybody loves an offer, there’s no denying that. More and more companies seem to be hoping on board of discount beauty products but Baobella is easily becoming the most talked about site amongst beauty lovers. It’s a place to share pictures and reviews, as well as grab an amazing bargain in Baobella’s Boutique! You can purchase high end products with a high street price tag, what’s not to love? It’s exclusively a members only beauty store (but anyone can join!) with daily deals on different beauty products. Baobella was kind enough to send me the Yves Rocher – Sexy Pulp Ultra-Volume Mascara, to try out which is currently under £10 reduced from £18.

My first thoughts on this mascara is that it’s very compact and handbag friendly, it doesn’t have the usual bulky/wasteful amount of packaging that an average mascara does. Yet, it still has a pretty average amount of 9ml of mascara, meaning you don’t lose out on anything, you just gain space. It has quite a fluffy yet structured bristled brush meaning it’ll definitely coat and separate to a certain extent. I found that the first coat gave a lot of volume in random places but no direction. Whereas, the second coat, pictured above, added volume, drama and an incredible length. However, this was after I used a small mascara brush to comb through so they didn’t look as ‘spidery’ or ‘cakey’ in places. I found it can make them quite clumpy, which is only noticeable when close up. From a distance you have beautiful long eyelashes that open up your face. It isn’t the best mascara on the market when you have long eyelashes, as it’s much more noticeable when they look ‘spidery’ or ‘cakey’, however on small lashes, it really grabs them and makes them look a lot longer. As for bottom lashes, it isn’t anything special and gave them to real direction, or separation, but it did coat them nicely and make them noticeably thicker.

I do love this mascara underneath false lashes to give me a lot of volume and thickness, it also makes them blend in nicely as it’s quite fluttery sometimes. I have noticed a slight transfer of product when I get a little hot. Which is pretty normal with mascaras that aren’t waterproof so it’s nothing to be concerned about. Just don’t wear it if you’re going to the gym or doing anything active.


I definitely recommend checking out Baobella’s Boutique where right now is this little beauty, the Estee Lauder’s Best Seller – Idealist Serum – Even Skincare illuminator – 50ml. I recently tried this during a makeover and it felt amazing. Keep your eyes out for other reviews from Baobella and make sure to sign up today!

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