Yours Truly Organics Skincare Collection

One thing I adore when trying out skincare is being able to try out the entire collection, so you can truly understand how everything was meant to work together. With natural products or with a set collection, it’s often that one product helps to further the effects of another, so it’s always difficult to know the full results when just trying out a small segment. When Yours Truly Organics offered to send their entire range, I was incredible excited to be able to thoroughly test out products. If you read a lot of beauty blogs, you may have seen that they have been circulating quite a lot. I’m a little late to the party as I had a minor (still getting over the shock) skin reaction, meaning I am now a walking dot-to-dot and had to postpone and stop using too much on my skin.  After a couple weeks of consistently trying out Yours Truly Organics, I have to say I’m not over the moon and I have very mixed thoughts.

Yours Truly Organics

Take it away! Gel Cleanser, £22*

This is a no nonsense cleanser that thoroughly cleans the skin of everything, no makeup brand is a match for it. It’s really quick and easy to use, it’s described as,
Enriched with Vitamin C and Sandalwood Oil, this cleanser will remove impurities from the skin’s surface whilst maintaining its natural elasticity. Leaving your skin feeling soft and clean.’
Despite having quite oily skin, I did feel a little tighter after using this, which is normally the case with anything that foams. However, I definitely felt very cleansed and this was certainly my favourite product of the range.

Balancing Toner, £19*

I was really disappointed with this product, for a toner I found it to be very foamy and difficult to actually cleanse with as it had a soap consistency which dried my skin out further. It was also quite tingly and turned my skin red and blotchy. It is described as,
‘Return your skin to its optimal pH level with this toner and improve its ability to absorb moisture. Witch Hazel and Aloe Vera soothe and repair the skin’s surface. Perfect for use on the face and neck.’
I won’t pretend to know I understand all the skin’s PH levels, but I’m sceptical over this claim. For me, this was my least favourite of the collection.

Face Base Face Balm, £25.

Described on their website as,
‘Highly moisturising and acts as a great base for makeup application. Formulated with Pea Extract to improve elasticity and regulate your skin’s sebum production and Daisy Flower extract that will brighten your skin’s complexion this face balm will help you look and feel your best.’

Whilst rubbing the cream into my face it does seem very thick and heavy, however, after a couple minutes it mattifies and it does indeed, create the perfect base for makeup. It leaves just enough moisture on top of the skin for makeup to be buffed in nicely, without dragging the skin. However, it can peel on itself it you add too much or rub the skin a lot, making it more suitable for night time.
Fix Me! Repairing Serum, £28.

After using a serum all last month, I was excited to carry on with this one. I started using it on broken and uneven skin and it really calmed everything down and was very soothing. Described as,
‘Smooth, repair and tighten your skin with this oat kernel enriched serum. Reduce inflammation caused by blemishes with sesame seed extract and saw palmetto.’
I can agree with all, except from tightening, as it did feel a little ‘wet’ for me rather that an average serum’s consistency meaning it definitely didn’t tighten.As I said, a very mixed review. Overall, I did enjoy the range but it wasn’t quite enough for me to continue using it, or with it’s slightly higher prices, purchase again. There’s a wonderful back story to the products and how they were developed to fix acne prone skin, which I can definitely see with the tightening effect of them all. However, despite having ridiculously oily skin lately and a lot of spots, it hasn’t worked any wonders for myself. If you’re unsure whether or not this will be the collection for you, Yours Truly Organics do offer a sample box of 5ml for £5 of all their collection, meaning you can try it out for a fraction of the price! A genius idea that more brands should consider.