Yours Clothing Discount Code!

I absolutely love Yours Clothing and now my readers have an exclusive code that will take £10 off any shop over £20! It applies to new customers, only on full priced items. Just use code ‘BLOGGER24’, it will now be staying on the side of my blog under ‘Sponsors’ so don’t worry if you forget it.
Yours Clothing
Seen as I now have the exclusive code, I thought I’d show you all what I’m loving from Yours Clothing lately. Fall is my favourite season because quite simply, IT’S COLD and I like to be cold. This means lots of layers and hopefully, well as far as I can tell, leopard print normally returns.
Yours Clothing
I absolutely love their selection of Jackets/Coats with Leopard print on a couple as well! I’ve always wanted a huge fur coat but never gone for it, maybe this year? As well as that I love the two Jackets on the outer corners, as I imagine I would be warm without baking myself to death. The last 3 are for work, with Christmas fast approaching the shop floor becomes boiling hot, therefore I want and need a new maxi dress.
Yours Clothing is very true to size as well, so you don’t have to worry about getting one bigger or smaller, especially when you’ve got some extra meat anyway.
Not a very colourful selection, but my uniform is black and white!
Have you guys got your eyes on anything?