Younique’s Glorious Face & Eye Primer

One of the fastest growing cosmetic companies, Younique, have set sail for the UK and they’re due to arrive on the 1st of November! After becoming one of the biggest ways to earn money from home in America, they’re already expecting at least a thousand sign ups on the first day. So, you’re probably wondering what Younique is and the other half of you have probably already seen their infamous 3D Fiber Lash Mascara around the internet (don’t worry, I opted out of that one). Younique is basically a direct selling company, meaning that you sell from home or have ‘parties’, think of Avon and you’re on the right track. They specialise in naturally based cosmetics and even have products that are ‘100% natural’. Deanna, who is a huge success story from Younique sent me an email asking I wanted to try any of the products out. I opted for their Glorious 100% Natural Face & Eye Primer as I figured the 3d Lash Fiber may have been reviewed just a few too many times now. However, from a brand that claims to be so good, surely such an important base product would be impressive? Well, I wasn’t disappointed. I wasn’t expecting miracles, but I’ve actually found this primer to be better than my Smashbox and Benefit one (I know, big claims and you can read all about my old favourite primers here.)
Younique's Glorious Face & Eye Primer, younique launch, younique makeup
In the photos above you can see my face at the start of the day, and after a long day at the zoo. There was very little wear despite rain, shine, eating and just general activities that would normally wear your makeup off. The only top up through the day was a little more lipstick as I am obsessed with MAC Diva.A little background about my skin is that it’s the most oiliest face ever, I will literally melt like the wicked witch half way through a day without the right preparations. Glorious Primer contains Elastin which is described as a water-binding agent which helps the skin to retain moisture. Without sounding like a beauty class, oily skin still needs moisture, so this is a perfect ingredient. It also contains Dimethicone which makes the silky soft finish that you get from most primers. Vitamin E is the super anti-oxidant ingredient that is fantastic in all things skin, it basically helps to stop ageing and protect the skin from the sun’s rays. The ingredients inside all have a purpose and work really well together, it does indeed feel like silk on the skin but it’s super moisturising which means that if you add a mattifying foundation on top (which will be most of the time with oily skin) it means that it glides on and leaves a healthy and non-sweating-to-death dewy finish. It’s actually encouraged me to stop using powder too, as I just haven’t needed it.

Younique's Glorious Face & Eye Primer
I really wasn’t expect to love this product this much. I don’t really rate it as an eye primer, as I find it’s too moisturising and causes my lids to crease, but it leaves my foundation and my skin looking healthy and beautiful.This beautiful Glorious Primer works out at $39 or just under £25 which is a bargain for the quality of product. Despite raving about my Smashbox Primers constantly, I haven’t touched it all month long. There’s no doubting that I’ll definitely be grabbing another bottle the second this one runs out!
Have you tried anything from Younique yet?

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  1. Sarah Cartwright
    26th August 2015 / 8:04 am

    Amazing review and so absolutely true! I love this primer so much and have not looked back! Did you also know it can be used as a hair softening serum????? Crazy but true! I am totally in love with this product!!!!!! <3 xxxx