Yo So Pro – The New Skincare Must Have?

I really did want to love this product. After everyone obsessing over facial brushes, I thought that something more soothing and better for sensitive skin would be everyone’s next purchase. However, the new Yo So Pro has been on my dressing table for quite a while now whilst I try and figure out what I actually think about it. In theory it is amazing, but in practical use, it can be a little tricky.
The Yo So Pro is a cleaning system which uses ion technology to aid your usual skincare regime and make it more efficient. I’m extremely sceptical with things like this, but I imagine most people would be for a device that retails at £149.99. With ‘ion technology’, of course, I wondered what this actually meant for my skin. The description states that ‘the Ion technology works together with your body’s natural Ions to thoroughly cleanse and even out your skin tone’.
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Basically meaning that it helps your skin to be thoroughly cleansed or more moisturised depending on the three settings of Cleanse, Moisturise and Boost. The Cleanse system is actually better to be used as a toning system, as in order to use the products on the head, you can add them to a cotton pad and usual balm cleansers are too thick and heavy to be registered. Therefore, water based toners are easily picked up and just ensure that your skin is completely clear.
In order for the device to work, you have to have a closed circuit of skin touching the titanium head, if the head comes off of your skin even for a second, the machine stops. It took the machine quite a while to pick up my skin, and I found it incredibly difficult to more between areas without dragging my skin or waiting another couple minutes for it to start working again.
There’s a maximum time of 5 minutes per step, which makes it feel more like a home facial and pamper session. It even has three settings for Low, Medium or High so that you can pick the intensity of your facial. The titanium head just vibrates away on your face, the cleanse setting is a rhythm of two beats, pause, repeat. Moisturise is a longer and consistent vibrate and finally Boost creates short little vibrations. It feels incredibly relaxing and I definitely love the idea behind it all. As well as how much it would save if you’re into treating yourself at expensive spas.
Yo So Pro review, beauty blogger, shemightbeloved, georgina grogan
However, I’m not completely sold. After a couple unsuccessful uses and convincing myself I had a faulty machine, I asked for tips and they did help a little in knowing to keep a close circuit. But, I can’t say it’s something that I would use daily as it’s quite time consuming and not the easiest device to pick up and just get going. I do love my skincare and I’ve tried a vast amount of different methods, but this isn’t one for someone with little to no patience. You have to use set products that aren’t too thick, take your time and be sure to keep in contact with it at all times.
If you’re someone who likes to invest more into your skincare and has the patience and time, this is the perfect device that I’m sure a lot of people are going to love. But if you’re not the one for vibrating facial tools, and prefer different methods of pampering yourself, I wouldn’t rush out to buy it…..
What do you think about this new technology?
*This was gifted to me by Beauty Bay, but as you can tell, my reviews are always honest.
  • Jemma

    This looks so cool!
    I’m not sure if I’d want to spend all that money to try it out though

  • India Benjamin

    This sounds so confusing and difficult to use! I feel like it maybe needs some improvement for it to actually be worth the price.

    India / Touchscreens & Beautyqueens