Xenca’s Perfection Lipstick

Xenca LTD’s Perfection makeup range is made in Milan and is suitable for vegetarians and vegans as it is completely natural, it also isn’t tested on animals at all. A lot of the ingredients include Shea butter, almond oil and key vitamins. They have an entire makeup range from foundation to lipsticks as well as a skincare range called Eternity, which also has beautiful natural ingredients.

I was fortunate to be sent out a lipstick to review, I asked for the colour Spice which in the picture looked like a dark red, but in person it’s more of a browny colour. It has a really creamy formula which makes application really easy as well as moisturising my lips beneath.

Xenca's Perfection Lipstick

If blotted the lipstick can look rather matte and is perfect for a natural look. The company has a online catalogue and I’d love to get my hands on some more products, I love the idea of natural cosmetics yet it’s not easy to come by!

Have you guys found any all natural cosmetic companies that don’t test on animals?