Which Stretch Mark Products are the Best?

This review took a lot of work to put together, mainly because with products like these, they’re not something you can accurately write up about in a month’s time and if you managed to, I can’t say I would believe your opinions at all. Products like this, for me to be able to fully recommend them, take time and patience to see if they actually work and are effective. I can’t promise I’ve found the one product that will work for everyone, but I can say that there’s some to definitely try out and one to avoid completely….
Stretch marks are something I definitely have, but not necessarily something I want to get rid of, but it does mean that I have more than enough of them to be able to trial out several products and compare. First up, the rather disappointing Remescar Scar Stick at a whopping £19.99, the price isn’t the most disappointing factor, but it’s definitely high up. I’ve tried Remescar before, but it never made it to the blog as the cream smelt of sick on my skin in the morning, thankfully, that isn’t the case here. Instead, the tiny stick, which is probably the same height as my thumb is rather underwhelming.
Not only is the amount of product for £19.99 annoying, but it also runs out pretty fast and I’ve only been using this on my boobs. Now, my boobs are big, but usually, scar/stretch mark products are used during pregnancy and my boobs don’t compare to a pregnant tummy, which would make this product not only ridiculously expensive to use it during pregnancy, but a waste of money. However, the product isn’t necessarily aimed at anyone or anywhere, instead it can be used on the face and body, under makeup too. An interesting product.
It leaves behind a silicone slick that isn’t noticeable and is meant to create a barrier in order to help the skin repair and heal. It’s obviously a little oily, but any treatment for scars would be normally. The price and size of the product really puts me off, as even if I was to use it on just random scars around the body, I’d go through it too fast to justify using it. With most scar products, it’s recommended to use them morning and night for 3 months before you see results, I’d probably go through a stick of Remescar in around 3-4 weeks.
There’s a lot of positives about the formula though, it’s patented ingredients which means there won’t be anything like this for a while, it has a UV filter, can be used on new and old scars, and it’s super easy to use.
Which Stretch Mark Products are the Best? Which Stretch Mark Products are the Best?
I’ll come right out and say it, the Purepotions Scar Oil at £18.99 is definitely my favourite. It’s amazing for a range of things such as scars, dry skin, uneven skin, and ageing skin. Rich in Vitamin A and C, not only does it smell and feel absolutely divine, it’s packed with the right ingredients for the job. The ingredients work together to promote the rejuvenation of skin, whilst reducing the appearance of uneven skin. Perfect for those who have more of a sensitive skin type as it’s 100% natural with no parabens or perfumes. A little goes a long way and I cannot recommend this enough.
Next up is two products from Mustela, that I really did love equally. I do usually prefer oils for stretch marks, but there’s something about the Stretch Marks Double Action cream at £16.75, which made me make an exception. To me, it has that newborn baby smell, which may be an odd comment to make, but it basically smells very soft and natural. This brand is aimed at expecting mothers and again, is completely natural. Its aim is to prevent stretch marks in the first place by strengthening the skin and helps the elasticity of the skin. It also has ingredients which renew and regenerate skin, whilst hydrating and nourishing.
The Mustela Stretch Mark Oil at £14.95 is also pretty heavenly, but the packaging it rather annoying and hard to use. The squirt bottle doesn’t produce much at all and you end up with oily hands whilst oil runs everywhere you didn’t want it to go and you’re still trying to pump more out. A little bit of a unwanted fuss for sure. This works in pretty much the same way, but oils are way more moisturising
Both products have been clinically tested and an amazing 96% of women who tried the cream (out of 26 mothers) didn’t develop stretch marks during their pregnancy, I mean, that speaks for itself. An even higher 98% saw no stretch marks by using the oil!

Quite a long review, but these things don’t come cheap and if you’re going to invest your morning and nights putting on a £20 oil, you want it to work!Have you tried any of these before?

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