What to Wear to an Interview

What to Wear to an Interview

As some of you know I had an interview at Benefit, this included an absolute panic over what to wear. I was told to come all in black, which is easy enough as that’s my uniform anyway. However I wanted something that I would feel comfortable yet very smart in as it wasn’t specified how formal to be. The night before my interview I decided that I had NOTHING to prepared, my hair was discoloured and my nails looked ridiculously short. Therefore a trip to Asda was involved, there I bought some new shoes (that have cut my feet open but they looked OK), hair dye (hasn’t really done much), some nails and nail varnish (actually pleased with this), and finally some jewelry (which I forgot to put on). After my recent post of Peplum on a fuller figure, I decided I needed the dress in black as well, and it would make a lovely formal outfit.

I teamed all the black with a bright red bag and red nails just to add some colour, my usual gorgeous lace jacket, leggings and some new shoes. The shoes were platformed with studs, lovely looking but I probably should have had more time to wear them in.


george, hair dye

For an interview I think it’s really important to stay smart casual, especially for retail. A couple other girls just dressed in plain black dresses, which again were formal. I always cover up my arms and legs, so I was probably wearing more than enough, but I felt comfortable and that’s all that matters. As long as you haven’t got a really short dress/skirt on, or a very low and revealing top, it’s safe to wear. I always have lower necks on, otherwise I wouldn’t have any skin on display at all, but I did go for a round neck, meaning it was more covered up.

peplum on a fuller figure

It’s always good to go for comfortable shoes, which obviously as I tried them on for 5 minutes, mine felt lovely and comfortable. That was not the case. I now how massive blisters on the back on my heels, brilliant. Although by wearing leggings it meant I could just pull them down further onto the back of my heel to protect it and that made me feel slightly better, but I still walked in pain.

I decided to put full makeup on as I didn’t want to turn up looking like I didn’t have an interest in cosmetics at all. However, as part of the ‘training’ we had to put makeup on each other. A post will follow this explaining their interview process in case anyone is considering it. Unfortunately I didn’t get the job offer, but I wasn’t that impressed with the job and I do love my Lushies too much to leave them, just yet anyway.