What to Include on your Blog/Business Cards – StressFreePrint

At one point or another into blogging, we all decide that it’s time to stop writing our details down on stray pieces of paper and get some actual business/blog cards. Or in my case, with a newly designed blog, comes probably the most exciting part, new blog cards. Now, making blog cards may seem like an easy task, but unless you’re going to get through enough to be able to occasionally tweak new ones before print, you have to get them pretty much spot on. I loved my old cards, they had all the information I wanted on them but the quality of my photos just wasn’t there. This time I made a check list of everything I wanted on my new cards as StressFreePrint kindly offered to print them for me!

Contact Information

This is definitely the most important part to any blog card, as without it, how are people meant to find you? I know some people don’t have their name everywhere and instead go by their blog name, but it’s a lot better to include this on your card so that people remember it, and can address you properly in future contact.
I always include my full name and email. A phone number is optional but I didn’t want mine there simply as I normally contact everyone over email.

Blog Logo

Wouldn’t it be amazing to hand someone a blog card and they immediately recognise your logo? That’s one of the main reasons it’s important to have it on. Sure you could just have your blog’s name and links, but without the logo people aren’t going to have much to recognise you by.


A tagline, title, whatever you want to call it. Basically the little sentence that tells people what you actually do, so I have ‘Beauty and Plus Size Fashion Writer, Makeup Artist’. As I use my blog cards for my actual blog and for any makeup enquiries I have too as my blog is basically a massive online portfolio for me. Are you a lifestyle blogger? Fashion? Travel? Let people know! You can be quirky, imaginative and fun with this part or just keep it simple.

Social Media

Proud of a social media account that you think people would want to see? Share it on your card. For me, Twitter is my proudest social media achievement and my most relevant one to my blog. A Bebo account from 6 years ago, obviously doesn’t need to be shared. You can easily overkill this though, so I like to stick to the top 3, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Although, I only share Twitter as I wanted to keep my card clutter free.


Completely optional again, but you could include a picture so that people have something else to recognise you by. Whether you’re handing out cards at an event, or to interested people. A friendly picture may remind them of exactly who you are and potentially encourage them to contact you for whatever reason. A simply headshot would suffice, but if you’re a fashion blogger it might be a good idea to include one of your looks. For me, being the over the top person that I am, I’ve chosen to show makeup creations and fashion looks on the back of the card in a simple design.

I chose my highest quality photos and StressFreePrint made them look better than ever, now when I hand out a card I’m not embarrassed over the quality. I’m proud of my work and my cards, I now want to hand them to everyone! StressFreePrint have customer satisfaction as their number 1 goal, sure my cards turned up later than the event that I wanted them for, but I did take my time designing them. You can’t rush these things. A simple card is easy enough, but are you sure you won’t hate it in months to come? StressFreePrint offer a proofing option where you can either not proof your cards and get them faster, proof them online, or have an actual holdable proof to be sure you’re 100% happy. It’s very competitively priced for the quality and service too as for 200 cards it’s under £20! I was blown away by the quality and I can’t stop staring at them. I can’t recommend them enough and I would definitely go back for more, if I ever work my way through this massive stack.