What is Cohorted?

Cohorted has truly taken the beauty world by storm, with most beauty lovers tuning in every week to see the latest offerings, others are left wondering what it is all about. Cohorted is the place that tests your will power on saying no to spending money, and how much of a bargain you can afford to miss. Had your eye on the Urban Decay Palettes but not their price tag? What about if they had 30% off? This has become a very frequent occurrence at Cohorted, with 4 new amazing products going live every Monday at 6pm. Be warned, don’t expect to get a MAC lipstick if you turn up at 7pm, these Cohorts sell fast! So, how does it work? Well, simply the more people that join the Cohort, the lower the price goes. Which means you can save loads of money each and every week on the latest beauty products out. I was recently sent a little selection that was on Cohorted….Cohorted, social shopping, shemightbeloved, mac, max factor, sigma

Cohorted covers all aspects of the beauty world, including makeup brushes like this incredible Sigma Tapered Kabuki F86* which unfortunately didn’t meet the maximum discount and went from £17.95 to £16.51. After trying this brush out and using it pretty much every single day, I can confirm that people were absolutely crazy not to buy it! It’s probably one of the best foundation brushes I’ve ever tried, and trust me, I’ve tried a lot. This buffs, blends, perfect and finishes off the makeup perfected and all alone. It washes incredibly too which is always an added bonus. I’ve been wanting to try a Sigma brush out for quite some time now and I’m so happy with it, I’ll definitely be keeping my eye out for any future brushes!

The very popular MAC lipstick in Cockney* which has a RRP of £15.50 but on Cohorted it recently reached max discount of 20% and went for just £12!
MAC cockney

Cockney is one of the most beautiful reds I have ever seen, it’s slightly warmer than most and has orange glitter going through it. The texture is very sheer but buildable and I think I’m a little bit in love…..This lipstick straight away reminded me of Christmas and I just love the smell of MAC lipsticks.
MAC cockney

Cohorted just isn’t for makeup, recently the Moroccan oil Hair Treatment* RRP £15 but it went for £9.10 (saving 35%) was live. This treatment feels absolutely luxurious on the hair and despite being one of the thickest oils I have ever felt, it doesn’t feel heavy when washed out. It also doesn’t weigh the hair down and instead leaves you feeling bouncy and fabulous. At £9 it was an absolute bargain and I know everyone will be really happy from getting involved with this Cohort.Not only does Cohort get all the latest beauty releases, it also gives incredible opportunities to get some of the best products on the market (can you tell I’m a Max Factor fan?) Max Factor Masterpiece Max, one of the BEST mascaras from probably the best company for mascaras, had its price drop from £9.99 to £5.75! Now if all of this hasn’t been a reason to head over to Cohorted, let this be the persuasion. Even those months where I know I shouldn’t spend money, I am not saying no to a saving of 42%!

Cohorted makes shopping fun, affordable and exciting. You simply have to make an account via Facebook, Twitter or sign up and then you’re ready to go. You can request Cohorts, get involved with their giveaways, and find out so much more about this amazing company.