What I Wear For Work.

In the last couple weeks due to lack of money, I’ve rarely been anywhere but work. So I thought I’d show you all my different outfits for work that I mix and match. At Lush our uniform is black and white but it’s hard having to wear black everyday, although I am allowed to wear white I’m too scared to about staining it, and a lot of the time it’s easy to get bored and fed up of repeating outfits.
newlook dress

This dress was £14.99 from Newlook, it’s very basic and stretchy which means it’s very comfortable for work.They’re available in a range of colours and in the Inspire range as well, just watch out for the material as I have the same in red, and it’s much thicker.
newlook outfit
One of my favourite tops for work is a ruched 3/4 sleeved black top, with a round scoop neck. I pretty much wear it with every skirt I own. Both items are from Newlook.
plus size newlook outfit
I love wearing my maxi dress for work, but I don’t have a comfortable strapless bra which means I’m in constant pain. It’s from George at Asda and the cardigan is from Newlook.
newlook plus size outfit
Probably my favourite outfit for work, with the lace cardigan instead though. The vest top is from George at Asda, with a Newlook maxi skirt and Newlook cardigan. 
yours clothing, new look
Finally, I found a bralette that accommodated for the twins and I was very pleased! The cardigan is probably my favourite item of clothing so far and it was £29 from Yours Clothing. The maxi skirt is from Newlook. I love simple waist belts that help to pull me in and keep everything in place. They also help keep my maxi skirt up! 
My makeup for work changes a little, but mainly just with the lip colour. I tend to just stick to a little eyeliner but I try lots of different combinations of colours on my lips. I’ll often have my hair down and curly as well, as when I’m on a very active shift it’s easy to keep my hair in place or at least to make it go back curly. Yes, an array of products do help this that I have easy access to on the shop floor, but my GHDs do most of the work. 
my face
How do you guys dress for work? Do you jazz up your uniform? Or do you get to wear whatever black items like me?