Wella SP Colour Save Hair Gift Set – Amazing for Red Hair!

With having red hair it means I am extremely cautious yet curious with anything that claims to be ‘colour protecting’. Which is why I literally cannot say no to trying out colour protecting products as I’m still trying to find that one miracle formulation, which doesn’t wash half of my colour out. The Wella SP Colour Save Set arrived on my doorstep just before Christmas so I’ve had quite a while to test it out properly and I have to say, I’m pretty impressed.
The Wella SP Colour Gift set is the perfect set for chemically treated and potentially dull hair as it had 3 ranges and a hairspray, meaning you can give your hair the full treatment, and then lock in your stylish and healthy new locks. My favourites from the set are definitely the Colour Save Shampoo and Conditioner as they do actually do as claimed. I found that my colour held on a lot better and they’re definitely on par with colour protecting products I have tried in the past in terms of colour, softness and making my hair healthy.
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The set also contains the Repair and Shine range with a Shampoo and Mask which both made my hair look and feel absolutely amazing. I applied the mask half and half to each side of my hair and washed it off with the same type of Shampoo. I definitely found the repair side to look a little fuller and healthier, whereas the shine side was glossy and flawless. I took blog photos for my post on Das Rock Haus that day and I am so happy with how my hair looked.
Wella SP Colour Save Hair Gift Set
Wella SP Colour Save Hair Gift Set
The set also contained a travel size SP Perfect Hold Hairspray which although it doesn’t smell the nicest, it’s an absolutely amazing hairspray with an incredible hold. The hairspray also provides UV and heat humidity protection which I can admit, I normally get a little frizzy in hot situations, but my hair has stayed flawless with this. It hasn’t left the bottom of my bag as I take it just about everywhere.
I absolutely love gift sets like the Wella SP one as it gives you a chance to try out and explore more. Although the smaller trial products were not as amazing for red hair, they definitely made up for it with how silky and glamorous they made my hair look. At just £21.85 the set is an absolute steal and perfect to buy for yourself or someone else.

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