Wella Brilliance | A Range That Maintains Red Hair.

When you’re someone like myself and come to the realisation that you’re spending more on Hair Care products that makeup, you know something has to change. After I’ve struggled for months on end over products that actually keep my hair vibrant and bright, I finally decided to do the only rationale and sane thing. I stopped washing it everyday. Now to those who already get away with two washes a week, you won’t understand, but to everyone else, who can’t do a thing with their hair unless you start from scratch, you’ll realise what a big step this is. I still only get around 2-3 days maximum, and on the third day I won’t leave the house, but it’s definitely helped me. In my past post on How To Maintain Red Hair, I tell you all what I actually dye my hair with, and all the failed products or overpriced ones that I don’t recommend. This time, a little update was needed as I’ve actually found products (yes, plural!) that are actually perfect for red hair. Wella came into my life at a time where dying my hair constantly, was financially not doable. Instead, I’ve been maintaining my colour and keeping up with my hair’s health, with the new Wella Brilliance range, for coloured hair.
Wella Brilliance Range for Coloured Hair, Capital hair
I feel like I’ve been there and got the T-Shirt now for most brands that claim they keep the colour in whilst looking after your hair. These products were sent to me by Capital Hair & Beauty, a online supplier of Hair and Beauty products for professionals only. They’ve been around for 60 years providing Salon Services at trade prices. I was so shocked to see how affordable everything was on the site, including all of this haircare. The Wella Professionals Brilliance Shampoo* (Fine/Normal) at £6.90 for 1000ml is an absolute bargain. It’s easily become my most reached for shampoo as it’s very cleansing, nourishing and most of all, it doesn’t strip my colour. Sure, the water still runs red, that’s a given, but it does so without my hair coming out ginger afterwards. The matching Wella Professionals Brilliance Conditioner* at £9.99 for 1000ml is absolutely heavenly. I haven’t been using my usual hair masks for quite a while now, so between the conditioner, Wella Professionals Brilliance Leave-In Balm* and the Wella Professionals Brilliance Mask (Fine/Normal)* my hair has actually been softer and healthier than ever. Despite not having it cut in quite some time. It feels healthier and shiner.
Below are pictures from a couple weeks ago, right up to last weekend where my hair was only dyed once, as opposed to the usual 3 times. It’s shiny, glossy, vibrant and RED. (These photos are also sneak peeks of future posts, shhh.)
Wella Brilliance range, red hair, georgina grogan, Junarose dress, MSSVG
Wella Brilliance range, red hair, georgina grogan, Wella Brilliance range, red hair, georgina grogan,


The Leave in Balm is literally sprayed onto damp hair and then styled accordingly. I like leaving it in when I’m just around the house as a little extra nourishment for my hair. At £7.75, it’s affordable enough to keep up with as you can definitely notice the results. As for the Brilliance mask, I didn’t think I’d fine a hair mask that I loved quite as much as my previous one, however, a little goes a very long way with this gem. A 100ml pot has so far done 2-3 applicators of just applying it on my tips and lighting everywhere else. I apply it to dry hair as I feel it does a lot more than way as there isn’t the water there as a barrier. The mask is £7.30 making it a great price and product! Lastly, I received the Wella Professionals Colour Recharge Conditioner Red* at only £4.95, I normally find products that brighten the colour and need to be applied on red hair to be messy and not give amazing results. However, I disobeyed the rules and applied this on my less than red roots and on dry hair to see if it would do anything. To my surprise it actually did! It evened out my hair perfectly and therefore I will only be using this on dry hair.
Red Hair can be controlled, it just takes time and effort to find the products that work for you. I’m still not 100% there, but I won’t be changing my colour anytime soon. So, until next time I hope that this post, and my post on How to Maintain Red Hair, might help some of you. Good luck with your red haired days.


  • Mary

    Oh my goodness, your hair colour is gorgeous. I’ve just recently gone red, two weeks ago in fact and although I love it, it definitely fades fast. I’ve been using the Color Freeze range from Schwarzkopf which is also really good. Like you I used to wash my hair everyday or every other day but now I can go 3 days without washing my hair, AND it looks good!

    Mary // beautyonthecheap.net

    • It’s so surprising when you can get away with not washing it for longer! x

  • Laura

    I’m actually hyperventilating reading this, I’ve just gone a gingery colour which Is hard to maintain to as it fades so quick, but I’ve used a Wella color charm dye I ordered from America and it was pretty food, your hair is amazing and I know you wouldn’t want that awful fade colour,

    Thank you so much for sharing


  • I’ve had red hair going on 6years now and recently have been considering a change just because fading hair is my worst nightmare and I can’t cope more than 2 days without a wash.
    I’ll totally be giving these a go, I’m not quiet ready to be blonde again so I’ll try anything these days.

  • I used to have red hair but had to give up as simply couldn’t maintain it. I tried so many different products but I swim at least 4 times a week and my hair was getting in a terrible state and simply didn’t hold the vibrancy it should have so back to boring old brown … sigh!


    • Ahhh I gave up swimming a long time ago, doubt I could go with my hair at all!

  • You’ve got gorgeous coloured hair, miss. I wear fake hair (weave and wigs) and keep meaning to try a bold new look (like blue or blonde), but always chicken out! 🙂

    • I did it very gradually to get used to it, I imagine that’s a little harder with wigs though!

  • Amy

    your hair is absolutely beautiful!! It really suits you!

  • Lauren Brown

    hi what colour is it that you use on your hair? its gorgeous x