Waterstones Blogger Murder Mystery: The Descendants.

I’m the type of girl that will look away from the uncut adverts for Horror Films late at night on TV, but when I heard about a Blogger Murder Mystery, I just had to get involved! This year Waterstones are back with a murder mystery that YOU have to solve. Myself and 4 other bloggers Becky, Daisy, Sian and Beth have been invited to a mysterious librarian’s house as we are the Descendants of Prolific Horror Writers but something just isn’t quite right. The storyline will unfold across our blogs and YOU have to find out who the culprit of the murders is to be in with the chance of winning £50 in Waterstones Vouchers! You can check out the @mysteryclues Twitter account to find out the latest evidence and to tweet your suggestions too! We’ll be using the hashtag #bloggermystery so make sure you keep up to date.
So, you’re probably wondering, how does the story start?
Waterstones Blogger Murder Mystery: The Beginning.
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Dear Diary,
Remember me? I’m sorry I haven’t written to you
in a while. As you can probably imagine from our last chat, I needed to take
some time out, time out from my thoughts and well, time out from everything.
I’ve been spending pretty much all of my time with Piku lately, more so now
it’s just us two in this little, old house. I’ve become one of those people,
you know, who let their dogs sleep in their bed. I know, I know, I did say I
would never do it… Her little floppy ears are just so comforting in the cold,
long, winter nights though, plus, she doesn’t snore, which is truly a God sent
for my restless nights. I guess I can justify it that way?
Anyway, we’ve been trying to venture out more into the town
and explore what everyone loves about it. I still haven’t found it yet. Even
though I did promise, I’ve only just managed to get further than the coffee
shop on the corner. It was, kind of emergency though, I needed a new book.
Throughout the winter, Piku and I have been laying down in front of the fire
whilst I read novel and pretend that it isn’t completely weird. Horrors have
definitely become our favourites; I even managed to guess the ending to the
last book we read, which, as you know, is a huge accomplishment for me. I’ve
always wanted to be one of those people who could guess the endings of books
and films, mainly to avoid jumping out of my skin every time.
I’m babbling on, aren’t I? You’re probably wondering what
brought me back, as clearly my life hasn’t been anything to write about lately.
Well Diary, whilst I was in the Library I noticed a strange elderly man, who
was sat in the corner, staring at me. He wasn’t the typical strange older man
who you may see every now and again. No, there was something about him that
made me feel a little on edge. Thinking nothing to it at the time, I headed
back outside with a couple new books to find a crowd of people, stroking and
fussing Piku. This was probably the only downside to having such an adorable
dog. I still hate the forced conversations and as always, I hastily manage to
walk away whilst making my excuses.
After the nightly bubble bath whilst Piku takes his position
on the floor beside me, followed by a steaming cup of overly sweet tea and
starting a new book in front of the fire. We retired to bed. The next morning
there was a knock of the letterbox from the mail carrier as he posted a strange
looking letter through the door. I say strange, as it wasn’t exactly the
typical envelope size, but smaller, and all hand written. I can’t remember the last
time I received a handwritten letter, so I was rather intrigued.
It turned out to be the most beautifully, ink written
invitation to a ‘Descendants of Prolific Horror Writers Night’ at a Librarian’s
House. Apparently, I am the descendant of some well known shot horror writer;
Mary Shelley and the librarian is keen to meet myself and meet the other
descendants of famous writers. Who, just so happened, to live in the area….
The thought of being around so many people would normally make me want to hide
in my bedroom for a couple of days instead, but there must be a reason why I
like horror stories so much? Maybe I have this inner gift of writing? Maybe
not, probably not, but I may as well go. After all, the promise of free food
wasn’t something that I should turn down…
The event has come around quicker than I ideally would have
preferred, as the days went on, I’ve become more and more nervous about the
event and going. However, I planned on putting on a fancier dress than usual
and, of course, taking Piku, people tend to notice her before me anyway, so l
thought it’d be a clever way to break the ice. As much as Piku and I love
walking, it was a little too far and in a rather decaying area of the town that
I haven’t even considered venturing to yet, so we ordered a cab.
The driver was the type of person who wanted to know
everything and anything, with the constant questions about why I would want to
be going to this particular house. I mumbled and played on my partial deafness
so I didn’t have to answer. It sounded too peculiar to say out loud, after all
receiving an anonymous letter and actually going to a stranger’s house had
danger signs all over it. I knew that, but my mind wandered too much to let my
thoughts get the best of me. The drive up was dark, cold, and like any decent
horror scene, raining. I couldn’t see much around me, but I did head out a
little late and it has become awfully dark fast since setting off. The driver
seemed less than impressed that I wanted him to take me right up to the door,
somehow, walking in the rain through the terrifyingly, scary looking gate and
up the pitch black road to the house didn’t appeal to me at all.
On the drive from the gate to the door, it was clear it was
going to be some kind of huge and imposing house, but I didn’t expect a mansion
of this magnitude. I was a little speechless and proceeded to knock on the
grand door. Within seconds of my last knock, the door opened and it was the
same elderly gentleman from the library. It makes sense when recollecting it,
he obviously must have known who I was and that’s why he was staring so
intensely? Not wanting to mention our previous, well, encounter, I introduced
myself and held out my hand. Usually, the other person would quickly take your
hand and welcome you in, instead, the librarian simply took one look at me, and
then looked at Piku… the door then opened a little wider, so I took the hint
and we stepped in.
He lead us into the parlour where everything looked to be in
full swing and the other ‘descendants’ quickly saw Piku and began to fuss her.
Through the awkward introductions and constant attention for Piku, we didn’t
notice that the librarian had wondered off at some point and just carried on
talking the night away. We laughed about how ‘Descendants’ made us feel like
some sort of special human breed, which I quite liked the sound of. Hours
passed before the Librarian finally returned to inform us that our rooms had
been made up…I wasn’t aware that this was an overnight event but seen as nobody
else spoke up, or seemed surprised by this (at least not on the outside) I
followed along with Piku and listened whilst the Librarian told us more about
himself and his book collection, the house and why us being ‘descendants’ meant
that he just had to meet us. But more on that tomorrow…
I’m now laid in one of the most beautiful and extravagant
rooms I have ever seen, in a stranger’s house, in a stranger’s bed, awaiting
for sleep to descend on me. Piku seems happy at least, the bed is pretty comfy,
and I’m actually enjoying being around other people.
Until tomorrow,
 – G x