Veil Cover Cream

Recently, Veil Cover took to twitter to ask beauty bloggers to review their products and fortunately I was chosen! In the mail came a little parcel containing a light/medium sample kit with so many different tones and colours it was unreal. There definitely is a tone to suit everyone’s skin tone, wherever on their body!

Veil Cover Cream

I had been trying to use it to cover up spots and a recent rash from an allergic reaction to life, however I was failing miserably. Veil cover is much better to use on scars and tattoos so when my friend Jamie came round to cut my mum’s hair, I got to work on covering up the tattoo on her wrist. I had already used up the colours that would have suited her more, as veil cover is FANTASTIC to contour with as there are so many shades. So it did look a little orange for her skin, but it covered up brilliantly and surprised us both.

Veil Cover Cream covering a tattoo

Veil cover also has cancelling shades like purples and greens depending on what you’re covering up but they were not in the sample kit meaning it was a little more difficult. Basically you put a thick layer on cream on, set it with powder and repeat until the area is completely covered and blended. However as you can imagine, this can sometimes look ‘overdone’ and ‘caked’, I guess it’s just a practice makes perfect product.

Veil Cover is a fantastic product that literally changes people’s lives as they can hide their insecurities and feel more confident. I definitely think if you’re a makeup artist that you need something like this in your kit as it’s incredible versatile. It also makes a seriously good concealer.