Vegan Cuts Beauty Box, January 2014

Beauty boxes are something I have turned my back on after a rather disappointing turnout from Birchbox, but when Vegan Cuts contacted me I just couldn’t resist. Finding Vegan beauty products isn’t always an easy thing to do, so having a selection of products from different vegan brands sent to your door every month really opens your eyes to how many brands out there do offer vegan products. Vegan Cuts Beauty Box ($19.95) ranges from 4-7 items, with free shipping!

vegan cuts beauty box january 2014

The products in my box were quite unusual but I have found a new favourite. First off I received probably the strangest item I am yet to see, Dew Puff pure plant fiber sponge ($7). It’s basically a sponge that you can keep to up to 3 months, you can add a cleanser to it or use it alone to wash your face. It feels super soft and it does actually get off most of your base makeup, however the idea of the sponge is a little strange to me as I’m not sure how bacteria wouldn’t grow in it….

I found the Aubrey Organics Detangler ($9.95) to be absolutely fantastic, it didn’t add any kind of feel to the hair meaning as little or as much could be sprayed. However, the smell wasn’t very pleasant at all which was really disappointing and a little off putting.

The OFRA Long Lasting Liquid Lipstick (£19.95) smells incredible, like chocolate and is very moisturising but turns into kind of a lip stain which can easily be built up. The only downside is the product design, when you go to close the lipstick excess product spills out of the lid, which is messy and wasteful. There were 2 sample sachets in my beauty box but unfortunately I didn’t seem to get on with either, often in packets like this I don’t think there’s enough to fully try it to make your mind up.

But something I have more than enough of, despite using it constantly, is the Pit Paste ($8.95). I have incredibly sensitive underarms which means I have to be awfully careful when using anything there, this however is made from shea butter and coconut oil. This means the smell is subtly beautiful, and the ingredient prevent any odours without damaging the skin at all.

vegan cuts beauty box january 2014

Even without the sample sachets it is incredibly good value for money and if you have a vegan lifestyle, I definitely recommend you try it out, see Vegan Cuts’ website for more.