GIVEAWAY Veet Hair Removal, Which is the Best Method?

I would say there’s no right or wrong way to go about hair removal, but of course there’s some terrible ways that you could potentially go about it. It’s definitely always better to stick to a well known brand who knows what they’re doing and for me, I go to Veet‘s Hair Removal Products. Shaving isn’t always the best option if you need to stay smooth for more than a day, and even though tactical and fact shaves might seem like the best option, it’s not always fun having abused looking legs from shaving so often. Believe me, I rock the over shaved leg look from just not having time, but when I do have time, boy do my legs look good!


So, what did I think to the different types of hair removal methods?Veet® EasyWax™ Electrical Roll-On Kit – Sensitive Skin, around £30
Contains: Self Heating Device, 50ml roll on wax, 12 strips, 4 finishing wipes
Preparation: 20-30 minutes
Time: 1 hour
Results: Almost perfect!
Pain level: OUCH x 5
Difficultly: Two man team needed
When to use: These are ideal for when you need your legs smoother for longer

I love the idea of hot wax as I know that’s the best wax to go about hair removal in the safest possible way. It hurts like hell, let’s not pretend here, it’s seriously painful but the results were really lovely. Sure, I missed a couple hairs here and there, but you couldn’t tell at all and overall to have smooth legs for a couple days, it was definitely worth it. I had Alfie pull the strips off, and I would definitely recommend having someone to help. I definitely couldn’t brave myself to pull them well enough. You have to remember with waxing that you are causing quite a trauma to your skin, so it will become red and angry looking, waxing the day you’re going out is basically a no no. A day later though and you’re absolutely fine.
Veet Natural Inspirations® Wax Strips 20s, around £6.99
Contains: 20 strips, 4 finishing wipes
Preparation: None
Time: 1 hour
Results: Almost perfect!
Pain level: OUCH x 4
Difficultly: Two man team needed
When to use: These are ideal for when you need your legs smoother for longer
I’d definitely say that these are in no way easier with the pain or difficultly, they just take a lot less time to prepare as you simply take off one side and you’re ready! Slightly easier in pain as the hot wax does text to slightly pull the hairs as you apply it which can hurt too.
Preparation: None
Time: 10 minutes
Results: Nearly perfect!
Pain level: 0
Difficultly: It’s just difficult to not knock any of it and get it all over your hair.
When to use: When you have free time to just stand around and not touch anything
If the pain of waxing and effort of shaving is too much, creams are perfect for those times. But they do make life difficult as you don’t want to knock any of it off, and you certainly don’t want your house to smell like hair removal cream. I’d say this is perfect to use when you’re dying your hair and know you’re going to be stood up for a while in the bathroom where you can’t harm anything.


Basically, it just depends on how long you need to be smooth for, if at all, and what your pain levels are. For me, I’m only going to wax again when I’ve got shoots/events together!


I’m also giving away the same products in the above photo, see the Rafflecopter below on how to enter, good luck!


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  • Waxing doesn’t bother me all that much when it’s done professionally but home waxing – OUCH. It’s so uncomfortable and painful and I never get as good results as I would from the salon! I don’t mind hair removal creams but the mess can be frustrating, I’ve lost many a bathroom rug to hair removal creams and have left it on too long in the past too – oh the BURNING! And don’t even mention what happens when it goes ‘somewhere’ it shouldn’t!! *tears*

    Sarah 🙂

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  • Rosy Flynn

    I’ve never tried wax, I’m always terrified it’ll finish me off with the pain haha

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  • Waxing always goes wrong for me! It always gets stuck to my legs haha! I need a new razor as well, I’m cutting my legs so much at the moment! Ahh the joy of being a girl!

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  • Honestly, I’m soooo bad at shaving that I barely bother anymore because it grows back so quickly. I’d definitely be eager to try waxing because I’ve never done it before and I have a feeling the grow back won’t be as bad as shaving for me

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    I have always been a massive fan of hot wax, simply because they last very long and feels smooth and great, Im expecting twins and so would love to win this prize as hair is the last thing I want to worry about when I go in to labour xx

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    I prefer waxing to shaving but usually go to a salon. It would be great to be able to try this at home.

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    I’d like to win as I haven’t used Veet products since I was really young and my Mum wouldnt let me shave and made me use the veet cream. So I’d be interested to see how they are a good 15 years on!!

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