Valley Centertainment Sheffield – Fun for all the family!

I first heard about these Valley Centertainment events a couple of months ago and they sounded amazing. Valley Centertainment Sheffield is basically an entertainment park near Meadowhall with a bowling alley, Cineworld, restaurants, fast food places, laser quest, mini gold, and a children’s play center. It has it all and it’s one of the places to go in Sheffield to have some family fun. Alfie and I were invited to the latest one last week and immediately I thought, ‘OMG yes!’ and then started looking on the websites to see no information on disabled access and I panicked. It’s so hard going out to new places when there’s no information but Jade from Carousel PR found everything out for me to put my mind at rest and I was so grateful as it’s honestly one of the funnest events I’ve ever been to!

We started off at Paradise Island, mini golf and as we couldn’t do the upstairs course due to my chronic pain, we did the more difficult one downstairs and it was such a blast. Jack from Carousel PR was suspiciously very good, but we did turn this into a joke where we all just walked off after his second, or third hole in one, haha! Matthew from Leeds Dad came second and I came very close behind third. We’ll not talk about Alfie as it wasn’t his most impressive show… At just £8 per course for adults or £24 for a family of 4, it’s a great way to have some fun.

valley centertainment sheffield, georgina groganvalley centertainment sheffield, georgina grogan valley centertainment sheffield, georgina grogan

After Paradise Island we headed to Nandos for a what was going to be a round of Wings Roulette, a bunch of differently spiced wings where you have to be brave and lucky not to get the hottest one. As there were only 4 of us, and Matthew and I don’t like hot food, the lovely people at Nando’s made us some plain ones too.

valley centertainment sheffield

Laser questing is something I had on my list of things to do ‘when I got better’, back when everyone thought I was going to get better, and I really didn’t think it’d be something I’d get to do again. But after Jade confirmed that there was a lift, and no stairs when you were inside, I couldn’t wait to try it out! I will admit, I felt like I was going to die halfway through as the pack and gun you have to wear and carry are seriously heavy, but it was worth it for how much fun we had! I actually won (out of us) which really surprised me. It’s not something I’d be able to do regularly because of the flare up it caused afterwards, but once every couple of months for a special occasion? Definitely!  Laser Quest Sheffield is just £4.50 per game which is such an awesome price!

valley centertainment sheffield, georgina grogan valley centertainment sheffield

Next up it was time for our mains and drinks at Frankie & Benny’s, one of my favourite places! When I was younger my dad was actually doing the plumbing for them which meant we were there every other weekend as they’d really look after us and we knew them all. It was such a lovely time, we would go bowling and then to F&Bs for food, Valley Centertainment has always been a popular place for my family. We were meant to be making some cocktails but as we were running behind, we stuck to drinking them and eating. I ordered the BBQ Chicken and Ribs and it was amazing, so huge and so delicious.

valley centertainment sheffield

We ended the night at Cineworld, we were meant to be in a 4DX cinema but I got confused (brain fog is great) and forgot that you can’t go in with back problems, so instead they changed us over to the usual screen instead with no fuss at all. We watched Blade Runner and it’s a good film but it was late after a long day and dragging a little so we skipped out early. We both like Ryan Gosling and Alfie was really excited when Harrison Ford, but we can watch the ending on Amazon in a couple weeks or even a month or two!

I wanted something super comfortable to wear and so I went with my favourite Simply Be Skirt, as I soon as I saw this land on the website I bought it immediately and it’s definitely one of my best purchases. My Boohoo harness body, just something simple, and my favourite Navabi coat.

Navabi, georgina grogan

Have you been to Valley Centertainment Sheffield before? What’s your favourite thing to do there?

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