Valentine’s Day with Yours Clothing – Youtube Tutorial!

Recently I was asked by Yours Clothing to put together a Valentine’s Day outfit and makeup tutorial and I must say, I had quite a lot of fun. Usually I avoid talking in my videos because my sarcasm is a lot of effort to edit out, but I attempted the whole Youtuber thing this time and I think I did a good job…….
Yours Clothing currently have nearly everything in the sale, which meant I tried to review something that I knew would be around long enough for people to actually buy if they liked it. Thankfully, it was also the dress I’ve had my eye on for a little while. The ‘Teal Embellished Strapless Bustier Dress With Dipped Hem’ at £40.  With recent accidental weightless (which you can read about in my Gym post) and the fact that Yours Clothing always came up that tad too big on me in a 22, I asked for a 20 instead and the fit was pretty good! I could have probably snuck into an 18 if my boobs were being kind enough, and that’s simply because there’s an elastic back to really ensure you’re in there and secure.
Valentine's Day with Yours Clothing, georgina grogan, she might be loved
With a strapless dress and boobs of my size (somewhere around a 38G and 40FF), I knew I would struggle to wear a normal bra or any strapless bra I own with this, however, Curvy Kate came to the rescue. When I think of strapless bras, I think of them straight away as they’ve had everyone absolutely raving over their new strapless and I now know why. It’s absolutely remarkable, I have quite wide set boobs so it doesn’t help with pushing them back together, but instead, it keeps them exactly where they should be. They’re secure, perky, a great shape and best of all, I don’t have to pull my bra up constantly! They didn’t have the bra in my size in black, which meant my pale skin didn’t look the best, but I thought a quick picture was still necessary…
Valentine's Day with Yours Clothing, georgina grogan, she might be loved
I didn’t receive the glittery waterfall cardigan that I originally wanted to style with this dress, but instead a rather thick lace one which was in the sale, I can’t see it around anymore so I’m assuming it has sold out, but there’s plenty that this dress would suit so I wouldn’t worry too much. If it’s a little warmer, the dress looks amazing on its own too!
Valentine's Day with Yours Clothing, georgina grogan, she might be loved
Anyway, I hope you all enjoy the video and don’t forget to let me know what you think!
*Clothes and Bra are PR samples for the purpose of this video