Valentine’s Day Makeup

I’m a little late on the Valentine’s Day Makeup look but to make up for it, here’s two different looks! For Valentine’s Day I immediate think of pinks and reds, but unfortunately pinks really don’t suit me as they either make me look ill, or 12. Therefore I’ve stuck to red for both of my looks. First up is a vintage cut crease eye, long luscious eyelashes, a contoured face of course and a matte red lip. I didn’t get the best photo of it as the first photo is just before I finished my hair, and the second photo is when I got back in.

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These are Red Cherry eyelashes that where actually extremely disappointing as some lashes fell off as I was trying to take them off the plastic, which I’ve never known before, not even with Primark lashes! (Yes Primark do eyelashes, and yes they’re actually quite good) Despite this, I used one of my favourites mascaras from Envyderm to gel my eyelashes to the fake ones a create a much more natural look. They’re not lashes that completely go across the lid, but they’re not half lashes either, more like midi ones. Other products used:
Smashbox Photo Finish Primer.
MAC Studio Fix NW10.
Collection 2000 Powder.
Collection 2000 concealer.
MUA Matte Eyeshadow Palette ‘Fade’ to contour & eyes.
Max Factor’s Natural Glow Blush.
Envyderm Mascara.
Envyderm Eyeliner.
MAC’s Eyeshadow Gesso.
MAC’s Fluidline Dipdown.
MAC’s Ruby Woo mixed with Lush’s Decisive.

valentines day makeup, shemightbeloved, celebrity boutique lashes]

Next up I was lucky enough to be sent some gorgeous Chelsea Beautique lashes (No 4, £18)*. Seen as they’re much thicker and dramatic I decided to go for more of a night-time look. The eyelashes seem to be doubled up with a thick black line meaning you could wear them alone, if you’re good at getting close to the lash line, as the line would easy work at looking like eyeliner. Or you could easily add eyeliner and this is what I did. I basically kept everything the same, just a brighter red lip (More Decisive from Lush) but made the eyes a lot heavier. I achieved this with the beautiful Cheslea Beautique Lashes, Envyderm’s mascara and eyeliner and Max Factor’s Kohl pencil.

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A perfect way to finish off a Valentine’s Day Makeup look is with a bright red nail, I’ve been wearing L.M.B’s Red Gloss Nail Varnish* in 38 (£5), which is the perfect colour to accompany a red lip. At a really affordable price, it’s a fast drying, one coat only type of varnish that is perfect if you’re in a rush. Or like me, move around a lot when you’ve just painted your nails.

I absolutely love Valentine’s Day whether I’m with someone or not as it’s an excuse to dress up and be with people you love, and buy yourself things, that’s always a plus side too.
I hope you all have a good Valentine’s Day!