Valentine’s Day in York

After a crazy week of being featured in the Huffington Post, Sheffield Star, Sheffield Telegraph, Good Housekeeping amongst various other places, a trip to York for Valentine’s Day was definitely the most perfect ending to one of the most exciting weeks yet. York is probably my favourite city for so many reasons, but most of all because it’s truly beautiful. Alfie and I had a very rememberable time, we found the cutest and quirkiest little places, and had plenty of giggles. York was full of things to do, and we decided to go on a Chocolate making class at York Cocoa House, a Valentine’s Meal at Jamie Oliver’s Italian Restaurant, spent way too much time in a beer shop, walk the castle walls, get lost heading to the Shambles and overall we had an incredible stay at Hedley House hotel.
Hedley House was literally a 10 minute walk away from everywhere we wanted to be and see, and to make things better, the walk was full of stunning building for us to ‘ooooh’ and ‘awww’ at. Of course for Valentine’s Day I wore my beautiful Scarlett and Jo Fishtail dress that I am very happy to say, it did impress. I didn’t manage to take too many photos, as to be honest, I was too busy enjoying myself, but I did want to share the shots I managed to take including a pretty beautiful night shot whilst rather tipsy…..




Even though Alfie is a blogger himself, he doesn’t particularly like selfies or photos being taken of him, however, I think I managed to capture that handsome face rather well. (I plan on teaching him the art of selfie.) He’s also a Craft Beer blogger which meant I have now learnt the art of keeping pale ale fresh, which I find hilarious, and the best places for Pale Ale in York.


The night finished with laughing our freezing bottoms off, eating sandwiches on the platform and drinking Starbucks. It was perfect. Thank you for an incredible weekend.


  • Peridot

    That’s a lovely dress but I couldn’t work out which one it was – could you please let me have a link or point me in the right direction?

    Also next time you’re in York you must try The House of Trembling Madness – for the beer and for the crazy name!

    • Replied back to your email hun, it’s scarlett and jo from evans 🙂

      • Peridot

        So sorry to bombard you. I wrote the comment and it seemed to have disappeared – hence the email.

        I’ve ordered it….

  • Lucy Johns

    Aww such great pictures, it looks like you had a brilliant time! I love York too, I went the weekend before Valentines Day to meet a few of my galfriends, we had such a fab time. York is quite local to me, so I should make an effort to go more!

    Love Lucy x

  • Beautiful location 😛

  • York is a very beautiful place with some lovely old buildings. I filmed there for a programme called Knifeman and it’s easy to see why they chose York for a period shoot. We did get some very strange looks walking through the streets of York in full period costume though and it was very surreal when the naked bike ride went past us! x

    Becky @ The Little Blog of Beauty

  • It looks like you had a lovely weekend and I’m glad you enjoyed York! I hope you enjoyed the York Cocoa House too!

  • Laura

    What a pretty place, and he’s a handsome devil your other half and he looks like he’s lovely to, your a handsome couple, well done on all your success of late to xx