Useful Things I Do & Use To Help Chronic Pain

Seen as you all wanted more posts on chronic pain, I thought that writing about the useful things I do & use to help chronic pain would be a great idea! I’ve spent a fortune over the years on pretty much anything anyone has ever suggested to me. Different things work for different types of pain, and different pain levels, so I’ve acquired quite the bunch of things that I’ll use occasionally to help take the edge off. If you haven’t seen on my Twitter & Instagram, my latest over the top purchase for my pain is a hot tub! That’ll be up and running by the end of the month and I’ll definitely let you all know how helpful it is with chronic pain.

Hot & Cold Gels

Help Chronic Pain
Biofreeze, Forever Living, and Polar Frost are all brands I’ve tried, buyed, and continue to use. These work by either heating up, or freezing the area of pain. Some of them have anti-inflammatory properties, most don’t feel like they’ve done anything for the pain than make you cold for 10 minutes. Either way, they provide a great distraction. I don’t use these as much as I could as the areas I need it on cause me pain to get to myself, but when I do have them on it’s usually at night to get to sleep.

Vitamin Tablets

I found out a couple months ago that my vitamin D and folic acid levels were really really low, which could have been contributing to how rubbish I was feeling at the time. I went on a really high dose of vitamin D for 14 weeks, and since then I’ve continued to take ones that I’ve bought myself. My entire body is in pain so I can’t say I’ve noticed a difference, but even if it has slightly lifted my moods, it’s a great help, and very affordable help! If you’re in the house a lot like me, I’d definitely recommend taking some vitamin tablets, sometimes it’s the small things that can make a big difference!

Tens Machine

itens machine, Help Chronic Pain

The Body Clock iTENS – Revolutionary Wireless Bluetooth TENS Machine is indeed very impressive, and very modern. At £99.95 it’s definitely a pricier device, my first tens machine was around £15! This is a bluetooth enabled wireless machine that works on both iphone and android phones. Tens machines work by using tiny electrical signals that stop pain signals from reaching your brain, they also help release endorphins too! It can be quite painful at first, so you do have to start off really slow and work your way up. This device offers 24 hours per charge which is amazing! Unfortunately I found the device and instructions really confusing, and ended up breaking mine after the first use, so I would definitely recommend watching a video and being really careful with the ‘flaps’.

Invest in a Mattress

Help Chronic Pain

If you can afford it, investing in a good mattress will help a lot. I spend most of my time in bed, I even work in bed from time to time, which means I needed a supportive mattress. Thankfully, I got to review an Eve and I absolutely love it. It did take a while, at first the tough, firm mattress made me want to cry so we got a very thick and cushioning mattress topper (idea if you can’t afford a new mattress just yet), to help soften the blow. A couple months down the line and I no longer need the topper. I’ve found that in hotels I always prefer a tougher mattress now and the more squishy ones make me SO uncomfortable. There are tonnes of choices, but I’d definitely say to spend as much as you can afford to as a good mattress can last up to 10 years!
Be sure to read my post on the Eve here

Heat Pad

Heat pads are amazing, especially in the winter time. I sleep really well anyway but when I’ve over done it and I can’t get comfortable, the highest setting on my heat pad, combined with the blow of my fan really help to comfort me in no time. I wake up feeling better, and if it’s a really bad night where I wake up during the night, I simply pop it back on (most have a self timer and turn themselves off after a few hours for health and safety reasons). I think I paid £30 for mine from Argos and it’s definitely been one of the best buys. I’ve considered taking it on trains with me but I’m yet to do it, probably one day! I hear electric blankets are just as comforting too, and you can buy bigger or smaller heat pads, mines just a small square.

Comfortable Clothes

Help Chronic Pain

I’ve started wearing slightly looser bras by finding my sister size and going up a band, it’s a lot easier on my back and I find that I can stay out longer if I’m wearing a more comfortable bra. I don’t bother with shapewear anymore at all, and instead I always wear Chaffree. No chafing, very comfortable and lightweight, plus I can get them off and on easily. I  basically don’t get ready for fun, it takes too much energy and I wouldn’t be able to get as much work done if I spent time every morning to get dressed.



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