Urban Veda Natural Skincare

I was introduced to Urban Veda with their Rose & Botanics Reviving Renewal Night Cream, I’m now more than half way through the pot and I am hooked. I love putting creams on at night but more often than not with my oily skin, I break out in spots from too much moisture. This isn’t the case with Urban Veda, even though it’s meant to be for slightly older and dryer skin than mine, it works wonders. Obviously like always with anti-ageing cream the description is about collagen…. ‘uplift waning skin by applying this facial refining concentrated night cream containing hydrating flower waters, organic and collagen-boosting extracts. Rich in antioxidants and essential fatty acids, Omega-rich bio-oils combine to help relax and improve the appearance of fine lines, restoring suppleness and elasticity.’ I’m really not going to go into why having collagen in a product doesn’t add more collagen to your actual collagen under your skin again, because I’m getting bored of saying it. BASICALLY this is just a really amazing cream, I’m 21, I can tell you absolutely nothing of wrinkles of fine lines, but I can tell you that I wake up and I have incredible looking skin, it isn’t overly oily and it doesn’t break me out. It’s a huge thumbs up for me and when I’m in the market for another night cream, this is definitely on my list to consider.

Urban Veda Natural Skincare Urban Veda Natural Skincare


From the night cream I moved onto the body care and I’m half impressed, mainly because of my own preferences though. I love a good scrub, I’ve probably wrote that line a billion times. The Reviving Body Scrub (£12.99) has too much liquid and not enough scrub for my liking, meaning that it doesn’t really scrub much at all. Instead it’s meant to be more moisturising and it definitely is. Definitely a miss from me as it’s not really an exfoliator at all. The Reviving Body Wash (£12.99) is thankfully rather amazing and it definitely makes up for the scrub. In fact I’d go as far as saying this feels more like a skin conditioner than a body wash as it really is that beautifully moisturising, to the point where Alfie is stealing it constantly. It’s definitely an amazing product to use in the bath or shower if you have dryer skin as it locks in the moisture and doesn’t strip the skin of any natural oils.

Every product on Urban Veda has a list of how many botanical extracts, actives and bio-oils that are in the product and they show you this before you even read more about it! The last product I’ve tried from this company is the Reviving Body Lotion at £14.99. This is a beautiful omega-rich cream with collagen to fill out any fine lines around the body and improve hydration overall. It also contains Ayurvedic oils which is traditionally used to reduce cellulite through massage.


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