The Perfect Valentine’s Day Gift – Ultimate Wine Glass from Getting Personal #ad

I can honestly say I’ve never been as excited to receive a parcel, partially because the box was huge and I love cardboard boxes. I know it sounds weird but whenever there’s a parcel and the box is big enough for me to get inside, I will get inside it! Anyway…. the contents of the box is obviously the best part as this is the Ultimate Wine Glass. Nope, your eyes are not deceiving you, this is the biggest wine glass I have ever seen or had the pleasure of owning.

The Ultimate 18L Giant Wine Glass from Getting Personal holds a massive amount of 24 bottles of wine! That’s a serious amount. A week’s worth of wine!? I joke, but seriously, that is a lot of wine! The glass retails at £79.99 and it’s such a great buy as you can use this glass for SO many things. A couple options I’ve demonstrated in this post. 

1 – Drink from it

Whether you actually want to put 24 bottles of wine in it, or make a HUGE fishbowl the options are endless. You could even use it as an ice cooler for cans and other drinks for a party.

Ultimate Wine Glass from Getting Personal
2 – Bath Bomb Stash

Obviously something so decorative and fun needs to contain things that are equally as fun, and so I filled the glass with my entire bath bomb and bubble bar stash. I think it looks amazing and if you have a safe corner for the glass, I’d definitely say to leave this on display!

Ultimate Wine Glass from Getting Personal

3 – Decorative

The last thing I did with the glass it to add lights and anything sparkly. I was running short on the lights but I think the glass would look amazing with some warm toned fairy lights filling the entire bowl!

Ultimate Wine Glass from Getting Personal
I’m so impressed with the quality of the Ultimate Wine Glass, the size (obviously), and how many things it can be used for! It’s truly something to make your decor stand out, to make a love one laugh, and to ensure your party guests always get drunk! What would you use the glass for?

This post is a paid collaboration with Getting Personal but all words and views are my own.