Trying Something Different With Navabi

It’s not that I’m not confidence, if anything sometimes I think I ooze a little too much confidence, it’s just that when you get to know your body and your shape you seem to only pick the items that you know will look the best on you. Once you find your confidence with clothes I do think that some of us get stuck and stick to what we know, rarely branching out. For a year I’d pretty much only wear one brand and the same style of clothes and now I’m free, I’m having so much fun with fashion. Even if things don’t become my new favourite outfit that I wear constantly, I’ve still tried a different look, a different style and rocked it simply because I’m confident in myself. I’m not afraid of colour, how can I be with how bright my hair is? But yellow and I have never been friends. Growing up yellow, orange, and just in general anything bright and bold was a big no-no for plus women. I’m only 21 and I literally had nowhere to shop for my age and size as a teen, I had to wear my mum’s clothes instead and try to make them my own. The brighter clothes in the fat shops were always the unshapely tents but now plus size brands are embracing that women do want colour and so, it’s becoming a hell of a lot more fashionable.

Navabi Manon Baptiste Jersey Wrap Dress Navabi Manon Baptiste Jersey Wrap Dress Navabi Manon Baptiste Jersey Wrap Dress Navabi Manon Baptiste Jersey Wrap Dress
When this Manon Baptiste Jersey Wrap Dress arrived I thought it was far too bright and that I’d never like it on, but we were so wrong and the reaction from a quick snap tells me that I’m wrong too. With Navabi and because they stock higher end brands I always size up to a 22 and I find them a perfect fit. The Manon Baptise wrap dress is ridiculously high quality, as always with Navabi, it’s what you expect. It’s a super thick, but comfortable fit where the tie belt comes around and back through a hold in the back so you can tie it as tight or as loose as you like. It’s an elasticated, stretchy fabric too but you don’t want to pull this too much as it’ll ruin the wrap shape. The V neck was a tad too low for me but as you can adjust it, I have done so for these photos. In the future I’ll just need to wear a plunge bra instead.

At £129 the Manon Baptiste dress is everything you’d expect and more. It’d be absolutely perfect on one of those breezy summer days as the fabric is heavy enough not to move in the wind and you wouldn’t want a super hot day as it is thick, quality material. I love how it looks and once again Navabi have impressed. I’ve got quite a few more exciting posts coming up with Navabi so stay tuned….
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  • Hayley Ann Stewart

    Oh god I love this on you. That shade is like a mix between chartreuse and mustard – both colours I love with red hair as they remind me of mustard and ketchup together (in the best possible way!). You look yummy is what I am trying to say. And I can totally see the quality!