Tropical Butterfly House, Sheffield

This year I was determined to have a fabulous birthday, surrounded with the best group of friends, I decided to plan several different events to celebrate. Rachel, who I’ve turned into a Demon in the past, proposed to take me to the Tropical Butterfly House. I had only been once before when I was very little and I didn’t remember it much at all. The car journey alone made my day, as we are hilarious, but when we arrived it was absolutely beautiful. Situated in a wide open field, the views were so tranquil.


Tropical Butterfly House

It is mostly outdoors and there is a little walk to all the different enclosures, however the scenery is made even more enjoyable with ‘Fairy Village’ and different reindeer cutouts for the festive season. It just adds a little more excitement between the main events. Rachel and I pretty much ran to the meerkats as we bought mealworms to feed them and didn’t want to hold them for too long, as you can imagine it’s slightly worrying holding live insects. Rachel ended up just throwing her meal worms into the enclosure, whereas I decided to strategically feed the meerkats and treat the quiet ones as they were absolutely adorable and I want one.

meerkats at Tropical Butterfly House

Walking around there are lots of different activities to keep you entertained, like sensory boxes, an activity that Rachel literally ran to, was the speed test. Running from A to B to see how fast you are compared to animals. Rachel managed an impressive 14.8mph, whereas I do not run but posed anyway.

Tropical Butterfly House
Throughout the day there were scheduled events where you can hear more about the animals. We timed to go to Lemur Heights. Here we had a talk about Lemurs and watched them feed. We were incredibly close to them and stayed behind a little longer just to find out more. Just before the talk started a Peacock wandered into the Lemur enclosure, as we found out, Lemurs are incredibly territorial and proceeded to team up on the Peacock to intimidate it. They’re also quite menacing as they pulled the feathers of the bird and taunted it. I absolutely love the picture that I took as you can see the menacing nature of the Lemurs.  Paul, the man who gave the talk seemed incredibly passionate and beyond kind as he saw us taking pictures of each other and offered to take one of us both together. I love when people go the extra mile in customer service.

lemurs at Tropical Butterfly HousePaul shocked us by asking if we liked reptiles, to which I got overly excited and said, ‘We do now!’ Paul disappeared for a while and returned with two bearded dragons. They were very well behaved and made the picture amazing as well as the entire day. We couldn’t get over how nice Paul had been to do this for us.
holding lizards at Tropical Butterfly House

Butterfly House is a fantastic day out for kids, although I must say that we’re both 19 and it’s probably the best day out I’ve had in years. There’s so much to do and see for all ages. Here are some more pictures from the day. There were some beautiful, partially transparent butterflies that I have fallen in love with. If you look closely you can see them on the feeding board. We also decided to buy ourselves cake as it was Rachel’s birthday a few weeks before mine, so this was a combined celebration.

Tropical Butterfly House

So if you’re looking for a day out with children, or just wanting an inexpensive day out with friends, Tropical Butterfly House is fantastic. It cost us just under £10 each and provided hours of entertainment. I could easily imagine spending a full day there if we had arrived earlier. We also arrived at the Cafe a little later than the main serving, however the food was absolutely gorgeous and reasonably priced. Rachel and I are already planning our next day out and considering buying memberships!