My Top Plus Size Outfits of 2015

Obviously you all knew this post was coming, it’s time for my top plus size outfits of 2015. I’ve really kept up with keeping my wardrobe as fresh as possible this year and as soon as I’ve had something that I knew I wouldn’t wear again, I’ve either sold or gave it away. It doesn’t mean that my wardrobe is any less fuller for it, but it does mean that I’ve been able to find what I really consider as staples, or simply just amazing dresses that I cannot part with. This Summer, BBW Couture stole the show for me as I spent the entire summer months parading round in their colourful dresses and even worn them everyday in Rome, hence why there’s A LOT of them. I’ve really tried this year to look more casual when I needed to and in general just get out of my comfort zone, so this post does feature those outfits that are slightly different for me, but that I loved.

top plus size outfits of 2015


Das Rock Haus makes the cutest skirt ever in every single size imaginable. I love this skirt, it’s just incredible isn’t it? I really want a midi in the same colour and material for this summer, I think that’d look absolutely amazing. I also did a full review here.



The dress that was designed for me hits the stores! It’s an incredible and surreal moment walking into a store and seeing a dress that was designed for you, and it’s shockingly happened twice this year. I love this dress, it’ll always be one of my favourites. I just wish I would have had the sense to snap up an extra one of both of them as the lace is very easily pulled and mine are borderline unwearable. 



I fell in love with a ring and couldn’t stop wearing this dress everywhere. I really need more of this style as I could quite honestly live in them. 



BBW Couture Deer Dress, how cute is it? The only problem with BBW is that the dresses aren’t the best fit on boobies, but as I loved the patterns that much I normally would just stitch them before I went out in them. Full review here.



HOW FUN IS THIS DRESS? I really need to start wearing more out there things in 2016, I may even turn this into a skirt. Read the full review!


Okay another sneak peek of @bbwcoutureuk, so beautiful 😍❤️😍❤️ #psblogger #fblogger #plussize

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What can I say? This is just seriously SO beautiful. I hated it when I first saw it and then I wore it and yeah, the rest is history! Review here.


IMATS round 2! Wearing @bbwcoutureuk

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I’ve always wanted to try one of these styled vintage dresses where it has the extra detail on the chest and I loved it. One of the easiest dresses ever to wear. Full review here.


Rainy outfit of the day! Off to Lush Oxford street wearing @bbwcoutureuk! ❤️

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Pencil dress heaven. This is my client meeting dress and I absolutely love it. There’s of course a full review


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I really regret not keeping this dress, but it’s one of those that would have been super difficult to wear again. But whilst I had it, it wowed. Such a beautiful dress! Read about York Races.



This is another one of those power dresses, but instead with a little bit of fun. I’d love to glam this up to the max sometime, I mean glitter, a big belt and some heels.



Wearing @curvissa at @ukpsfw today!

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Wearing lingerie as clothes with Ann Summers shockingly made me find this mega cute outfit. I actually really love this, it’s a little dull with just being black, but I think it really has that fun element to it. There’s also a full review here.


This coat is life. I absolutely adore this incredible Navabi coat and it’s made me look so stylish wherever I have been.


This @navabifashion coat though 😍😍😍😍 #psblogger #plussize #fblogger #navabi #mynavabi

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I finally found a Lindybop dress that I love!! It was a long search that you can read about here.



And finally, my 21st birthday dress. I’ve always been a blue girl, but I really think I’m starting to have a thing for green. Another one of those dresses that will get a lot of wear, I might even attempt to glam up the shoulders like my other loved velvet. 



There we have it, my favourite outfits of 2015! What has been your favourite? Maybe I didn’t list it?

  • Absolutely gorgeous pics! You look incredible and I very much envy your style x

  • Darn it – I meant to buy that Studio 8 dress after seeing you in it but completely forgot!

    C xx

  • Hayley Ann Stewart

    So many lovely lovely dresses you babesome creature. Love it!