My Top Moments of 2015

I thought that 2014 was the best year of my life so far, and it’s mind blowing to think that I was actually wrong and instead it was definitely 2015. This passing year has been phenomenal. Obviously like everyone else, it’s not without it’s hiccups and unfortunately they have been big hiccups, but when I stop and think about everything I’ve achieved this year? Well, I’m impressed with myself! I’m not one for goals, especially when it comes to my blog and numbers and I’ve got this far without not having any, but I do have lots of things I want to do this year. My back, with the help of an osteopath, is slowly getting better and I’m feeling more myself and more motivated by the week (I can’t say day, as I’m not getting better quite that quickly unfortunately.) I really have high hopes for 2016, and so, I look back on 2015 with the help on Instagram so that these should all be in order and highlight my top moments, feel free to go back and check out my top moments of 2014 too.

    • Modelling for Scarlett & Jo for the first time at Home House with Nicky Rockets as the photographer.
    • Meeting Alfie for our first date the day after in Sheffield.
    • Being announced as the Face of Scarlett & Jo.
    • Being featured in The Sheffield Star, Good housekeeping, Huffington Post, and Sheffield Telegraph amongst others.
    • Spending Valentine’s Day in York for a few days with Alfie.
    • Asked to go on BBC Radio Sheffield to talk about myself and S&J.

Top Moments of 2015, she might be loved Top Moments of 2015, she might be lovedTop Moments of 2015, she might be loved

    • Presenting a talk on how to run a successful blog at NWBloggers event in Liverpool.
    • Meeting Majesty at the RSPCA Sheffield Event that I organised.
    • Spending a weekend in Liverpool with Alfie for Travelodge.
    • Finding out I was in Cosmopolitan Magazine by everyone tagging me on Twitter/Instagram.
    • My parent’s brought Majesty home and I got to spend a little time with her, but it didn’t work out and she had to go back.
    • Day out with mum in London where we finally met Hayley and Kat properly before heading to Lush Oxford Street for the best afternoon ever.

It turns out I’m in the new Cosmopolitan magazine! 😍❤️👌 #cosmopolitan #fbloggers #bodyconfidence #psbloggers #plussize

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Representing @scarlettandjo at #curvyconvention with my mummy!

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    • Being a boss at pizza making at the Think Money event, one of the best I’ve attended.
    • Jetting off to Rome and having the cutest time exploring with Alfie.
    • Having the most relaxing hot tub time at a Sykes Cottage, Old Corn Store.
    • Holding a shopping experience/meet & greet at Evans Meadowhall for S&J.
    • Being nominated for 3 awards in the plus size awards, one for best blogger, best fashion blog and then best achievement for becoming the face of S&J! I was also nominated for 2 other different awards last year.
    • Attending my first and certainly not the last, IMATS thanks to my amazing social media clients, Makeup Atelier Paris.

Tried to selfie at the colosseum with my Canon 😂 not bad though.

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Our weekend with @sykescottages is now live on #sykescottages #keighley #cottage #peacock #oldcornstore

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    • Cat walking the new collection at Style XL for S&J, I was in so much pain this day that I had to drop out of two other cat walks for two different companies and spend most of the day sat on the floor, but I had fun!
    • I filmed my first vlog and people actually liked it, it still makes me laugh now.
    • Attending York Races with Alfie for Dove, although we didn’t have a great time at the races as we didn’t know where to go, we headed into York and got drunk afterwards. The York wall whilst drunk? Never again.
    • Another amazing Think Money event but this time with a guest list of everyone I invited myself, mega babes.
    • Another S&J Shoot where Alfie was the photographer due to unforeseen circumstances but he did an amazing job and really did me proud.

This post is coming tomorrow 😍 @marriedtoageek @a_blokes_eyeview @dorkfaceblog @bttmirror ❤️❤️❤️❤️

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    • Alfie and I got the opportunity to review the BEST place in London, seriously.
    • After wowing the PR girls at the first Doncaster Ladies Day my mum and I attended, we were invited back before their ‘no plus one’ rule came in, but they still let my mum come and we both had an amazing time and met so many lovely ladies.
    • I covered my first UKPSFW for Curvissa and got to hang out with some of my favourite bloggers.
    • Halloween in general. Loads of motivation + photographer boyfriend? Yeah, I really loved this Halloween.
    • The Curve Fashion Fest was an amazing day, my parent’s have pretty much been to and worked at most events this year for S&J and this was the biggest. My mum loved helping the S&J stand and getting to see all her favourite bloggers too, whilst my Dad has been known to offer style advice!
    • Navabi invited me down for their first blogger event and I took my mum with me too, I can’t travel alone just yet as it’s too much. My mum is amazing at events and beyond polite when it comes to being offered a goodie bag, but this time Navabi actually told my mum to pick a designer item like the rest of the bloggers. Needless to say she’s a huge fan now as we both have fabulous coats.

Mega babes at @curvefashionfes #thecurvefashionfestival #THISISPLUS

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Mum’s wearing @igigistyle for #ladbrokesladiesday! ❤️😍

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Top Moments of 2015, she might be loved

  • This time modelling for S&J was a video shoot and at the same time I had to write, learn to read an autocue and pick all my guests I wanted as I was presenting the S&J Shows. I can’t say I’ve ever wanted to host/present, but people keep on telling me I did a good job, and that makes me happy!
  • Modelling SS16 S&J for Simply Be (clothes are out NOW) with Georgina Horne was such an amazing experience. Georgina is a pro when it comes to modelling but the whole experience there was so laid back and professional, I got to do my own makeup, hair if I wanted but I didn’t and then the photographer is probably one of the nicest people I’ve ever met. Georgina also has the best ways to get you to genuinely laugh for a photo on set, I felt so at ease it was amazing.
  • Everyone now and again when I can’t get to events with my favourite Leeds bloggers, we have to have a big catch up. I don’t see them enough and this particular day was a seriously bad one pain wise for me, so Faith took us back to her house, let me rest up and it was the only reason I made it through. Such an amazing friend.
  • I was approached by an agency and now I’m with The Influencers Agency!
  • After being invited to London by the french skincare brand Avene, Hayley and I planned an entire day together and even Evans invited us shopping. We vlogged the entire day and now I can’t wait to vlog with her again!

Food with @music_and_eyeliner @bigfashionista @sandpblog_ @beautiesunlocked @rosaleraeu ❤️

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These past few months I’ve taken a break out of travelling for events and just focussed on myself and family. I finally became a big girl and turned 21! We had an amazing time at the Grogan Family Christmas Party and I spent more time with friends or talking to them. This year has definitely been the year were Kat aka Murder of Goths has stole the show with her illustrations and so, I finish with my favourite one.

I wish you all a happy new year and thank you all so much for supporting She Might Be Loved for another year!

Top Moments of 2015, she might be loved

  • You have had such an amazing year! Anyone can see you work really hard and you deserve it. Well done! I loved reading your post – you should be so proud of everything you’ve achieved. Also, Happy New Year!

    Louise |

  • I am so glad to have met you this year, and so proud of all you have achieved, you are an inspiration and a wonderful friend. Love you x

  • Vintage Fee

    You must be so proud of the amazing year you’ve had – I can’t believe you got so much done!! Xx

  • Wow you’ve had an amazing year! You are such an insperation, you are so nice whenever I see you and you are so professional, you deserve every sucess!

  • ahhh your such an inspiring, gorgeous and wonderful girls! You’ve had such a brilliant year it sounds and it was so amazing to meet you this year! Your one of the nicest and funniest girls I’ve ever spoken to, we need to meet again next year. You and alfie are the cutest couple ever btw, no doubt about that!

    Happy new year lovely I hope 2016 treats you well xxxx