My Top 50 Tips for Growing Your Blog and Social Media Accounts!

My Top 50 Tips for Growing Your Blog and Social Media

I’m a Freelance Social Media Manager and I actually got into my new career through building my own channels and blogging. Now I have several clients, consult businesses on their social media accounts and even train charities. I thought I would share everything I’ve picked up, know, and things I’ve found that really help to boost your views and social media channels. I will stress that all of these things take TIME, this isn’t a cheat sheet where it’ll work overnight, you’ve got to work at building your blog. I personally don’t do half of these because I’m busy with client work, but they can seriously build your readership, you just have to put the effort in!

This is just a quick list as requested on Twitter, but I will be following up with a big series where I expand in more detail….

My Top 50 Tips for Growing Your Blog and Social Media Accounts!



  •  IFTTT is bae. You can post something in one place and it’ll automatically post it to all the channels you set it up for. Meaning you’re consistent online. Recipes I recommend are:
    Blog to EVERYTHING, Linkedin, Google+, Facebook page, personal Facebook (when I first started doing this mine shot up), Twitter, and basically anything/everything else you have.
    Instagram to Twitter, maybe FB page.
    Everything to Pinterest too, new posts and IG photos.


  • Comment on other people’s blogs, at least 10+ a week – you CAN leave your link but make sure it’s on a blog with a high DA, OR leave your @ for them to catch up with you/follow on Twitter.
  • Copy & pastable emails as well as mailto direct links. Trust me, it’s annoying af if you only have one or the other.
  • Social links high up (above the fold) and updated/working, you WANT people to talk and connect with you.
  • WP self hosted is better for DA eventually but DO NOT go poking around in settings unless you know what you’re doing, it’s much easier to change things which is great, unless you change the wrong thing. (I learnt this the hard way.)
  • Responsive theme, people will not come back if your shit don’t work.
  • An attractive logo design via, so that people recognize and remember your brand


What is SEO and DA? See this post and this post and then this website. In that order.

  • Categorise every single post. Yep, time consuming but having a properly navigated site is more attracted to your audience and Google.
  • NEVER delete old posts, rewrite them instead but do not change the URL.
  •  Update or delete broken links, you can check them here.
  • Add more keywords in if you can and if they flow. WP Plugins are super helpful with this.
  • You can offer to guest write on people’s websites with a higher DA to help boost yours and yours readership.
  • Try featuring bloggers in return for features back. Link building can be fun but don’t do too much too soon otherwise it looks spammy.


  • Following people and hoping they follow back is not enough, like a tweet of the person you’ve just followed and even send them a tweet. Let them know you’re fun and worth following.
  • Do not auto dm, ever.
  • Make lists of friends, bloggers you inspire to be like, and brands. The brands list comes in handy when you want to work with more people, or you’re planning an event. It takes forever to do but totally worth it.
  • Look through who’s following you regularly, you can miss real gems like amazing bloggers and great brands.
  • Boosting your followers on Twitter CAN be done by following people, but it IS all about engaging, and it’s all about being current. Live tweet shows, join big hashtags, be current, be relevant, moan about your life, people want current, real things.
  • Obviously SCHEDULING is key and I don’t want to say ‘click bait’, but yeah, you need to make them want to click your blog. Rather than ‘title – link – hashtag’ say something like ‘You’ll never guess which brand I’m now obsessed with…link….general hashtag.’
  • Don’t overdo hashtags though, it looks boring and people don’t click as often.
  • Tweets need to be frequent but not so much they look spammy, I do once every hour when I get going and I’m tweeting a lot, but start on every 2 or 3.
  • Always promote new posts, BUT go back and find your best content and push that. Always with interesting tweets and titles to make people click.
  • Tweet links to your other social channels too.
  • Get familiar with Twitter Analytics (in settings) they’re amazingly interesting. Find out what your audience is into, tweet about that!
  • Use your header to promote your blog. Efficient Social Media people (not me) have text over their headers leading people to their blog and pushing interesting content.
  • Twitter Bios are BEYOND IMPORTANT. Use the same bio on Twitter as Instagram, and use a similar one to on your blog’s meta description. SEO picks this up and knows you’re all related. Sound professional but fun, emoji it if in doubt.
  • Accurate location helps with brand opportunities – seriously.
  • High res, professional looking photo, exceptions for shit hot selfies obviously, but make sure you look like yourself and are completely recognisable. Again helps with opportunities on hair, beauty, clothes, makeup etc etc.



  • Don’t overthink it with the themes, the more you stress the less likely it is to work. You need to try different things until something works more than others and then run with it.
  • Comment on other people’s photos.
  • Like things on the explore page.
  • Comment on the explore page
  • Have IFTTT set up to post your Instagram on your other channels to promote more clickthroughs and likes.
  • People like videos now, they get more views and sometimes more likes so try and get creative!
  • Instagram Stories is amazing. Many small brands don’t use Snapchat, but they do use Instagram which means they will be watching. Open up your blogger post, show your outfit or face of the day, talk to your followers, engage with them and they’ll engage back.
  • Hashtag until your heart’s content.


  • If you want people to go to a specific social channel, tease from the others that there’s exclusive content there. ‘Head over to my Instagram to see my new hair colour! @BLAH’ etc – really good for Instagram Stories/Snapchat.
  • You want your feed to look interesting, rants, links, photos, videos, and RTs from other good content. Scroll through your own feed and see if it looks interesting. If it doesn’t, switch things up!
  • For themes or going self hosted, I always recommend Pipdig. It can be expensive, but the upkeep is not though and you can do SO much more. With the one Pipdig theme I have, I could change it to look like a completely different blog in a couple clicks.
  • Obviously use the same profile photo across all your channels. Consistency is key.

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Have you got any tips? Share them below!

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  • Amazing tips!! I will for sure apply some of these to my beauty blog!

  • Great tips. I’m now slightly addicted to IFTTT!

  • Great list Georgina! Thank you for sharing. Just made an account on IFTTT, cannot believe I’ve only just discovered it, it is fantastic. Raspberrykiss xo

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    Really helpful. Thank you so much 🙂 If you haven’t already, could you do a post about increasing your Bloglovin following too please?

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