Top 5 Christmas Lush products!

The days seem to be passing by faster and faster as the countdown to Christmas continues. Everyone is in different stages on their Christmas shopping so I thought I would put together my Top 5 Christmas Lush products, you could also call them must haves.
 Christmas Lush products

A lot of them are bath based as Lush brought out a lovely collection of products this year. With some old favourites as well as new, there are baths for every occasion and every family member.

1 – Lord of Misrule. It came out for Halloween and has stayed throughout the holiday season. With a vanilla and black pepper fragrance I was unsure if I liked it at first, but after having several, I’m now in love. It turns into a deep wine colour in the water with popping candy that crackles away at the bottom of the bath. It’s unbelievably relaxing and warming at the same time.
2 – Golden Wonder. This bath bomb has been one of my favourites for years now as it turns into an enchanting mermaid bath. The yellow glittery present is bright blue in the middle, meaning your bath turns a emerald green with golden luster in the ripples of the water. It’s very limey and zesty making it much more of a bath to wake up with rather than relax.
3 – Sikkim Girls Body Lotion. This comes from the beautiful perfume Sikkim Girls. At first I wasn’t sure about any of the Volume 1 perfumes as I thought they were too strong, however after allowing the perfumes to sit on my skin for quite some time, I have absolutely fallen in love with it. It is a gorgeous jasmine scent that’s sultry and alluring. This lotion is the perfect base for the scent or if you just want a subtle allure.
4 – Luxury Lush Pud. Another bath bomb which is a lavender and tonka scent, that turns into a bright fuchsia in the water and is definitely something to use to unwind after a long day. Its scent of lavender is enough to knock anyone out after a long day. The polka dots around it created different bursts of colour in the water making it relaxing, yet fun to watch.
5 – Shoot for the Stars. This bath bombs fragrance comes from the best selling soap, Honey I Washed the Kids. It’s a smoky honey fragrance that smells delicious and turns the water into a deep blue with glitter that makes it look like a night sky with shooting stars.
Any of these products would make fantastic stocking fillers or a quick last minute present. Have you tried any of these yet?