Top 10 Christmas Lush Gifts!

With Christmas fast approaching I thought it was time for more Christmas themed posts. I am also attempting Blogmas (blogging every day up till Christmas) but I’m working a lot lately. However, working at Lush means I am constantly surrounded with festive products and gifts. Lush has brought out some lovely gifts this year and I’ve narrowed them down to my Top 10!

In the under £20 range there are by far the cutest gifts ever, the Frosty Family also known as Will, Kate and George. The names alone are ridiculously adorable as they’re named after the Royals. I’ve bought these for my parents and my little brother already as I couldn’t resist. Inside they contain 2 bath bombs and a bubble bar and Baby Frosty has just two bath bombs in him. The adults are £12.50 each and the baby is £9.95. I plan on using them for decorations as well as air freshener.

Best Wishes is a gift that came out last year and I absolutely loved the wrapping paper, embossed snowflakes and a red ribbon make this gift beautiful. Inside it contains two of my favourite bath bombs, the Luxury Lush Pud and Golden Wonder, I don’t like the Snowcake soap inside, but still, it is a lovely gift at £13.50.

Next up at £19.95 there is Igloo, a beautiful gift with the Snowman bath bomb and penguin bubble bar. It also contains 3 pieces of fun which is the play dough/multi purpose soap. I love this gift as there’s countless hours of fun to be had with playdough and it looks really cute.

Christmas Lush Gifts

Merry Christmas (pictured below) is also £19.95 and contains 4 bath bombs and a bubble bar. Including Lord of Misrule, one of the best bath bombs ever. It’s the perfect, reasonably priced gift box. I do like my glitter and this gift set is covered in it!

First up in the £20-£40 range there’s The Night Before Christmas gift at £25.95 (around that, the website won’t actually tell me and I can’t remember), which is beautiful. It’s another bath gift. In case you haven’t noticed, it’s all bath as I don’t really care for showers. Once again it has fantastic bath bombs in but the one that has really caught my eye is Christmas Bath time Favourites at £34.95 (I obviously know the price of this one as I’m obsessed). I want to buy it for myself, and I think I actually will. It’s a gorgeous hatbox with A LOT of bath bombs in. It also comes with a blue bow as well but red is definitely better. It’s one of those boxes that you could easily have on display all year round as it’s not too Christmasy, it’s just beautiful.

Christmas Lush Gifts

Lastly, the £50+ gifts. Keeping with my theme of bath bombs, White Christmas at £67.95. This set actually has a piece of soap in it as well though, just one piece so that’s tolerable. I’m not a fan of the packaging as it has quite a vintage Christmas theme but I do like the things inside as there’s a real variety of smells and colours.

Finally, the biggest gift of them all, WOW at a whopping £129.95. I have debated buying this for myself and I still am. It basically has EVERYTHING in it for Christmas apart from the face products. It’s absolutely unreal, if you have a Lush close by, or even if you don’t, go to one and try to pick it up. It’s hilarious to attempt as it is just so big! With limited products in Lush, sometimes they make a reappearance a couple years down the line on their ‘Retro’ section, so from now on I really want to try everything just in case it comes back down the line and I need it in my life. Twilight shower gel is a perfect example and I recently bought 3 big bottles at nearly £18 each because they are a necessity.

Christmas Lush Gifts

Lush have tonnes of other gifts too but these are definitely my favourites. Have you asked for Lush this year? Or are you buying it for someone else? I hope this gave you some ideas!