Time to Relax with Neal and Wolf

With these cold winter nights it seems that trying to work throughout the day and evening is becoming a lot harder for most of us. As the lights dim, I know that my concentration does too so I’ve had to try my hardest to work through ‘nap time’ and know when it’s time to call it a night. One of my favourite things to do lately has been to take a bath right at the end of all my work, add a bath bomb, bubble bath, oils or whatever I can possibly want, and light a candle.
My favourite definitely has to be the Neal and Wolf candle, as my little tea lights just haven’t made the cut. I absolutely adore the relaxing and soothing smell from this beautiful candle, whilst the dark purple definitely sets the mind for relaxing. With Orange blossom, mandarin, ylang-ylang and a hint of lily, there’s no wondering why I loved it so much. It’s such a perfect relaxing yet uplifting scent that slowing burns and fills the bathroom.
Neal and Wolf Candle, shemightbeloved, georgina grogan
Neal and Wolf Candle, shemightbeloved, georgina grogan


One thing I love about candles, especially when using them is a treat, is when they come with instructions on how to get the most from your candles. Now, I am well aware that for most people this is just common sense, but when you’re used to tea lights, you kind of need a little instruction. To get the best out of this candle, you simply trim it to 1cm every time before lighting. Very simple instructions, yet it makes your candle last that little bit longer.

It’s always important to take note on things, especially at £17.95 a candle as you can’t exactly through it away and just start again. For just under £20 it may seem a little pricey, but I feel that with the size of the candle, scent and quality of the scent whilst it’s burning, it’s a wonderful indulgent investment for your relaxation time.


Neal and Wolf Candle, shemightbeloved, georgina grogan
Have you tried Neal and Wolf before? What did you think?

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  • This candle sounds amazing. I am loving candles so much right now, yea its probably a little more than I would normally pay for a candle but you pay for what you get.

    Gemma x

  • I won this candle a few months ago and I liked it but the scent throw for me wasn’t good 🙁 x


  • I really like the clean look of this candle, and as for the scent, I like that ylang-ylang is in there because that’s one of my favorites.

  • Rosy Flynn

    This candle sounds gorgeous, I do like me a nice scented candle for long baths.

  • If I am going to invest in a candle its normally Jo Malone, but this might make a nice change!

    Annabel ♥
    Mascara & Maltesers

  • sara smith

    Now, if only I could have that bath!!
    However, a good candle will lift any room, and that combination of smells does sound pretty good. three of my favourite smells in there, so I’m really hopeful for liking this! It’d be great to smell before purchasing, the only downside to the internet I guess! Definitely an alternative to my normal candles though. 🙂


  • Lets Talk Beauty

    I love this candle & would totally wear this if they sold a perfume. It smells incredible. The scent filled the whole room, even when it wasn’t lit