Time Bomb Skincare – Over-Exposed Sun Damage Rescue

Time Bomb Skincare impresses me every single time I try something from them and I was so excited to hear about their new product, OVER-EXPOSED Sun Damage Rescue at £39. This seriously impressive product helps reverse the effects of longterm sun damage, something that I haven’t heard a product claim to do before. It helps to moisturiser the dry, tight, leathery skin that happens over time and puts back the radiance into the skin. I often burn my chest and unless I protect it more I know I will end up with the leathery chest. Unfortunately my mum does suffer from this and so I passed this product on to her to try and she’s had such great results.
It works by protecting the skin from further UV damage and contains heavy-duty anti-oxidants and deep emollients to moisturise, hydrate and bring the skin back to life.

It uses the powers of Omega9XEster which penetrates the top layers of the skin and this will be directly helping the leathery look left behind to plump it back out and restore it. The bioactive Milk Peptide Complex will kick start the skin to go into repair mode and therefore, produce healthy acids and moisture. This will keep the skin looking plump, smooth and firm. It also contains anti-oxidants which will reduce signs of the UV damage and can help make the skin look more even.

The results have been amazing but my mum has been mega annoying and hasn’t used it morning and night, so far we have these results…. This was over the course of a couple weeks, maybe even 2 months and using it a few times a week. I think she’ll start now we’ve booked a holiday, it’s great motivation to get your skin looking flawless and this will definitely do the job. From what I’ve seen already I cannot recommend it enough. Pricey but worth it.

Time Bomb Skincare - Over-Exposed Sun Damage RescueTime Bomb Skincare - Over-Exposed Sun Damage RescueTime Bomb Skincare - Over-Exposed Sun Damage Rescue
I’ve personally been trying out the TAKE-OFF TIME Cleanse + Buff £15 for 125ml and that went in a matter of weeks, I love it SO much. It was a creamy cleanser which reminded me of Liz Earle and it was so amazing at making my skin feel soft and looking cleaner than ever. It has a small amount of buffer in it which was heavenly for an everyday wash, usually I like something harsher but this was spot on. A daily buff is the easiest way to keep your skin fresh and unclogged.

 I’ve also been trying the COMPLEXION COCKTAIL with a shot of B12 at £24 for 100ml. This is an odd formula as it doesn’t feel like much on the skin, but it does a lot. It helps tired skin to look more awake, plump and generally helps to boost. It contains high levels of vitamins B12 and B3 and a blend of 12 amino acids, as well as Hyaluronic Acid. Serious amount of anti-ageing ingredients. You lightly pat it onto the skin and then continue with your regime.

I was using the YOUTH JUICE Secret Oil afterwards but it’s a little too heavy for me. It’s for people who need a product that will copy the skin’s natural sebum, people who needs oils as their skin is no longer producing enough. Perfect for people with dry skin too. It’s meant to absorb but I didn’t feel like it and instead I did get breakouts but I do have oily skin to start. It’s a blend of oils including olive, kukui, avocado, jojoba and many many more. The 60ml is £38 and 17ml is £16.

Time Bomb Skincare


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