THX Define Style Deep barrel – Quick Wavy Hair!

The excitement of being able to curl more hair quicker than ever before really took over when the THX Define Style Deep barrel arrived. As someone who curls their hair, near enough on a daily basis, I crave for an easier way to get that wavy look without spending an hour in the mirror and then waiting hours for my poodle curls to drop out. It becomes a task rather than a joy to get ready, especially with such thick hair like mine, but with the THX Define Style Deep barrel and (a lot of) practise, it can take just half the time!


THX Define Style Deep barrel - Quick Wavy Hair!
The THX Define Style Deep barrel has adjustable heat from 140º to 210º and helps to create vintage waves for a classic look, or depending on how talented and patient you are, you can easily create a beautiful beach wave look too. I do say you need a lot of practise, as especially with thick hair, it isn’t the easiest tool to use. It does take a lot of time and effort at first and I’m still learning if I’m perfectly honest. After a very patience session, I managed to create the look above. (I’m also wearing BD Trade Secrets makeup featured in my last post.) I use the tool on the highest heat and hold down for 30 seconds, sometimes longer as my hair is incredibly thick.


THX Define Style Deep barrel - Quick Wavy Hair!
THX Define Style Deep barrel - Quick Wavy Hair!
The curlers heat up in 2 minutes, which is obviously no time at all for busy mornings. I would definitely imagine them working better on naturally straighter hair, as my frizz does need taming a little before I can clamp my hair in, especially on top. I have naturally wavy/curly hair, and usually it holds a normal curl well, but as this is more of a wave I did find my hair go a little flatter faster than normal. However, to avoid this, simply keep the heat on a tad longer and seal with hairspray.


At just £35 I cannot recommend them enough for effortless wavy hair for a different and fun look. With shorter hair, I can imagine you’d be able to create that perfect vintage look with no effort at all, and really, who doesn’t want that? The THX Define Style Deep barrel is available to buy at Tesco and is part of a huge range of amazing hair products, I definitely want to get my hands on more!
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