Think Money Blogger Event at Pizza Express Manchester

I have never been to such an organised event before in my 2 years of blogging. Everything was taken care of from travel, fun activities and even surprise goodie bags that no one was even expecting. The Think Money Blogger Event at Pizza Express Manchester was the first event Think Money has ever done and to be perfectly honest, they nailed it. I was the only blogger from out of town as  LauraEmmaSallyDonna and Charlotte all live in Manchester, but that didn’t mean that they already knew each other. In fact, most of us were new to each other which meant having a small group was really lovely to ensure that we all got to talk to each other and network.
Think Money Blogger Event at Pizza Express Manchester
Think Money Blogger Event at Pizza Express Manchester


We were invited to Pizza Express for a ‘different experience’ which turned out to be quite different indeed, as we had a pizza making class! Knowing we were off to a pizza place, I assumed we’d be eating so I skipped breakfast, which meant that the nibbles provided were very much appreciated whilst staring and playing with food. We were taught how to make the perfect pizza and that less toppings is actually more. I was rather impressed with how my pizza turned out, even if my killer nails meant I needed a little assistance so I didn’t pierce the dough! My inner chef definitely came out and attempted to show off during a Calzone making competition too, which actually, our team ‘The Winners’ (obviously my arrogance influenced the name a little) won and we got a certificate too!
The photos were all taken by the lovely ladies from Think Money, which meant we didn’t have to focus on documenting the day at all and could just enjoy ourselves instead. A first at any event I have attended and it definitely took the pressure of being a blogger off!


Think Money Blogger Event at Pizza Express Manchester
Think Money Blogger Event at Pizza Express Manchester
Think Money Blogger Event at Pizza Express Manchester
Think Money Blogger Event at Pizza Express Manchester


After we had finished making the pizzas it was then time to eat them and we were beyond impressed with ourselves. Everyone seemed to really love what they had created, if only we could make our own pizzas every time! Unfortunately, most of us were full to try the Calzone and if I didn’t have a train to go home on, I would have definitely took ours home as it looked delicious! Not only did we have Pizza and Calzone, but there was also cake and cupcakes provided by The Icing on the Cake and The Princess & The Cupcake, which was rather exciting to see. It’s always annoying at events for their to be the tiniest bit of food and for you to be too polite to eat it, so having a big pizza and cake slapped in front of me was a welcomed change.
Think Money Blogger Event at Pizza Express Manchester
Think Money Blogger Event at Pizza Express Manchester
Think Money Blogger Event at Pizza Express Manchester
At the end of the event we were presented with huge, bulging goodie bags that no one expected at all. The contents included a lot from Nail HQ, Babor (use code BLOGGER25 for a 25% off discount), Tropic, Vatika Naturals, Nourish, NSPA, Heaven Skincare, Jelly Belly UK, Life of Reilly Cupcakes and Sweet Cecily’s. A wonderful selection to be honest, it’s definitely a goodie bag of things I haven’t necessarily tried before and will definitely be using. My favourite from the goodie bag was the personalised mojito flavoured lip balm. I don’t personally like Mojitos but I think it’s an hilarious gift for Alfie as he loves me and them!
For PRs or people who may be planning an event, this is how it’s done. Pay for people’s travel, don’t invite too many so people can actually network, give them lots of food, supply alcohol, put on fun activities (we also had a quiz too!), TALK to people who you’ve invited, and give them something to remember the day by (I would have been happy with a certificate and slice of cake, but beauty goodies were really a surprise). These are the ingredients of a well thought out event for definite.  Think Money certainly thought of everything and we all agreed at the event that it was amazing and the organisation was spot on. This isn’t the last of Think Money on my blog, as they are sending me off on another fun day out with 5 bloggers on my choice!


A huge thank you to Think Money and the other bloggers for making it a lovely day out in Manchester!
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  • This event looks great! A pizza making class sounds so much fun as well.

    Suitcase and
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  • Sounds like an absolutely incredible event! The personalised lip balm is such a lovely touch 🙂

    Maeve // Thrift O’Clock

  • Sounds like an amazing event! The fact they took the photos as well is a nice touch – at least you didn’t have to worry about that!

    Hannah x | hannatalks

  • It looks like it was a great event and the goody bag looks amazing x

  • Jodie

    oh my god that lip balm!! personally I see you tasting like more of a strawberry darquri but I would tatally use a lipbalm with your face on it 😉

  • it sounds ike they really took care of you and that awesome to hear. i love how they personalised the lip balm tin, thats such a cute touch! x

  • That just looks so amazing, and it’s nice for it to be so organised and take the pressure off it a bit. Makes it so much more fun, and pizza doesn’t go a miss really xx

  • Oh wow, this sounds fantastic – such fun! I think a lot of companies need to learn how to host events.

  • That sounds incredible! What a wonderful surprise for you, and I’m hungry now just looking at the pictures of those pizzas

  • What a fab event, I’ve not been to one in ages! You got some real height with that pizza dough!

  • It sounds like a fabulous event! The fact that they did the photos for you sounds a dream, as much as I love taking photos sometimes it’s difficult because you just want to enjoy the event.

    • PS. I have NO IDEA why it’s posted my links three times! SOZ! Xxx

  • Bradley Cowling

    Mojito lip balm? Find that quite funny after our discussion on the taste… yuk!! The event looked unreal and so did the cake, very jealous indeed xxx

  • This looks absolutely amazing! The fact that they thought of everything and tried to make it a fun day makes SUCH a big difference! ^__^ Wahhh let’s hope people take note – this is how events should be done! 🙂 xxx

  • This looks amazing! I totally agree with you about good organisation!

  • Lucy Johns

    This looks so fun and as you said, really well organized which I imagine made it so much more enjoyable!

    Lucy x