Thierry Mugler #AngelAddictions

In celebration of Thierry Mugler’s perfume Angel, there is a new campaign called #AngelAddiction, where you can share what your addictions are. They could be anything from a taste, feeling, smell, product, activity, literally anything from your addictions as a child or adult. I personally think I have many addictions, far too many for a healthy lifestyle anyway and I thought that I would share mine…..
My first addiction is an ongoing one, as every time a cat comes near my house, I am addicted to trying to claim them as my own. I already have a cat, well a family cat. She’s called Gypsy and she’s rather pretty, so much so, that she brings home boyfriends every now and again. This is her latest fling and I decided to call him Elijah. He’s a sophisticated, almost completely black cat, with a lot of spirit and a strong upbringing. In case you’re wondering, yes, I am a crazy cat lady.
I like to imagine that Elijah treats Gypsy well, sometimes to the point where she does snap and need her alone time. Mum and I have witnessed them arguing quite a few times now and it appears they’re on a break. But anyway, I’m definitely addicted to claiming cats that aren’t technically mine.
crazy cat lady
My second and probably most noticeable addiction is that I have to smell nice and I have to know that people can smell me too. It’s not enough for them to get a small draft of perfume as I walk by. I want the full scent to surround me in an untouchable aura of sexy and sophisticated fragrances. If it so happens to be too strong for people, and they could even cough, that makes me happy inside. Because of this, I tend to over do it when I like a perfume and especially when it makes me feel confident and sassy whilst wearing it.

sikkim girl perfume lush


Another past and current addiction of mine is wanting and believing that I am a real princess. Every birthday I assume that this is it, and I’m going to be told that I am the real Princess of Genovia, but it is yet to happen. I’m hopeful for my 21st  next year though. Until then, I guess I’ll just have to be addicted to Princess dresses, and dresses in general. I tend to be obsessing over quite a few lately, especially the ones that are a little more over the top and are sure to make you stand out in a crowd. Blending in or flying under the radar really isn’t my thing.
chichi london plus size
Obviously, it goes without saying that my other addictions are writing, blogging, taking photos of myself or getting others to take photos of me, and being overly sarcastic on the Internet whilst laughing at myself.
So, what are your #AngelAddictions? You can follow the campaign via the Thierry Mugler’s Facebook pageTwitter and Instagram.
*For this post I received a bottle of said mentioned perfume which is quite nice and very prettily shaped as a star. Although it can’t stand up on its own, it looks lovely laid hopefully flat on a desk.