The Ultimate Guide To Lush’s Hair Care Range.

*Please note that this is a slightly out of date post now as most of the haircare is still around, but the new products are not mentioned in here as I have no experience with them*

After working at Lush for 2 years, I’ve pretty much made my way around the entire shop and one of my favourite sections is hair care. A lot of people commented on my last post saying they’ve not used Lush’s hair care before, so here’s a guide of what to use for your hair type. Of course with any product, something that isn’t meant to be for your type could be the best thing you’ve ever used, but try and use the suggested products first. If you do go into a Lush store after reading this and you are suggested to use something else, PLEASE don’t assume they’re wrong, different people can relate to you differently and therefore will show you products that reflect their best judgement.

What’s most important with the hair care is to only use things that are colour friendly if you do dye your hair darker colours, or red/purple/any other tints. This is simply because what may be good for oily hair could actually strip all your hair colour due to the ingredients (learnt this one from personal experience). Therefore dyed hair will have set products that are perfectly fine to use, whereas with natural hair/blonde hair as long as it is for your type, you can use any! Obviously your bright red hair colour will run out into the shower, that’s normal, but colour protecting products should help minimise the amount.
The Ultimate Guide To Lush's Hair Care Range.
Dull/frizzy hair –
Cynthia Sylvia Stout – A beer shampoo that adds shine and controls frizz. It doesn’t make the hair smell too much like beer either!
Ultimate Shine – Adds shine with a gorgeous smell of violet.
Seanik, a baby version of Big for a daily shine and bounce for your hair.
Big *Personal Favourite* –  A sea salt shampoo that adds volume and shine. NOT THE BEST for bright coloured hair (red, purple, blue etc) because of the lemon but perfect for blondes.
Karma shampoo bar was developed for its smell mainly, but it’s a lovely one just for a general clean and hint of scent.
TOP TIP  Even with thick hair try not to use a heavy conditioner with Big as you will reverse all the volume created.
The Ultimate Guide To Lush's Hair Care Range.
Dry hair –
Trichomania – A creamy solid coconut shampoo that moisturises hair.
Fairly Traded Honey – For hair that needs a good coating of moisture.
Blousey *Personal Favourite* – Banana shampoo that adds moisture, shine and protects the colour.
 Curly Wurly – With actual pieces of coconut inside, it moisturises your hair and leaves it smelling lovely.

CAUTION: Extra washes and care may be needed to get all the coconut pieces out, followed my towel drying and/or blow drying to ensure they’re all out.

Godiva  –  The only two in one bar, I would only recommend this one for very short hair, or for people who want a conditioning shampoo.
The Ultimate Guide To Lush's Hair Care Range.The Ultimate Guide To Lush's Hair Care Range.
Damaged/Sensitive –
New- Cinnamon shampoo bar that helps your hair to grow faster.
Soak and Float – Good for any scalp problems like psoriasis or dandruff, it also smells like a bonfire!
Squeaky Green – A deep cleanse for any build up of products.
Fairly Traded Honey would also be fantastic for sensitive/damaged hair.
TOP TIP – If you have oily hair but you dye it a bright colour, stay away from anything with a lot of citrus ingredients. Try out different shampoos until you find one that’s right for you. Lush also have a dry shampoo called No Drought that completely disappears even in the brightest of hair. I actually carry a little tub around with me everywhere, even on nights on. It’s a life saver.
Oily/damaged hair –
I love Juicy – Helps remove all excess oils.
Rehab – Helps restore hair to its original state as well as keeping oils at bay.
Jumping juniper- The baby version of the two above, helps with excess oils.
Daddy O – A natural version of the famous purple shampoo that keeps darker tones out of Blonde hair, or for anyone else, a gorgeous smelling and moisturising shampoo.
Big Solid Conditioner – A VERY light conditioner, suitable for very thin/oily hair.
Veganese – A light conditioner that is suitable for anyone who doesn’t need a heavy coating.
Jungle Solid Conditioner- Light/medium conditioner, has a soft centre which is the best part for moisture.
Happy joy joy – Light/Medium, a beautiful fragrance with a rather light condition.
American cream – Medium thickness, smells like strawberries and cream!
Retread *Personal Favourite* – This comes in a tub and is for very thick hair with a heavy condition.
H’suan Wen Hua *Personal Favourite* – Helps restore damaged and dry hair.
Jasmine and Henna – Helps reduce frizz and protect colour.
R&B hair moisturiser – Reduces frizz and dryness, small amounts needed at a time, apply to dry hair and it can be applied throughout the day.
Marilyn – Treatment for Blonde hair to brighten it up and keep in good condition or for anyone with oily hair needed a light treatment.
Roots – A mint treatment that helps restore bounce into limp hair. More of a scalp treatment as it doesn’t do much to the actual hair, just the roots. A 20 minute treatment before the shower.
Shine so bright – A little balm that is meant to help with split ends by coating the hair and keeping it together.
Superbalm – A treatment for problematic scalps, this heats up the scalp. TIP: Try and get it on as close to the scalp as possible as it can leave the hair quite oily. Leave on for 10-20 minutes and wash off.
Hair doctor – A cooler alternative as it relaxes the scalp more and is part of the Fresh range, leave on for 20 minutes and wash off.
TOP TIP – The hair treatments are trichology treatments which means for best results completely cover your hair, saturate it, with the entire tub or more if you need it. Leave it on for twenty minutes, or longer if you’d like, then wash it off with a normal shampoo and conditioner. You should see immediate effect.
The Ultimate Guide To Lush's Hair Care Range.

Sea spray – A gorgeous smelling spray with a natural hold that creates beach waves.
Dirty – Part of the Dirty range which is minty. A medium hold styling wax/cream.
 TOP TIP – If you’ve got naturally curly hair, apply the sea spray when your hair is wet and either diffuse or keep scrunching with your hands.
I hope this has cleared up any queries you all had! Let me know if there’s anything else you’d like to know about the hair care. Obviously not everyone will agree with me as products can work differently depending on the hair, this is just my personal experience and knowledge of the products.


(All the pictures were taken by me for Lush Meadowhall whilst working there)
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    This is so helpful! I was always daunted by how many options there were and couldn’t work out where I needed to be. This is great!

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    I’ve used Big and American Cream so far and I love it! Maybe I should check out the products that really meant for my hair! Love this post. Thank you 😀