The Somerset Toiletry Co!

Pampering body products are definitely my favourite products to review as I consider myself as expert in pampering. Mainly myself, but I have been known to lend a pampering hand to others. The Somerset Toiletry Co have just launched their brand new website which now compliments their beautiful products wonderfully. They design, manufacture and distribute their beautiful products to their sister companies in Portugal and South Africa. They craft everything themselves to make sure that all their products are to the highest standard possibly. Including the packing with has a beautiful vibe to it, as well as looking pretty amazing in your bathroom. Seen as everything is maintained and perfected under one roof, there’s no need for hefty prices making these bath products luxuriously affordable. Of course, with everything being in house it does mean that these products are completely cruelty free also, which is always a big thumbs up to me!


The Somerset Toiletry Co
I was sent a little selection of their products to try out for myself, my favourite definitely has to be the Gardener’s Therapy Muscle Soak Foam Bubble Bath at £7.50*. With my ongoing pain thanks to my whiplash it means that I aching pretty much 24/7 so long baths in anything soothing and muscle relaxing is definitely something that I need. I found this peppermint, lavender and rosemary bath to be absolutely perfection. It bubbles and relieves tension after a long day. It also has Bitter orange and juniper oils that help to cleanse the skin although it definitely smells on the more relaxing side as opposed to citrus which is much preferred for an evening bath. I’ve found that a little goes a long way with this which is why in the picture you’ll notice not much has been used yet I’ve got around 2 baths just from that. The instructions do note to be generous with it, which is something that I have been trying the last couple days and it is even better. The smell really releases giving you a spectacular bath.

Next up is the Naturally European Hand Cream at £6.95*. I do love a good hand cream, but as soon as I apply it I find myself suddenly wanting to touch everything. Therefore, I’m always on the lookout for handcreams that are going to be really moisturising but sink in fast so that I can carry on with my daily activities. That’s why this cream is so ideal for me as it’s thick with shea butters, however, the Verbena cream is extremely citrusy and sinks into my skin in a matter of seconds. They say that when you try it, there’s no going back which I absolutely believe! The packaging of this hand cream is also really appealing as it reminds me of a lot of high end brands but for an incredible price. It also makes sure that you don’t lose any product in silly designed packaging.


Finally, I received a beautifully blended Rose Petal Soap at £3.95* for 200g, which is a really good price! The floral scent of rose isn’t the synthetic rose that you smell in some products, instead it’s an incredibly fresh smell that leaves your skin feeling nourished, softer and silky. I’m not a big soap fan unless something is seriously moisturising or has an exfolitator in so this definitely ticked one of those boxes. It feels as if I’m using a body butter, and the smell, despite the ever changing weather, makes me feel quite Summery and girly. It’s a very large pieces of soap that is definitely easy to hold too which is always a plus.
The Somerset Toiletry Co
Overall I’m really happy with everything I’ve tried from The Somerset Toiletry Co, their products are definitely something to try out and I love the look of their new website, and of their catalogue too!Have you looked at The Somerset Toiletry Co? What products do you like the look of?