The Perfume Shop and Alzheimer’s Research UK.

Last year, I didn’t managed to see this but once again The Perfume Shop have partnered with Alzheimer’s Research UK to raise awareness of the link between scent and memory. Last year was apparently so successful that they wanted to do it again to raise money to fund research into a cure, preventions and research causes of Alzheimer’s disease. Alzheimer’s Research UK is the main charity I will support as it is very dear to my heart.

Black Opium YSL, Alzheimer’s Research UK.

As most of us know, scent and memory are very tightly linked and for that reason, The Perfume Shop are the perfect people to hold a campaign for Alzheimer’s Research UK. They are running fundraising initiatives in store through £1 gift wrapping. Also from Saturday 16th May to Sunday 25th May, consumers can simply tweet them their favourite scent memory to @theperfumeshop using #TPSMemoriesMatter and The Perfume Shop will donate £1 for every post. I’m a little late to the party due to waiting for a parcel to arrive for photos and getting my dates mixed up, so please get tweeting and encourage others to do also.

It makes me so happy to see so much awareness towards Alzheimer’s and the fact it is being talked about more and more each year. Although it’s an extremely upsetting and devastating illness to talk about for me and my family, I do intend of fully helping out where I can to spread awareness, even if it is with just my annual posts on the subject around the time of Alzheimer’s awareness week. For a back story on how Alzheimer’s affected my family and the story of my Nan you can go read my Dementia Awareness Week post from 2014 or the post on my Mum called My Best Friend is a Diamond.To promote the campaign, The Perfume Shop kindly sent me one of my new favourite perfumes, Black Opium and Opium to try out as I have never smelt it before. For me, Black Opium came into my life around the same time as Alfie, and I wore it our first Valentine’s Day and weekend away with each other in York. I had just finished my first bottle and was going to hunt it down at Duty Free so it was a really pleasant surprise that even Alfie is happy about!

Do you have a scent memory? Please tweet it to @theperfumeshop using #TPSMemoriesMatter and help raise money for Alzheimer’s Research UK.

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