The Greedy Book – Making Christmas Easy!

Are your loved ones struggling with gift ideas for you this Christmas? Then you need The Greedy Book in your life, and right away. I’ve always loved making mental lists of things that I want to buy myself, or if it’s a special occasion such as Christmas, that I’d like others to buy me. Sometimes it’s a little hard to translate your thoughts into polite and subtle hints, I’m talking before circling catalogues became the norm. Of course, you can just point blank tell people what you want, but I like Christmas presents to remain some sort of surprise.
When I heard of The Greedy Book and how you could make ‘books’ of things you liked the look of, it did remind me of Pinterest but a far more convenient version as you can link, price and describe the things want and adore far easier. As well as this, you can find out exactly where to buy them from, as often with Pinterest some overly creative person has hand made it (slight jealous that I’m not that creative). I’ve always seen things around the Internet and thought that I needed them in my life, but I haven’t known where to begin looking. With The Greedy Book you can browse through their inspiration pages or look at friend’s books. It’s pretty straight forward to use as you literally just copy in the URL of the product you like, add the price and add it to your book! The perfect way to make sure you always get a gift that you’ll definitely love.
The Greedy Book
It’s a very easy to navigate site and it even adds in the photos from the product pages, making sure that not only is your book full of wonderful things, it looks great too. It didn’t take me long to start filling up my book as I’ve definitely got my eyes on a few things this year. Including the Philosophy Skincare set, which after receiving a sample of the peel last week, I have been obsessing over it!


The Greedy Book was created by two sisters who had a sister-in-law with a genius idea to have her family write a list of everything they could possibly ever want, from more realistic things to their wildest dreams. This meant that they were never disappointed when it came to gifts and always received things that they already loved and wanted. Inspired by this idea, the two sisters, Charlie and Millie kindly decided to share it with the world, and let the rest of us have the best holidays gifts ever.


The Greedy Book


The Greedy Book’s Twitter is full of the quirkiest little gifts ever, most of which will definitely already be on wish lists this Christmas. It’s oozing of gift inspiration so even if you don’t know what you want, you’ll soon find something, or even a couple things. You could easily win at Christmas and all other Holidays by sharing the website with your loved ones, no doubt it’d be second before they sign up (for free, of course) and start adding things to their books!


I absolutely love the concept of this site, and I’ll be sure to make the link to my Book bookmarked and easy to find for future reference….


Have you heard of The Greedy Book before?
*In return for writing about this wonderful website that has been brought to my attention, The Greedy Book are buying me something from my Book!


  1. 11th December 2014 / 6:08 pm

    That’s pretty neat! I use a website called Keep, and right now, that’s pretty much how I stay in touch with things I want and what I want to buy for others (besides Amazon wishlists). But this website looks like it would come in handy as well.

  2. sara smith
    11th December 2014 / 7:46 pm

    That looks a lot better than Amazon’s plug in for adding things to your wishlist from anywhere. And it’s also got a much better layout. Winner I think there… Will go check it out 🙂
    Sara 🙂