The Fragrance Shop’s Spring Discovery Box

The Fragrance Shop Discovery Box Spring Edition is a quarterly available box of different fragrances for you to experience and it’s just £5! That means for a full year to try out different perfume samples and have convenient little bottles to keep in your bag all year round, you’d be paying just £20. Previously the boxes have been quite little and chunky, whereas this time, they’re sleek and easily fitted through a letterbox. I absolutely adore the new convenient look as it saves on a lot of wasted packaging and looks so much more appealing. Along with the box it also comes with a £5 off voucher for all of the perfumes and a £10 off voucher for the most expensive perfume in the samples, which is pretty generous and not to mention handy!
The Fragrance Shop's Spring Discovery Box

The Fragrance Shop's Spring Discovery Box
The box includes female and male samples, but of course with perfume, gender isn’t something you have to be strict about, therefore it gives you the chance to really experiment with fragrances. All of the samples are all around 1ml and are ever so handy to ensure you’re always smelling beautifully fragranted! The spring box contains one male sample and 6 female perfumes and they’re all rather amazing, the box even contained my boyfriend’s favourite, so he was rather pleased!
Guerlain, La Petite Robe Noire at £51.50 for 50ml, is everything I look for, it contains notes of black cherry, almond, berries, rose and smoky black tea to give it a darker edge. It oozes sophistication and allure.
Versace, Eros Pour Femme at £69.50 for 50ml is a refreshing lemon and bergamot smelling perfume with notes of jasmine and sandalwood, another sweet but darker perfume.
Hugo Boss, Hugo Woman at £44.50 for 50ml definitely doesn’t disappoint. With notes of fruity mandarin, teamed with jasmine and more fruity black plum it could have been quite a sweet perfume before the woody base notes of cedar, sandalwood and amber.
Givenchy, Very Irresistible at £54.50 for 50ml, who doesn’t love this? It’s the ultimate elegant and girly perfume with a rosey smell!
Versace, Eros (Male) at £47.00 for 50ml, is Alfie’s favourite for sure! It’s a very woody fragrance that’s deeper and better suited to wear on special occasions or at night. It has notes of vanilla, cedarwood, oakmoss and a tad of lemon and mint.
Dolce & Gabbana, Dolce Floral Drops at £57.00 for 50ml, as you can tell by the names in this box, it’s very much the higher end of perfumes and luxury! This is a floral perfume with notes of papaya and neroli before muskier, sandalwood base notes.
Finally, Stella Mcartney, Stella EDT at £56.50 for 50ml. A much lighter fragrance with notes of lemon and mandarin for a fruity twist. Definitely a perfect pick for Summer!
I am so impressed with this quarter’s box and there’s definitely some perfumes that I am going to be checking out to invest in! What is your top Summer fragrance?
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  • I keep meaning to sign up to this, I’m a big perfume fan so it would be perfect for me!


  • I didn’t know this was a thing, I’m looking for a perfume to wear and this seems like such a good idea.


  • This is such a good idea. Love it.




  • Lucija Zajc

    Great post and thank you for sharing this! I’m always searching for the right perfume and the amount of perfumes in stores is just overwhelming so it’s really hard to choose. I just found your blog and it’s amazing and quite helpful. I really like your eyebrows and you kinda look like Little mermaid. I just started my own beauty blog and today I posted my first post, so you’re welcome to check it out 🙂 Love, Lucija

  • This is suuuuuch a good idea! 🙂

  • Zuzana Beskidová

    Hello Georgina,

    this really is a deal! Even if I make the trip into the shop I cannot smell more than 5 at the time and with this box subscription it is possible to try a lot of perfumes for cheap. Sounds amazing. Thank you for sharing 🙂

    Cannot wait to read more from you!

    Have a nice day,