The Fragrance Shop Discovery Box

I’m pretty sure I’m paranoid about smelling badly in public. It’s something that I am always concerned about and therefore I definitely over compensate for by wearing far too much perfume. Often, carrying full size bottles around isn’t ideal at all, and with my shoulder still not being back to normal, I’ve really had to downsize my handbag, which for a very extravagant woman, you can imagine how painful it has been. Thankfully, The Fragrance Shop’s Discovery Box* landed on my doorstep at just the right moment. I always love perfume samples, but it’s rarely I come across them. The Fragrance Shop have several ways to get their Discovery Club boxes, you can either pay £5 on a rolling subscription for 4 boxes a year and you can cancel at any time. £10 upfront for a 6 months subscription will get you two boxes, and finally £20 upfront covers you for a 12 month subscription for 4 boxes. So you don’t actually end up saving a penny by spending more to start with,  not the cleverest marketing I’ve ever seen…
These boxes are perfect if you like discovering new smells, or you just want some emergency bottles of perfume to keep at the bottom of your bag. In this month’s box there was quite a mix of smells and I must confess before I start, I wasn’t really taken by any of them. The Discovery box contains around 5 both female and male samples and it even has vouchers inside which can save you up to £10.
The Fragrance Shop Discovery Box
The Autumn/Winter box contained 5 samples in total, including….
Loewe Aura
Described as a fresh and floral smell with different notes and layers, including Lemon and Mandarin for citrus and fresher notes. Jasmine and Mangolia give the perfume it’s floral layer and finally Sandalwood and Musk add a deeper and a slight masculine kick. I think it’s an older and sophisticated perfume but still very girly. It’s probably my favourite of the bunch to be honest.
Jimmy Choo MAN
A very deep woody smell with a modern twist. Its top notes are soft with lavender and mandarin, with honeydew to soften them further. The perfume then has more citrus notes with pineapple leaf and more masculine fresh scents such as ambery woods and patchouli.

Jean Paul Gaultier Classique Intense
I really didn’t think I would like this, and though I didn’t love it, this perfume is a light, summery fragrance which smells a little powdery. Which isn’t surprising given it’s note of orange blossom, rose vanilla and jasmine. It’s definitely a perfume that I would match up with a teenager or someone who would want to smell younger.
Loewe Quizás Seducción
I found this perfume rather offensive, it’s a almost fusty, damp, stale smell which is actually meant to be fruity. With notes of caramel, sweet orange, blackberry and tuberose, it’s definitely one too many deep notes. It smells nice for the first couple seconds, but it really doesn’t sit on my skin well.
Kenzo Jew d’Amour
The description of this perfume is pretty much spot on as it is a rather romantic smell. With musks, sandalwood and mandarin it’s a deeper yet feminine smell that I quite enjoy. For me, it does have a tiny hint of a masculine deepness, but in a very welcoming way.
Very mixed opinions on the scents inside but I definitely love that it’s a mixture of masculine and feminine smells, as depending on the scent, I do occasional steal a spray of men’s perfume. The prices could be worked out to offer more of a deal, but for £5, it’s definitely worth a try. If this sounds like something you’d be interested in then head to The Fragrance Shop’s website and check out the boxes!