Halloween Makeup: Disney’s The Evil Queen

I know that I’ve had a massive break with my Disney series but now it’s back and this time it’s The Evil Queen from Snow White! A film that has had several versions made of it, and even a series (Once Upon a Time) which I have come to love. Recently, I was contacted by Blinkbox to try out their website, it’s basically like Netflix and Lovefilm but without monthly subscriptions. Handy if you’re the type to forget to watch things or if you’re into rentals. Blinkbox even has a lot of digital early releases, meaning you can buy/rent the films before they even come out on DVD! I decided to rent White House Down, I bought Road Runner and then rented Grimm’s Snow White. I love Snow White but I have already seen every version so this one was new to me.
The Evil Queen
I decided to base my look on the original Evil Queen though as it was a lot more dramatic and more to work with. Unfortunately, I have still not bought myself a tiara, obviously I didn’t realise it was going to be such an essential item that I would need! I’d love to say that it was super easy to do, but I had to cover most of my skin in black, which took numerous products and a lot of them to remove even slightly. I did have tonnes of fun making this though.
Products used:
Revlon Colour Stay Foundation in Ivory.
Collection 2000 powder.
Collection 2000 concealer.
Max Factor’s Blush in Natural Glow.
MAC’s Ruby Woo Lipstick.
Lush’s Decisive Lipstick.
MAC’s eye shadow in Gesso.
MUA’s purple single eye shadow.
Envyderm’s eye liner.*
Envyderm’s mascara.*
Eyelashes from ebay.
MAC dipdown with a MUA black eye shadow on top.
MUA pencil eye liner in black.
Maybelline gel eye liner.
Blinkbox currently have About Time for rental which is definitely going to be a treat this week! I love Rachel McAdams, she always seems to be in such good films. Currently you can get £5 free credit when you deposit £1! Have you tried Blinkbox before?