The Curve’s Zip Detail Leggings

I was blown away by The Curve’s generosity to gift me with the entire range to review. The new collection is made of a red and black Triangle Cut Out Dress, a Faux-Fur Gilet, Bell Sleeve Tunic and finally, the last piece that I will be reviewing, the Zip Detail Leggings. The only item I haven’t reviewed is the Bell Sleeve Tunic as I don’t have the height or shape to pull it off at all, it’s quite a long, oversized tunic that is made of the most beautiful chiffon material.
The Curve Zip Leggings came into my house and suddenly disappeared. Ever since receiving the collection a couple of months ago now, my Mum swiped them and has been constantly wearing them. She loves leggings but these are a step up. They’re a very thick, stretchy material that makes them almost look like trousers. They have a line going up the front of them for added detail, and a zipper on the side. They come quite far up, which is perfect to smooth over and lumps and bumps and to even help with a little tummy control. They come to around half way up my stomach and thankfully don’t create unflattering lines.
The Curve's Zip Detail Leggings, Georgina Grogan, plus size blogger, shemightbeloved
Styling the leggings for me was rather difficult as I tend to wear dresses that only require the simplest of leggings. I don’t own many tops, but thankfully I found out a Newlook lace sleeved top and added a new Yours Clothing belt. The leggings are £60 a pair which sounds ridiculous until you’re actually in them. Mum and I have both said how we’d easily pay that for a pair of this quality. Despite being worn by my Mum constantly and washed quite a lot, they’ve retained their tightness and there’s no signs of rubbing between the legs like you get from most leggings.
These are the type of leggings that you can dress up or down, and will instantly make you feel supported and glamorous. I often struggle with tight clothing on my legs but I was incredible surprised when I first tried these over leggings and the 22 fit perfectly. With The Curve, sizings do tend to come up a little small, however I am normally a 22 in leggings so with the stretch, I’d say these are pretty much spot on.

The Curve's Zip Detail Leggings, Georgina Grogan, plus size blogger, shemightbeloved
I’d say that these are my favourite of the new collection as they are really wearable for everyday life and I’ll be sure to post more photos in them, if I can ever get them back from my Mum!
Just in case you were wondering what my Mum looks like in the Zip Detail Leggings and Fur Gilet with an Evans top (she’s a big fan of The Curve recently)……
the curves zip detail leggings, shemightbeloved, plus size blogger

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Thank you so much again to The Curve for being so wonderful this year and working with me so much!
*As mentioned the entire range has been gifted for review.
  • You look stunning as always Georgina! Happy New Year!

  • Love it!!! You Mum looks really inoccent in the first picture, almost as she would be saying “me? Nop…no idea where those leggings went” xD

    Rosie’s Life

  • charlotte samantha

    Love your outfit! You look stunning hun!

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  • Lizlizo

    You look fabulous! You have amazing style.

    – Liz
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