The Curve’s Triangle Cut Out Pencil Dress

A figure hugging dress that shows off your curves AND boobs? Naturally I am beyond happy about this. The Curve’s new 5 piece range truly is the luxury side of Plus Size Fashion. Their new Triangle Cut Out Pencil Dress at £90 is the LBD that will literally outlive most of your wardrobe. An incredibly high quality dress, with a very wearable style of short sleeves, a triangle cutout on the bust and tight figure hugging body, is the little black dress that can be styled and worn in hundreds of different ways to suit everyone.


The Curve's Triangle Cut Out Pencil Dress, georgina grogan, plus size blogger

For myself, my usual 22 in The Curve was unfortunately not going to work as it was too tight around my hips, but fortunately, The Curve now go up to a size 26, to compensate for the clothes coming up a little tight. This meant that I did have to size up to my first size 24 and found the fit perfect around my hips, but extremely baggy on my waist and arms. The curse of my large hourglass frame is a smaller waist and arms than my overall size, this constantly leads to problems with overly spacious arms and unshapely waists. Normally I would hide the problem with a cardigan, however, due to the thickness of the material, this wouldn’t be easily hidden and would probably give me a very strange shape.

The Curve's Triangle Cut Out Pencil Dress, georgina grogan, plus size bloggerI would have teamed this dress with a belt to combat the extra material on the waist, but as I have a very short torso and a visible belly line in this tight dress (despite amazing shapewear from Debenhams) I didn’t want to draw too much extra attention. The Triangle Cut Out Pencil Dress is a lovely length of coming to a couple inches below my knee and I’m 5’3, which means it’d be a great knee length dress for most people who are taller.

The Curve's Triangle Cut Out Pencil Dress, georgina grogan, plus size blogger

It’s a beautiful dress for anyone wanting to wow this Christmas, or New Year. I’d definitely recommend sizing up at The Curve, especially if you’re the same size all over. Ideally in retrospect, I should have stuck with the 22 and just made it fit/work. Who cares about a visible belly line when you look hot anyway?

This dress is also available in bright red, perfect for December. In my next post  about The Curve’s New Collection, I am going to be showing you how I would ideally style both dresses to wear out. As much as I’d love to head out with bare arms and legs, due to skin conditions and scars, I don’t quite feel comfortable enough to do so. Which is why if you ever do wonder why I look significantly more covered up in outfit photos out and about, there is your answer. It’s not because I’m fat.

Anyway, what do you think to The Curve’s new collection so far? Don’t forget to check out my review of their Fur Gilet too!


*The entire of The Curve’s new collection has been gifted to me and will all be talked about on my blog. They’re extremely generous and amazing people with an awesome company.