The Curve’s Triangle Cut Out Dress in Red

As promised I’m back with The Curve’s Triangle Cut Out dress in Red (£90), and as I said in my last post on the black dress, it’s incredibly tight around my stomach, yet baggy on my boobs. I won’t repeat myself too much, as I’m sure you’ll just go back to the previous post to get all the details, but in case you don’t, here’s a recap….


The Curve have brought out 5 new pieces for their latest collection including this dress, the black version, a fur gilet, bell sleeve tunic (which won’t be on the blog as it doesn’t suit my shape at all unfortunately) and some incredible leggings that are coming up next. The Curve did have a little issue with their clothes being sized a little too small, and unfortunately this is still the case, but to compensate they know go up to a 26 (so basically a 24). I actually had to size up from my usual 22 in The Curve for a 24 in this dress, as my hips/bum just wouldn’t cooperate.

The Curve's Triangle Cut Out Dress in Red, plus size blogger, georgina grogan, shemightbeloved


Obviously with pale skin and bright red hair, a bright red dress isn’t ideal and doesn’t look completely amazing on me, the black version is much more suited. Therefore, I decided to show you how I would styled this dress if I was to wear it out and of course, a belt is a necessity. The belt helps me to hide some of the extra material on my smaller waist and add a little more shape in a positive way. Below I have also added a duster coat to slim my curves, the duster coat is from Newlook and it has been my best friend this Winter. Bulky coats really don’t do me any favours. I also paired it with my Yours Clothing lace edge to edge Jacket to again skim my curves and create a slightly slimmer silhouette.
Not everyone will want to cover up or slim down their figure in a dress like this, but as it’s not the most flattering on me, so that is definitely my objective. The dress is a very bright, borderline blood orange kind of red and would definitely look amazing against a darker skin tone.


The Curve's Triangle Cut Out Dress in Red, plus size blogger, georgina grogan, shemightbeloved
For the ease of comparison, here’s the dress in black and unstyled….
The Curve's Triangle Cut Out Dress, plus size blogger, georgina grogan, shemightbeloved

What do you think to this dress? Do you prefer the red or the black version?


*I have been gifted the entire new range to review.

  • Estelle

    You look incredible!!!

  • Stunning dresses! Love it in both colours!

    I wish you happy holidays!



  • I liked both of the colors, but definitely prefer the dress in black 🙂

    -Marie x

  • I normally love color but the black dress looks amazing on your skin & with your hair. Have a fantastic rest of 2014. :] // ▲ ▲

  • I really like the red one! Don’t be worried about pale skin and bright colors. I think the color looks great on you!

    xx Amanda

  • The black dress, it looks lovely on you x


    looks fab 🙂