The Curve’s Super Split Maxi Dress

This Summer I seem to be going a little maxi dress crazy, so of course I jumped at the chance to try out The Curve’s Super Split Maxi Dress*. I’m not normally one for getting my legs out, and after previously seeing the dress on other women, I thought it may be too revealing for me. But I soon remembered that I have extremely short genetics making me only 5’3 and thankfully enabling me to be fully covered up. You may have seen The Curve on my blog before when I reviewed their Walk in Lace dress and Skater Skirt which I absolutely loved. Once again this dress is incredibly high quality material, making it feel a little thick, therefore it’s definitely better for a colder day, or night time. It’s a high rounded neck will full length arms that I have pulled up to suit my shape more. It’s split to just above the knee on both sides of the dress, but as you’ll see below there’s very little showing.
The Curve's Super Split Maxi Dress, Georgina Grogan, Plus Size, She Might Be Loved
As well known with The Curve’s collection, it does come up a little small and as they cater for 14-22, I opted for a 22 which fits pretty well, but I would definitely need a 24 to feel 100% comfortable in it. It’s a little tight around my tummy, but seems to fit fine around my chest, legs and arms. The Curve’s Super Split Maxi Dress is a little pricey at £65 but it’s definitely one that you can wear again and again with different accessories. When I first tried this dress on I was wearing leggings and boots and it looked absolutely amazing, so I can’t wait to make myself fit in this comfortably for autumn time as it’s definitely a statement dress. I teamed it with my trusted Yours Clothing Belt, £12 just to bring my waist in a little more.
The Curve's Super Split Maxi Dress, Georgina Grogan, Plus Size, She Might Be Loved

We were taking a lot of photos this day and I think the heat and potential hay fever started to get to me as there are tonnes of photos of me just cackling my head off. However, these photos show the splits in the dress a lot more, it’s not Angeline Jolie leg dress but it’s lovely and breezy. I was also wearing my new Newlook Sandal Wedges, which for a very quick review, are extremely uncomfortable.
The Curve are also my main advertisers this month so be sure to go show them some love and check out their latest Summer Collection! You can also find them on Facebook.