The Curve’s Faux-Fur Panel Gilet

Whenever meeting the people behind brands, I do tend to get a little over excited. I’ve mentioned it several times now that sometimes it can change my opinion on a brand completely and I often just love them even more. The Curve are a brand that I have worked with a couple times in the past on fashion reviews, and they even ever so kindly funded my recent visit to the Plus Size Awards! It was amazingly generous and it allowed me to be able to pick up my award in person which was an incredible feeling.When meeting The Curve for Lunch, I was absolutely blown away to be passed a bag containing their entire new collection. I quickly tried everything on just in case the sizes needed changing, as The Curve now my size well now and after already reviewing the clothes, I knew that they did come up a little tight, let’s face it, everyone knows that by now. Which is why this time, The Curve have extended their range up by two sizes, which means they now cater for sizes 14-26. I’m usually a 20/22 and their 22 fits me fine, but it can be a little snug. With their new range, I have been able to size up to a 24 in the new dresses, but they’ll be a full post on them shortly…..



The Curve's Faux- Fur Panel Gilet, mssvg junarose lace dress, plus size blogger, georgina grogan

(Wearing the Gilet with the Junarose Lace dress from MSSVG)

Obviously, every new item is going to be featured as I seem to be going a little crazy with the fashion posts, but as there are no complaints, on we go! I thought I’d start off with the real WOW piece of the range. Both in design and price. At £120 this Faux- Fur Panel Gilet is flawless. It has two side jersey panels that means it doesn’t add on the pounds as much as some fur coats do, and that’s the main reason I avoid them. The panels add a flattering fit and a very stylish edge. You can literally throw this on with everything to add a chic touch to your outfit. It feels absolutely amazing and I could literally just stroke the coat for hours on end.

The Curve's Faux- Fur Panel Gilet, plus size blogger, plus size fashion
It doesn’t help create my usual hourglass shape that I like, but it’s a wintery change. Instead, it actually seems to suit my recently very fashionable Mum, and therefore, she has coat-napped it. On her apple shape, the jacket helps to bulk out shoulders and make her legs look very slim. The Curve’s new leggings also help with this, but don’t look too closely just yet, as they’ll be in another post. I think this really shows how versatile The Curves Collection is as I’d definitely say that this particular piece suits my Mum more, but I’m looking forward to seeing it on more people, and most of all, seeing how they style it.

What do you think to this piece? And shall we give my Mum a little ego boost…
Who do you think it suits more?